Name: Leen Isabel
Title: Illustrator / CosplayerGeek Girl Leen Isabel
AKA: Leen Isabel
Location: California, USA
Sites: - facebook - deviantArt -

Interests: Illustrating, Comics, Cosplay, Anime, Classical Music, and Pole Dancing!

Tell us about yourself: Iím an illustrator who lives in Los Angeles who and I also work in website design & management and I model on the side! I absolutely love everything that I do! I live with my husband, Nguyen Dong, who is a sequential artist and together we geek out over comic books, animation, art and video games. I have always been a fan of Anime and American cartoons as well! I run a web-comic about pole dancing called ďPole Dancing AdventuresĒ which ties in my love for the art form with my love for comics.

Iím a late bloomer into the cosplay world having started in 2010, but Iíve already done so many wonderful things through it! I was featured in Morgan Spurlockís book, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope as Psylocke, I was Chun-li for one of iam8bitís amazing Capcom events and I was also featured in Nintendo Gamer (UK) for the same costume! All these experiences have been nerd girlís dream come true and its absolutely motivating to continue doing it. I LOVE jumping into a character I know and love and making new friends through it.

Have you always been a geek?: YES! Growing up with two brothers has made geek culture a norm in my life. Where one loved Star Trek and RP games, the other was into comics, action figures and video games. I am proud to say that my geeky upbringing was very well rounded! I think I started drawing shortly after I started watching anime. I used to be obsessed with Robotech and the Macross series and would draw the girls and the Valkyrie mecha over and over! Needless to say, anime brought illustration into my life and continues to this day as part of my career.

Geekiest thing about you: My office is a little art-geek haven. Two walls are covered in bookcases filled with artbooks and graphic novels and I have another wall for my collection of superhero/animation dolls, statues and figures. I collect original art from animators and comic-book legends and I hang them all up for inspiration when Iím working. Whenever I pick up a comic-book, Iím checking out the artwork before anything else!

Games Top 5
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Final Fantasy 7
Little Big Planet
Time Crisis Series
Resident Evil Series

Movies Top 5
Anything from Samurai Cinema
Surfís Up
Anything by Studio Ghibli

Books Top 5
Anything drawn by Milo Manara
Sandman series
K: The Art of Love

TV Top 5
Sailor Moon
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Neon Genesis Evangelion



Exp: 57 - Level: 12