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Living Dead Leggings

Living Dead Leggings


Hi all, Roxy Lee here with something a little different. I had the opportunity, along with a couple of the other girls not too long ago to receive some amazing leggings from an Australian company called Living Dead Clothing. This clothing line specializes in amazing leggings with popular and original designs on them! I guess a lot of you could compare it most easily to Black Milk, but believe me these are different. The feel, the design, the shape and the price are so unmatched that this line is all its own! Geeky clothing for an affordable price, what’s not to love!

One of the creators Mel had messaged us interested in us sharing their page but instead we decided to do a little content piece for them as the leggings were so awesome! And she then decided to send 5 of us leggings to see for ourselves just how great they were. And we ALL fell instantly in love with them.

The leggings themselves are so well made that you feel like you are wearing something super expensive on your skin. The fit makes all your curves stand out in the best way possible. And when we wear them out in public we ALWAYS get tons of compliments, the girls were right when saying you feel like a princess in these leggings, if not just that you feel sexy and confident to boot. But enough of me here is what the girls have to say about their own company:

Living Dead Clothing was the creation of a small team of like minded people who wanted to create a vision through a brand whereby girls could access the highest quality products with the best fabrics, designs, stitching and printing in the industry; without the excessive price tag and without the rules.

Our secondary reason was that we believe every girl deserves love. That every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. Every girl deserves a happily-ever-after. Every girl deserves a special person that can make her heart forget that it was ever broken. Every girl should feel able to chase her dreams. Every girl deserves someone who can make her smile even when she doesn't want to. Maybe even especially then. Every girl deserves a love letter. Every girl deserves a partner who looks at her every day like it’s the first time they saw her. Every girl deserves to be held like they never want to let her go. Every girl deserves to feel special. And every girl deserves being able to wear quality clothing that makes her feel pretty. And awesome. Without the price tag.

We at Living Dead believe you deserve so much. And we work to help dreams come true.

We're an Australian owned and run company but believe EVERYONE in the world deserves to feel special. How can we help you? Offering the highest quality fabrics and best sublimated printing in the world, coupled with over locking stitching which won't break or tear. We are unmatched in the industry for price and quality.”

Below are some photos from some of our Geek Girls in their very own Living Dead leggings with a short testimonial above from them on their experiences...

Leen Isabel:
"I was so excited to see these leggings! Being a fan of both Disney animation and Sailor moon, seeing this mash-up made me sqwee. It's based on the really popular fan-art by Manon. My fellow 'Moonie' girlfriends loved them."

Living Dead Leggings

Th3 Rogue:
"I absolutely LOVE my Betty Boop leggings! I feel like I can live in them! An awesome design with bright colors, and ridiculously comfortable! I can't wear them out and NOT get complimented.. Thank you, Living Dead Clothing!"

Living Dead Leggings

Player Two:
"These leggings are amazing! I love the zombie design on the legs because it's subtle but still zombarific (yea.. it's a word now). I wear these bad boys everywhere! In fact, they have been nicknamed my butt pants haha. I love these leggings!"

Living Dead Leggings

“The Michael Jackson Zombie Tribute leggings are bright and fun! I love the feel too - they quickly replaced the basic black leggings in my wardrobe, and I wear them all the time!”

Living Dead Leggings

Roxy Lee:
“I have been a huge Beatles fan since I can remember and when we got the choices of leggings to choose from I immediately jumped on the Beatles Tribute leggings! I am a HUGE fan of color and man do these leggings offer all of that and then some haha. Whenever I wear them people stop me to ask where I bought them. I love knowing there is nothing else out there like them, makes me feel one of a kind. Not to mention they hug in allll the right places. I feel va va voom.”

Living Dead Leggings

All links to their sites posted below, so you know where to grab a pair or two or even three for yourselves! Thanks so much to Living Dead and stay geeky folks!

-Roxy Lee GG<3 - facebook - Instagram

Photo Credits:
Lossien and Player Two: Epic Shot
Leen Isabel: Nguyen Dong
Roxy Lee: self Portrait
Th3 Rogue: Se7en Fourteen Images

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April 01 2013

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