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Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015


Some of our Geek Girls attended FrostCon 2015 recently and had a blast! Here's a little bit from the girls about their experiences followed by photos of them having fun at the con...

GG Northern Belle Rogue -
"It’s amazing to see how FrostCon has grown over the past three years. I had a lot of fun running our Northern Panic treasure hunt fundraiser on behalf of SKETCH a community arts initiative that helps youth who are homeless or living on the margins. The FrostCon community was very supportive and we managed to raise a lot of money that will go to a good cause. I also had a lot of fun speaking on the Disney panel with GG Evie. My one regret was bringing a whole bag of carrots as props for Sven… over the course of the day I definitely ate the whole bag… >.>"

GG Evie E -
"I had a lot of fun at FrostCon 3.0, this was my 3rd year going to this convention and my second year as a guest and I am sure I will be attending this convention in some capacity in the future. I ran 3 panels, Cosplay 101, Cosplay 201 and “Let’s Talk Disney”, I was so happy with how they went and ended up having a larger turn out for them then I thought I would. For this convention I was cosplaying Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life for most of the day, and I just felt so cute and was able to get a lot of photos with other characters from the show which was so great! For me this convention was more about hanging out with friends and trying to shake off the isolation I feel in the winter, and with that in mind the con was a total success."

GG Cosplay Butterfly -
"It was a nice community con. Small but cozy. My experience was tainted by all the fuss the hotel staff caused over the cosplayers. They were being extremely discriminatory and ridiculous. I hope for the sanity of the con organizers that they wont hold it at that location again."

GG Gina G. -
"I had an amazing time at Frostcon this year despite some organizational hiccups. It was my first convention as a guest, and I spent most of my time working the Cosplay For A Cure booth. I also got to do an awesome theatrical make-up panel, and I want to thank everyone who came out to that! I'm very excited to get photos back from Amaleigh and Elemental of my Nico Yazawa costume from Love Live!, and I want to thank my friend and coworker, GreNoir for being Maki with me! It was a great day filled with great friend, beautiful costumes, and fun times! Can't wait to be back!"

GG Scarlett Quinn -
"So I went to frost con as Sailor Deadpool and i had a great time! just wandering around and meeting lots of people. The turn out was amazing and the people were super nice. I photo bombed a few shoots and caused many shenanigans as only Deadpool can! i hope everyone who attended had as much fun as i did! see you all next year. <3"

GG Purelight Cosplay -
"FrostCon Has come to a close and oh my goodness did I ever have such a wonderful time. I got to see so many amazing friends and run around in my brand new cosplay. I kept this outfit quiet for the most part but was so stoked with the results. Huntress has been on my list forever and I love how I altered her design enough to make it my own. I have a few aspects I would like to change very slightly and continue to add to it before I rock it again but it was blast none the less. I entered the masquerade and ended up winning "Best in Class" in the Master division. Coming from such talented judges I was honoured with the award and cannot wait to prep my stuff for the next masquerade, it still remains to this day to be my favourite part of a convention. I got to hang out with Manda Cowled Cosplay, Corrupt Cosplay and Nathan DeLuca for most of the weekend along with a ton of other fantastic cosplayers that made my day over and over again. Big shout outs to the convention runners, volunteers and other guests for making this event such a blast for me and many others."

GG Shelle-chii -
"Frostcon was definitely a good one this year! I have been to it every year and each time I feel it gets better. I’m getting to love these small cons more and more, as you get to spend so much more time with your friends then you do at larger cons. Though the weekend was off to a rocky start, things settled down friday night and a few of us guests got together and had a little fun. I ran a couple of panels with Evie E and had a table, so the day was busy busy. I unfortunately was not able to do any photoshoots, but I was able to get some pretty hall shots. I was mostly selling my older cosplays at my table, and am super happy I was able to find new homes for them all. All in all the experience was a nice one for me, and I look forward to seeing what frostcon and staff have in store for us next."

GG Ailes Noir Photography -
"FrostCon was enjoyable for its guests and the cosplayers that had attended! So many wonderful cosplays for this winter con!"

GG Amaleigh -
"Frostcon was a great con for seeing people and taking photos! I had a great time hanging out with great cosplayers, attending fantastic panels and an all over great time!"

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Scarlett Quinn | Photo by Cajun Cosplay

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Cosplay Butterfly | Photo by Sean's Photography

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Shelle-chii | Photo by Peter Wang Photography

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Northern Belle Rogue & GG Ailes Noir | Photo by Cajun Cosplay

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Amaleigh | Photo by GG Ailes Noir

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Gina G. | Photo by Bon V. Thach

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
Disney Panel | GG Northern Belle Rogue & GG Evie E | Photo by Cajun Cosplay

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Purelight Cosplay | Photo by GG Ailes Noir

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Purelight Cosplay & GG Scarlett Quinn | Photo by GG Ailes Noir

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
Northern Panic Treasure Hunt | Photo by Cajun Cosplay

Geek Girls at Frost Con 2015
GG Shelle-chii & Evie E | Photo by Very Frank Pictures

Thanks FrostCon, see you next year! :D

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February 05 2015

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