Name: Angela
Title: MUA/Cosplayer/Model/Photographer/Illustrator Geek Girl Scarlett Quinn
AKA: Scarlett Quinn
Location: Ontario, Canada
Sites: facebook

Interests: I enjoy art especially geeky art. Everything Harley Quinn is pretty important if you couldn’t tell by my name. I also love making crafts.

Tell us about yourself: Where do I even start? I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, I went to an art school and did a lot of geek related art work in my spare time. I took photography in college and then went into hair school, random I know. I started LARPing around the time I was in college and enjoyed the heck out of it and still do that regularly. That’s when I started getting into cosplays and makeup art which I absolutely love doing and just keep getting better and better at it!

Have you always been a geek?: Oh gosh yeah! Ever since I was a wee one I've always loved cartoons and comics.

Geekiest thing about you?: I have 3 Lord of the Rings tattoos, and more comic related clothes then should ever be reasonable. Also I LARP, so that should tell you enough right there.

Games Top 5
Fable trilogy
Mario Kart
Finn and Jake's Epic Quest

Movies Top 5
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Princess Bride
Sherlock Holmes
The Hobbit trilogy
Harry Potter movies

Books Top 5
The Hobbit
Dark Hunter series
Harry Potter
The Legend of Drizzt
X-Men comics

TV Top 5
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Adventure Time
My Little Pony
Game of Thrones



Exp: 78 - Level: 16