Geek Girls Thank You for 200k Likes!!!

Geek Girls Thank You for 200k Likes!!!


This is a special post brought to you by the Geek Girls in celebration of 200k likes on our facebook page. For the record we appreciate each and every one of you and would do what we do whether we had 200 likes or 200,000 likes. But having all of you follow us on our geeky, fun adventures makes it that much sweeter! This post has photos and personal thank you messages from many of our official Geek Girls, please enjoy... ♥

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Wandering Dana - facebook
"OH MY GLOB! WAT. 200k? That is mind-blowing. When we started this website 3 years ago, we just thought it would be a fun little project. I had no idea it would literally change my life and introduce me to an amazing supportive community and so many creative, kind, confident, like-minded (I could go on and on with adjectives describing awesomeness, lol) women who I am now proud to call friends. The cosplay and geek community has welcomed us with open arms and we try everyday to give back by sharing positivity, acceptance and epic geeky content. Thank, you, thank you to all of you who enjoy seeing our content everyday and support us by viewing, liking, sharing and commenting. Having all of you here gives us even more drive to keep making new stuff and sharing our passions. And if you want to join in the fun, go for it! Anyone can always submit to our website/facebook page, we love seeing all forms of geekdom. Love you all and here's to another 100k. Live long and prosper, may the force be with you and be excellent to eachother! ♥"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Zelda - facebook
"Hey guys! Wow, how amazing that we are at 200,000 likes already! We can't begin to thank you enough for your continued support, both of the GeekxGirls and geek culture as a whole. I've been with the GeekxGirls for about 2 years now and have gotten the chance to know so many positive, wonderful people - both fans and GeekxGirls. I've gotten the chance to watch our following grow from the ground up, and we've welcomed so many new girls into our family this year. I've had incredible opportunities working with the ladies here and it's amazing to be a part of such a talented, supportive, positive group. Thank you all for helping promote positivity and acceptance in the community. And thank you to GeekxGirls for being such a great place for us all to bond over our love of fandom and share our work and thoughts! Let's hope it continues for many years, and we'll see you all at an event soon!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Northern Belle - facebook
"200,000 of you have blessed us with the honour of following our work. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank each and every one of you. I may not know you by name, but trust me when I say you have positively impacted my life for the better. Joining Geek X Girls has been a thrilling experience in not only showcasing both art and articles, but in a chance to interact more frequently with all of you. Art is nothing without an audience to present it too and you all have been such a wonderful group. Sure at times we get the odd muggle or troll, but it never ceases to amaze me how much all of your positivity outweighs those few.

Many people who identify as a "geek" do so because their passion lead them down a road that was sometimes littered with bullies. Having Geek X Girls, a site where I can share my work with like minded ladies and all of you, helps reaffirm that while the road was full of potholes it was well worth taking. I could not imagine my life without cosplay and all of you. A huge thank you also goes to Wandering Dana, the Professor X of our group, for without her and her beautiful website I feel many of us would be lost mutants. Now, we're mutant and proud and you should be too! ;)

Much love and all the best in your geeky futures!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl EvieEvangelion - facebook
"I have made so many friends through geek girls, and seen so many new girls join us. It's such an honor to be part of such a great group of fellow cosplayers and geeks. I hope I am able to contribute even more to the site in the future!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Amaleigh - facebook
"A couple years ago, I got a strange message out of the blue on facebook about modelling for a new cosplay website. I can still remember driving to the meet up spot, wondering if these guys were going to be total creepers or if it was legitimate. What I was greeted with was so much more. Dana and Jody were absolutely fantastic, made me feel comfortable the whole time and we got great photos out of it.

Fast forward to the present, GeekXGirls has grown so much in that time. Not only have we reached 200k likes on facebook, but I have been able to network with great cosplayers, stay up to date with new exciting developments through the GeekXGirls articles and broaden my cosplaying horizon. I even got to the point where I submit more photos I've taken than those of me cosplaying! All in all, it's a wonderful journey with my fellow geeks and I couldn't have asked for anything else. I know that if I need help, the geek girls have my back and that is more than anyone could ask for. A big thank you to my fellow Geek Girls and Jody as well as the fans that follow our work!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Roxy Lee - facebook
"Hey guys, Roxy Lee here. Wow 200k. I swear we were just at 100k a couple months ago and I was pouring my heart out about how much I love these girls and this site, and honestly nothing has changed. I have only grown more fond of the Geek Girls crew and everything that we have accomplished. This page and site has brought me closer with so many people that I probably would of never had the chance to meet otherwise, these ladies (And Jody) Have not only become some of my best friends but also like family to me. They are always there for me and we can always have amazing discussions about anything geeky, which I never had before in my life. Since the last huge mark we have been doing a ton more events, being asked to guest which is amazing and being able to spread our message of positivity within the community. cosplay should be for everyone no matter who you are and that is what we intend to promote through our page and site. We will never waiver on that message in hopes that one day this community can become one of the most inclusive and enjoyable ones out there. We hope you keep enjoying the articles, content, shoots and posts that we make daily, we only strive to better ourselves for all of you. So thank you thank you thank you for allowing us to love what we do and share it with everyone. We are only as good as those who follow us and support us. You are all truly amazing people. Stay geeky my friends and here is to the 500k mark hehe! ;)"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl GillyKins - facebook
"Being a part of Geek Girls has been an incredible journey. Since our last WE LOVE YOU THANKS FOR 100K post we've upped our game with even more online content as well as event/community appearances. I've had the opportunity to do many events with Geek Girls as well as hosting panels at conventions to share my costuming knowledge with the community. It means so much to the team when people tell us that they love the site at events, we love getting to meet you guys in person. I look forward to continuing my journey with Geek Girls and sharing more of my little world with you all. So here's to 200K, we won't slow down any time soon!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Lossien - facebook
"When I first heard about GeekxGirls, I wanted to be a part of it so bad! †I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Dana on my Mystique shoot, and apparently impressed her enough to be offered a position. That was back in 2011, when there were only a hand full of girls. †We've grown so much since then, both in geeks and followers, and I am honoured to be a part of this group. †The girls are funny, intelligent, and geeky enough to make me feel like I've found the mothership - the place where I can be myself and not have to worry about what people will think.

Geek Girls has also helped my self esteem. I still have my days, I look at the work the other girls do and it pushes me to be better,†but the overwhelming positive response I get from my work on the site - that's all of you! - reminds me that I must be doing something right!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Critical Miss - facebook
"I can't imagine being a part of a better group of ladies. Strong, creative, talented, beautiful and geeky. I finally had the opportunity to meet a few more in person and I can't wait to meet the rest. I love being part of such an accepting and welcoming ensemble and they inspire me to keep creating new and exciting photoshoots and articles. Here's to the next 100k!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Player Two - facebook
"Thank you all for being so incredibly supportive of us and helping us reach 200,000 Facebook "likes". It means the world to us to read your supportive comments and chat with and meet your lovely faces at conventions. I cant wait to see what the next few years has in store for us but I can assure you that we would be nowhere without your support. So thank you SO SO SO MUCH for following our shinanigans :) You all rock my socks. † †xx"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Princess Nightmare - facebook
"I am so grateful that I have had the chance not just to be featured on the Geek Girls page but to get to know all of the other girls involved. A very big thank you to Dana and Jody who keep everything going and do such a great job and also for seeing something in me/photos two years ago that brought me into this community, which has been nothing short of amazing! All of the girls are inspirational and talented and kind. I couldn't imagine being a part of a better group of people! †So 200,000! Wow! Thank you to everyone who likes us and congrats to everyone involved!! On a more personal levelÖI am a very introverted and shy girl and without the support of all the girls in Geek Girls I probably would have gone back into my shell and back to playing dress up alone in my closet (not an expressionÖliterally). You all give me the courage to keep posting. If you hadn't adopted me two years ago I probably would have gone back into hiding long ago. I am very proud to be a part of the 200,000 landmark! Cheers! Can't wait to see us hit 300,000! <3"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Leen Isabel - facebook
"My heart is filled with 200,000 reasons for being proud to be a Geek Girl! Thank you to everyone who has been there with me on my journey as a webcomic creator and illustrator. It means so much to have your support. While the 2014 year has been quiet for me on the cosplay end, know that I'll return to the craft soon! Thank you for being the body positive, cosplay loving, geek girl supporting person that you are! (And if you're not, then 月に変わって、おしおきよ!)"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Jillian Ryan - facebook
"Definition of "Like":
"having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to."
Basically..... the 200,000 likes milestone will further solidify that we are all part of a similar community...
Geeks, nerds, dorks, all of the best things in one package.
Our success is derived from you guys. Your love, support and dedication to making us the best we can be and to help keep us on a path that represents geeky ways in a great and fun light.

I am humbled to be a part of this ground and have to been able to interact with so many of you.
Thank you from the bottom of my pixelated website.†
Here is to many more milestones and awesome nerdy things in the future!
I expect nothing but the best stuff provided by us at geek girls to keep you all entertained as we keep moving forward!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Dezi Desire - facebook
"A whole another 100K followers since the last time I wrote one of these?! It doesn't feel like that was very long ago. I love seeing this site and community grow of cosplayers at every level of the game getting some publicity and admiring other costumes. It's a great group of people here all sharing their passions and the art they make because of those passions. I feel very lucky getting to be one of those people and I'm so thankful for all the people who follow my progress and let me know how they feel about my work and support what I love to do. Everyone of you geek girls, be you a member of the site or not (and all you fans of geek girls)... you're awesome and thank you for making this site what it is."

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Emmaliene - facebook
"Even though I've only been with Geek Girls for a couple months, I already feel so accepted by everyone, which I am incredibly grateful for! I'm so proud that I have the opportunity to work with all these talented, beautiful individuals, and hope that I am able to contribute as many quality content and they are. Thank you, to all the other Geek Girls, for your love and support, and for welcoming me with open arms. I'd also like to thank our fans for making it possible to reach 200,000 likes! You're all such wonderful people, and your support means the world to me."

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Mimi Reaves - facebook
"Itís hard to believe that Iíve only been a part of Geek Girls for a few months; they already feel like a family to me! Iím so proud to call myself a member of such a loving, caring group of women. Iíd like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who welcomed me with open arms and to all of our amazing fans who have helped bring us to where we are today. I canít wait to continue contributing to Geek Girls! With love, Geek Girl Mimi Reaves <3"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Natalie - facebook
"Wow 200 k and growing! It has been amazing working with the Geek Girls over the years. Watching the site grow, getting to shoot with the awesome people, hitting convention's with the other girls and meeting all the fantastic geeks! Being a part of the Geek Girls is an incredible experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I will never forget how excited I was when I was ask to join. Even today everytime I know I'm going to get to see or be apart of something with them I still get super excited. I still love seeing all the support, submissions, comments and passion that comes with this community. I look forward to having more people join our amazing little world, and share the things we are passionate about with. Not to mention just a lot more crazy geeky fun time!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Soulwynn - facebook
"Every year I find myself into new avenues in the aspect of being a geek. I keep finding new things to explore and new things Iím interested in! Which is sometimes frustrating because I donít have time for it all!

I love being a part of this group and seeing everyoneís individual uniqueness. We are all so different, but we find common ground amongst our interests and experiences.

I have felt so honored to watch this fanbase grow and to still be a part of it. This year I have been a little quiet, but I plan to come back with a bang of new content to share and Iím looking forward to the everflowing amounts of content that my fellow girls are sharing as we speak!

I hope to continue to be a part of this wonderful group of empowered women!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Jenn Marvel - facebook
"200K,†† wow, umm, What can i say?,† thank you to everyone for your constant support.† I am new to the group, but I ve gotten so much positive feedback and constant support from all of you.††† I decided to become a geek girl,† so i could show off my creativity, and express my fandom, and to share all my favorite characters that i bring to life.††† I am so greatful for everyone that likes, and shares and comments on our photos.† I love seeing everyones creativity and all their hard work and all the comments from all you wonderful people.† We really do appreciate each and every person who we interact with and everyone who gets involved with the page.††

When i first started out, i was making costumes for others and then i met some of the geek girls at a photo shoot with adam jay of superhero photography and i instantly fell in love with the idea of creating costumes for myself and to share them with the world.††

I wanna thank all the other geek girls who have made this experience amazing. all the positivity. You girls are like a second family to me.† Thank you so much Roxy lee, for introducing me to this world. You embraced me like a sister and i'll never forget that.††† So again!† THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Teryl - facebook
"200K! Whoo hoo!! I can't believe another year has gone by already since I've joined this incredible group of ladies. I know it has been quite the year for myself so far. I've really just begun to dive into my own big projects, one of which is my own costume design business. Creating costumes has been a passion of mine for quite some time, so now it's so great that I get to create for others now too! I want to thank all my friends and fans who support me in all my geeky, craziness, and to thank everyone for following all these other beautiful geeks. Here's to another year of costumes, cons and all around geekery! <3"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Gina G. - facebook
"I've only been a part of the Geek Girls for just under a year, but I can already say it's been one of the most fun years ever! I'm so happy to be working and (cos)playing with such an amazing group of people who, like me, are just happy to be expressing ourselves doing the things we love. It's so awesome to be a part of GxG as we hit our 200,000 Likes mark! Thank you so much for all of the support! Every article and photo set we post is for YOU, and it's just really wonderful to see our creativity being supported so wholeheartedly. I'm so excited to continue sharing my passion with everyone, and I hope to be a part of Geek Girls for years to come!

So much love for all of you!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Scarlett Quinn - facebook
"I am pretty new to GeekXGirls but im so exited that we reached the 200k mark, and im so happy to be a part of this great community of talented ladies! i didnt realize that cosplaying could be so fun until i joined Geek Girls, and its really all thanks to you fans. so thank you for supporting our group! <3"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl ŃLI - facebook
"It is my honour and privilege to be a newbie Geek Girl. When I was first directed to the GeekXGirls site, I never imagined that I could find myself amongst so many talented, intelligent and inspiring women, who not only individually represent their uniqueness, but also come together and support each other like a family. This quality of Geekdom is also represented in our fans who happily support and encourage us in our cosplay journeys, whether we are making costumes from scratch or writing about geeky things that inspire us. We exist in this Universe because of our fans. Thank you for joining us in our creative journeys: boldly going where no Geek Girl has gone before!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Desiree Cosplay - facebook
"When I was first becoming a part of the online cosplay community a year and a half ago, I immediately took inspiration in the amazing galleries of the fabulous ladies of the Geek Girls website. Not only have I been consistently impressed by the quality of the costumes and photos, I've so enjoyed reading the articles and lists created by Geek Girl contributors. The Geek Girls are truly a collection of interesting, talented, bright, kind, welcoming, and helpful ladies. That's evident simply from reading the posts on the site, and it's only become even more evident to me since I've had the privilege to join as an official Geek Girl. I look forward to being a part of this community of awesome gals as long as I am a cosplayer; and I have no doubt that I'll continue to be delighted and inspired by their work, just as so many others are!"

Geek Girls
Geek Girl Shelle-chii - facebook
"It's such an honor to be the newest Geek Girl! I've admired a lot of them from a far and am so happy to finally be a part of this amazing group of people. Though I have not had a chance to contribute much, expect a lot of cosplay shots and maybe even some movie/geeky product reviews. Pages like these are made possible by the fans, so a huge thank you goes out to all of you for supporting this page, 200k is such a huge achievement, and you all helped us get there! Keep sharing and hopefully 300 is just around the corner =D"

Again THANK YOU all from the bottom of our geeky hearts, we hoped you liked our photos and thank you notes! We promise to keep the content coming and stay geeky and proud! <3

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July 08 2014

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