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Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters


Some of us Geek Girls put together the 3 fictional characters that best describe us and wrote about the reasons why...

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Gina G.:

Jigglypuff (Pokemon): Pastel, weirdly magical, and full of hot gas. A tiny stubborn Pokemon that's grumpier than it looks, and pretty much my spirit animal. 

Greg (Over the Garden Wall): Any kid who carts a tea kettle around on his head and sings about potatoes is my kinda dude. He's got a soft spot for weird creatures, isn't afraid to speak his mind (even when it's super weird), is loyal to his friends, and is always there for his sibling. He doesn't judge anyone based on what they look like on the outside, and I can get behind all of that. And that's a rock fact. 

Gimli (Lord of the Rings): Short, stout, stubborn, and hairy... What else can I say? He will fight for what he believes in and so will I. We also share a vested interest in salted pork and don't enjoy the company of elves... except when we do.

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Mistress Jessie:

Thoughts: Evelyn Carnahan from "The Mummy". I've loved Evelyn since 1999! Her intelligence, love of books, her innocence, her change, her perseverance, and her dedication. 

Cara Mason from "Sword of Truth/Legend of the Seeker". Her sass, wit, and strength. I've been told I have her sass especially !

Clary Fray from "The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters". Her love for her family and friends, creativity, and fierceness. She gets thrown into a completely different world and comes out on top. 

I firmly believe if these three characters were mixed together you would have me !

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Princess Nightmare:

This was hard for me because there is a gap between who I AM and who I cosplay. I cosplay Alice and Bellatrix and evil and crazy because I have the look. I have several Slytherin tattoos...but I don't see it as an evil house, the terms 'ambition' and 'preserver tradition' are what solidly puts me in that house. That said....the three characters I chose are the ones that are consistent with me through my entire life.

Fleur Delacour (of Harry Potter): This has been my nickname since she entered the world of Harry Potter (I was in high school). Due to my book loyalties it was hard to find a picture that did not come from the I chose one from Pottermore...which is unfortunately only her back! I have always been...oh how awful this is to actually put into words...I am very pretty and very smart. I turn a lot of heads and I get a lot of attention  (wanted and unwanted) because of how I look...which does not take away from the fact that I am usually one of the smartest people in the room, but never THE smartest. As demonstrated by the triwizard tournament she was chosen to compete but did not win. Both (saying that I am attractive and smart)...I hate saying out loud because it makes me feel obnoxious. It is almost embarrassing to write. As the books went on, Fleur became more like me. People have never quite understood me, they have always assumed I had an alternate agenda or that I was full of the Weasley's did with Fleur, only to find out that I am a kind hearted person. I love who I love, if my love got mauled by a werwolf it would not change how much I loved him...same goes for anyone in my life. I take care of people...the people I love are who they are, look how they look and that is all there is to it.  And then there is Shell Cottage....which seems like the most amazing place in the world to live. It is my dream home. (Not to mention my total crush on Bill Weasley! So, best thing EVER when they got together!) Even the description of her wand (Rosewood is graceful and inflexible and Veela hair  from her heritage....graceful, bad at accepting change, and as any good Slytherin 'tradition' is quite me as well) and clothes in the book series fit my personality extremely well.  I think the films did her a great disservice, but in the books, to me she is not only one of my favorite characters of all time, but everything she does I see myself in. One of my favorite quote of all time....'You thought that I would not weesh to marry him? Or per'aps you hoped? What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is zat my husband is brave!'

Tessa Gray (of The Infernal Devices/The Mortal Instruments): Lover of books, lover of art, kindhearted but fights like hell for her family and her friends that become family to her. Unique in that she is both warlock and shadow hunter which is too weird for most people and though I do not have a supernatural background I can say my own background is conflicting in it's own way that most people do not understand. Being loyal to two things that can be similar but opposite is a very interesting way to live. Tessa loves with all her heart as I do. She lives her adventures through her novels and later on gains strength from both her novels and from the people she loves.  She has emotions she breaks down she becomes sad but her inner strength gets her through. Her calm nature and often shy demeanor fit me extremely well. Tessa is thrown constantly into situations that are completely foreign to her and yet she survives. More often than not usually by thinking her way through sometimes by fighting her way through.  She was a proper Victorian lady until she was thrown into an entirely different world.  It took a lot for her to figure out how to change and adapt to that world...I imagine it would be the same for me as I am not so good with drastic changes either! One of the most central parts of Tessa is her caring, kindness, and that in resolving a situation, if it involves her she would rather herself be harmed than anyone she loves. Though she is not reckless like many other story heroes, she is logical and thinks her way through first...and at times she is the damsel that needs saving but is graceful not pitiful in that either as she tries to figure out her surroundings.  And....did I mention the love of art and books?  :-p (Plue the wardrobe of beautiful color gowns and black Princess Nightmare nickname came from my love of gowns and gothy things). Again another of my all time favorite quotes....“We live and breathe words. It was books that kept me from taking my own life after I thought I could never love anyone, never be loved again. It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.” 

Asuna Yuuki (of Sword Art Online): This is a new one for me, before Sword Art Online I would have put Kahlan Amnell but if I were faced with a real battle with a very small army I would not win especially while the love of my life was Kahlan is any real life army leader would be...but Asuna...Asuna is so much more me.  I am a gamer girl through and through. For all my love of books, art, and fashion...I love my games SO much! (especially Warcraft...not that I have 12 top level characters or anything....or others in the it is possible I don't have a life outside books, art, and games!) I understand games and strategy within them and second in command suits me just fine or partnered with one other strong player...which is usually how I play anyway.  From the very start...shy and unsure at first but everything she is, says, and me it sounds like me. I would never stay in the town of beginnings, I would learn, I would fight, and most importantly I would not lose myself. If I were stuck in a game I would not give up, I would do the best I could to learn the most I could to get to the front lines and fight to survive. When the situation calls, yes, I am a leader so her position in her guild is also fitting for me. However, at the same time she fell in love and decided she needed a a beautiful house by the sea (back to Fleur with the same...being on the water is a happy thing!). Not to mention that I would sacrifice myself for someone I loved in a heartbeat. I protect others over myself but best case outcome is saving as many people as possible no matter what I would have to do for that outcome. Furthermore in a situation in which I were trapped, a situation I am unfortunately familiar with...I would never stop trying to find a way out. I could go on for a while with this but will end briefly on her role as a healer because I have already written too much...even when I am a healer in a game...I can't help but run in for DPS...I just can't help it! I would have had trouble choosing between Cait Sith (my love of cats) or Undine (my love of water) but if I were to choose Undine...'Berserk Healer' fits me...when I play wow...I absolutely still fight while I heal when I play one of my very few healers...and one last quote 'Life isn't just doing things for yourself. It's possible to live in such a way that other people's happiness makes you happy too.'

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Evie E:

Asuka Langley Soyru (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - I have ALWAYS related to Asuka, both her good traits and her bad. Her temper is very much like my and her tendency to push people away is well a habit that I have too. She identifies herself by what she does, and what she's good at, another thing i tend to do myself. 

Elsa(Frozen) - When it comes to Elsa i see myself in her anxiety and the way she cuts herself off from people. I like to be alone, i don't deal with large groups that well and tend to shut down in them. 

Braixen(Pokemon) - Ok sort of a weird one, but Braixen is shown as this mix between witch and magical girl in the game Pokken Tournament. Very cute and happy but a little vain. I think though that i love and relate most to the magical side of this pokemon

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Roxy Lee:

"Hey everyone, so Rogue had this brilliant idea to make a collage of three characters that best describe me as an actual person. Now granted we all found it extremely difficult to pick just one, or choose between characters we LOVED as opposed to ones that we actually related to, but I managed to narrow it down to three major characters that I feel I connect with and always have. Here are the reasons why;

Roxy Freefall/Roxanne Spaulding (Gen 13): Roxy was the very first character I actually fell in love with and connected with as a young girl. She is the reason for my cosplay name and Gen 13 was the reason I got into comics in general as a tween.  The gen 13 franchise taught me about love, relationships, sex, loyalty among many other things growing up. Things I wasn't sure I could ask my family and things I was dealing with as a girl going through puberty that were embarrassing or difficult.  Roxy grew up with me, we were roughly around the same age as she was entering into high school and navigating that with me, we are the exact same height and even had the same hair style albeit mine was blue and black. Roxy was so much like me in the sense that we were both angsty and felt betrayed and damaged by family. We were both bullied for our appearances and being "different". We dealt with the same relationship issues, unrequited feelings, crushes that kill you and finding it difficult to make friends. But mostly it as her sassy attitude and lone wolf persona that we shared the most. I could be bubbly and blonde one second and out dancing the night away at a club by myself smoking cigarettes and drinking and doing things I probably shouldn't of at my age the next. She will always be my spirit animal and the one character I felt the most connected to. She helped me through a lot which may sound silly as she is fictional, but it is true.

Eric Draven (The Crow): Eric was the second character I fell in love with and felt I connected to for similar yet different reasons than Roxy. He was the more troubled and adult side of me that not many people see on the outside. He resonated with me in such a way that I find it hard to watch the movie or read the comics without sobbing or feeling deeply moved. I have been hurt by many people, but I am such a hopeless romantic that I would do ANYTHING for the person I love. If I could come back from the dead to avenge them or protect them you better believe I would do it, regardless of the pain I would personally feel. I love very deeply and passionately. Eric was a kind soul with a bad boy vibe to him, I like to consider myself a little edgy but with a kindness that I would do anything for people if they were hurting. But I would still tell anyone to kick rocks if they offended myself or my family and friends. I can be intimidating but have a smile that tells you I am approachable (at least I think so) It is almost as though I wear a mask to people who see me but inside it is a struggle with my emotions, anger and depression. I am also sarcastic like he is in the sense that even in hard times, even when hurting or so angry I cannot see straight, I deflect to humor and sarcasm. That never changes. Plus we share the same love for music. But I think it is mainly his passion and his loyalty to his loved ones that we share so much. 

Dean Winchester (Supernatural): Oh man, I relate to Dean in more of his personality traits and actions than anything. But we do share the same love and loyalty to our family. I would absolutely die for my family, if it meant protecting my siblings, mom, nephew and nieces or best friends from being hurt, then hell I would do that in a heart beat no question. I am also insanely protective of my younger sisters. I have tried to be an authority figure at times much to their dismay and I think that has always been a love and hate thing for them haha. But they know I do it out of love and affection more than anything. I never want to see them go through what I did, and if I can stop that, much like Dean, I will try. I too had issues with wanting to make my father proud and never feeling like I could be who he wanted, and thus disappointment when I would "fail" . But all I really had to lean on were my siblings and mom and that was always enough as we are extremely close. But in the end it is Deans lifestyle that is closest to mine, other than hunting (although I do highly believe in spirits and demons etc) the way he eats, the way he dresses and acts towards people and relationships. It is pretty much a replica haha. His sarcastic dry sense of humor is an exact mirror to mine. His sexuality that he is open and non apologetic for is very similar to mine. He "dates" a lot and is not afraid to meet new people, I do not "date" as much but I am a single 29 year old woman with a healthy appetite for fun hahaha and I never regret nor apologize for that. I am extremely flirtatious, almost gets me in trouble at times, I have a low tolerance for bullshit and can have a bit of a temper if provoked but in the end I am a sweetheart with a soft spot for people. I tend to keep things to myself, especially the things I struggle with, but once those floodgates are open I pour my heart out. I think I may be a female Dean hahaha oh man.

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Leen Isabel:

It took me a while to choose the three characters I would want to represent myself. This is because I know I wear many different faces in my life depending on the situation. And so, after some consideration, I chose Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion, Phoebe Buffay from Friends and Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender. 

I consider Misato to represent the person I am overall in my everyday life. At her job, she's serious, skilled and competent but at home, she's a beer guzzling, laid-back and boisterous woman. She's unflappable in a crisis and unafraid of owning her femininity. I will say though that I don't share her father issues and I don't have a penguin. 

When I'm among my closest friends however, I turn into a total Phoebe. I tend to be silly and whimsical while at the same time witty and frank. And like Phoebe, I have subpar musical talents at best. ;)

Lastly, when it comes to work, I turn into Toph Beifong. I'm harsh and ready to insult at any moment. However, despite the vitriol I'm loyal and motivated to see projects through. 

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Dezi Desire:

Spock: He has always been my everything. I'm a very self analyzing, emotionally stinted, stop and look at things logically kind of person. Also being in a team, goal of exploration and a utopian future, etc.

Kate Kane: Tough lesbian with tattoos and military gadgets who wants to use her strengths to help people where she lives. Takes inspiration from others, but does her own thing. I also had the exact same hair for years around when this version of her came out. 

Deb from Empire Records: From the moment angsty teenage Dezi saw this movie, I knew I'd eventually shave my head in a similar powerful way. Exactly a year ago I finally did as a performance piece on stage to the same song that plays while she does so in the movie. That whole film I really attached myself to growing up and the soundtrack was the first CD I ever bought.

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl: Jenn Marvel:

So, for this normally we choose 3 characters we think we are most like personality traits etc.  So instead I asked my friends, what characters they were reminded of or thought I shared traits with and then I asked them why. 

Wonder Woman:  I personally agree with this choice. I feel like I share many traits with this character, as a strong independent female as well as loving and caring and full of emotions  I also have a sorted past with batman which we won't get into.  I also have a Wonder Woman tattoo. 

Lara Croft:  again a strong independent woman who loves adventure and the world when I went to Mexico 2 years ago I was all about exploring as well as I like to hike and travel I would love to one day visit actual tombs and various ruins and architecture around the world. 

Max from 2 broke girls/ Kat Dennings:   I've been told by several people I remind them of her, or vice versa. I feel like personality wise we're exactly the same. We both have that same humour and smart ass responses. I've also been told I look like her and  I make the best cupcakes. 

Jenn Marvel out 

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue:

When I saw these posts going around I thought it was a rather interesting challenge - to not just pick the characters I love and wished I was more like, but rather those that do already illustrate elements of my own character. 

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones): The strongest parallel between Daenerys and myself is my children. As cool as it would be if they were dragons, they are my three black cats. I'm also rather political with my strongest driving principal being freedom. I'm still young and sometimes naive, like Dany, I have ill-placed my faith in people in the past. I believe in duty before pleasure. I think we all have moral responsibilities (whether it comes with an iron throne or not) to respect our fellow human, and by our death to have made the world a little better than when we first came into it. Lastly, I will fight like hell to protect or get back what is mine.

Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre Dame): While I adore Daenerys and find many core elements of her character in line with my own, it is Esmeralda who I feel best represents my personality. I love to perform on stage and I love to dance. I'd like to think I'm charming, but some folks just call me sassy. Like she, I refuse to be a bystander and have intervened in a number of situations. I will always try and stand up for justice, even if I do not have the power of a queen to do so. I believe in humility and saying sorry when you've made a mistake or initiated an action even if it is others that twisted the end result. Not to mention there have been times where I was threatened that I would burn because I was a witch, though fortunately I've never come as close to that as Esmeralda.

Rogue (X-Men): Some might say that the parallels between Rogue and I are merely superficial. We both have green eyes, we both have a white patch in the front of our hair and we are both named "Rogue". However from a young age, particularly during the run of the X-Men animated series, I began to identify with Rogue. Growing up I moved around a lot, never really having the chance to get close to anyone. There was a particular rough patch that solidified this distancing behaviour. I had insecurities that controlled me to the point that I would wear pants and long sleeves every day of the year, including sweltering summers. I could identify with someone who could not reveal even a bit of flesh or get close to anyone in any way. Fortunately, like X-Men's Rogue, I met my Gambit. Someone who helped me learn and understand love, particularly, to love myself. Lastly, I have what those who know me jokingly call "the Rogue touch". I have this wonderful ability to make technology malfunction just by touching it, the best part is, the Cajun works in IT professionally and I even manage to stump him. At least I don't kill people? :P

Geek Girls Describe Themselves in 3 Fictional Characters
Geek Girl Wandering Dana:

So I choose these characters to each represent some of my stronger personality traits. I think if you somehow mixed them together you'd get some sort of weird, defiant human like me! :P

Finn the Human from Adventure Time: So Finn represents my adventurous and childish side. I am quite young at heart and I'm always looking for a new quest. I am also strange and funny and sometimes awkward too. I guess it's kinda weird to identify with a 12 year boy character, but what can I say, I even cosplay as Finn and these are probably the reasons why! What time is it? Adventure Time!

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck represents my strong, tomboyish, relentlessly confident, cocky and stubborn side. I've always butted heads with authority and yet still ended up a reluctant leader just like her. I can be hot-headed but I'll also persevere through tough situations. And we can seriously hold our liquor and can drink others under the table, lol. I love Starbuck even with her flaws and to aspire to be a little bit like her is an awesome thing.

Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager: Even more awesome for me is to aspire to be like Janeway. There's the right way, the wrong way and the Janeway. Janeway is the leader in me, she can be a hardass, not liked by everyone, but she always does what she thinks is right, makes the hard decisions and gets the job done. And while I prefer my diet coke to coffee, I still identify with many of Janeway's traits and think she is an all around strong female leader and badass.

What 3 fictional characters would you describe yourself as? Let us know in the comments!

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