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Geek Girl DC Cosplays

Geek Girl DC Cosplays


Some of our Geek Girls put together little collection of their favorite DC cosplays that they have done! The girls shared a little bit about why they love the characters and their love for DC comics...

Geek Girl Critical Miss:
"I am definitely a DC girl and I have other costumes from DC not pictured here with plans for many more. Also all the different Harleys I can muster as well :D"
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Erick Sodhi Photography, Convoke Photography, Richard Dufault Photography, Belziir Photography & Phil Labonte

Geek Girl Desiree Cosplay:
"As anyone can see by looking at these photos, I nurture an abiding love for the Batman universe, and probably wouldn't mind cosplaying nearly every character from Gotham - both good and evil! There's just something delightfully dark about that particular corner of DC. I am also a huge Sandman fan, so I had to include my Death cosplay as well."
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Julie Dietrich, Adam Jay, Kenneth Levine & Carrie Meyer

Geek Girl Dezi Desire:
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Geek Girl Wandering Dana, Kevin Free & David Ngo & Micktography

Geek Girl Evie E:
"I have always been a DC girl, at least more then Marvel. I have done a few DC cosplays, and looking through these cosplays has made me want to revisit some of these costume ideas. The first DC cosplay I ever made was Black Canary, it was I think my 4th costume EVER and it was a ton of fun! I still have the jacket, though it's made its way in to my daily wardrobe. Next up was a fem-Joker, it was great getting to act insane all day, The Joker is a very interesting villain and in my female version he sort of ended up being a Secretary gone mad. I can not BEGIN to tell you how much I LOVED being Donna Troy/Troyia!!! It's my 3rd DC costume and one that I am most proud of! The costume is still in great shape, and Donna is such a well rounded character, with some many super interesting relationships! (I have plans to make Wondergirl Donna this summer). Poison Ivy was thrown together super quick but the costume made me feel so sexy and gotta love those Gotham villains! Lastly another Gotham lady! Catwoman! I based my Catwoman off the look she had in DC Online, (a little Gotham City in there), I love the goggles i was able to get, I just wish I could have done more in this costume, it was not a good choice for an august convention."
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Everage Studios Photography, CalibanCreations Photography & Trillance

Geek Girl GillyKins:
"I am without a doubt a DC girl!  I made over 20 DC costumes over the years, including remaking a few of my favorites.  I think its fair to say that I have an addiction."
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Colin Gray, Elysiam Entertainment, Lazy Cat Cosplay & Photography, Paul Hillier Photography & Tobias Roybal

Geek Girl Jenn Marvel:
"DC my first love, fell in love with Batman and its universe at a very young age. Grew up with the 89 Batman, I can remember going to the drive in to watch it with my dad.   My favorite character of all time is Wonder Woman, I have a small WW tattoo on my right forearm to remind me of the potential for good in everyone.  It was very hard for me to just pick 5 of my DC cosplays because I have so many.  So I decided to go with Deathstroke, Black Canary, Black Adam (Mary Marvel) Nightwing and Wonder Woman. Deathstroke is one of my proudest accomplishments.  Whenever I wear the suit I instantly feel the character take over. I feel confident and ready for anything.  Black Canary was one of the first cosplays I had ever done at Fan Expo 2011, this version however is an upgraded version from that.  Mixing the classic style with the TV show Arrow version I wanted to put my own spin on this iconic character.   Black Adam (Mary Marvel) was a fun little shoot I decided to do one day. I love the black dress Mary Marvel but instead I wanted to put a more modern edge on it with a jacket and tights. I feel super strong when I wear this although I have not worn it at a con yet I'm sure I will in the near future.   Nightwing, what can I say.. I'm a fan with most of my characters especially rule 63 I try to put my own spin on the character to make it more practical and comfortable to wear.   I am hoping to put together a classic Nightwing and an armored Nightwing suit soon.  And finally Wonder Woman.  This was the second version I've done I upgraded the chest armor with worbla. I have been working really hard lately in my personal life at the gym to really bring forth my inner wonder woman.  I am inspired to become a strong powerful woman. I find myself relating to many of the characters qualities. I always strive to be a better person to live up to the character.  I am currently working on the New 52 Wonder Woman and I hope to be debuting it at a con this year as well as many other DC characters."
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Rajeeman Photography, Rebel Shotz Photography & self-portraits

Geek Girl Lena Leather:
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: CONography

Geek Girl Lily Spitfyre:
"I have heard that Marvel takes average people and makes them super, while DC takes superheroes and makes them average people. This is so true for Karen Starr/Powergirl and it's why I love her so much! She's down to earth(-2) and a wonderful female role model!"
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Naredo Photo Cosplay, Very Frank Pictures & Rebel Shotz Photography

Geek Girl Lossien:
"There will always be a special place in my heart for DC Comics, and when I went looking for costumes to include in this compilation I had a hard time narrowing it down!  I had to pass on Nightwing, Black Canary (regular comic version, Young Justice version, and Bombshell Variant), as well as Wonder Woman and Power Girl!  The decision came down to costumes I had high quality photos of... as I love them all too much.  Expect more DC soon, as I can't say no!"
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Geek Girls Evie E & Amaleigh

Geek Girl Mistress Zelda:
"Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters (like everyone else!) - One of the reasons I like her so much is because she lends herself so well to redesigns. I haven't done a classic Harley bodysuit in almost a decade but I still love dressing up as her! Batman is my favorite DC series by far and I've done almost every character from it now :)"
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Keith Jones, Specular Photography, Robert Nelson & DW Kim 

Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue:
"Here is a compilation of the DC ladies I've cosplayed so far; the eco-friendly human-violent Poison Ivy, the trickster Zatanna, Star Sapphire Rogue (An original DC/Marvel cross over concept I came up with), the classic Queen of superheroes; Wonder Woman and the pre-psychosis Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Each character has been a blast to make and portray and I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in the creation of these images."
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Very Frank Pictures, Zandragon Photography, ArtistiCurves & Cajun Cosplay

Geek Girl Princess Nightmare:
"Usually I tend more towards Marvel than DC but I have always loved Catwoman, she has been one of my favorites since I was a little kid with the Batman TV show, and I hope to do more of her in the future. I also really love Black Canary, I used to read a lot of Black Canary/Green Arrow. Both are characters I definitely hope to go back to in the near future!"
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: HSL Photography

Geek Girl Roxy Lee:
"Hey everyone! So glad we got to showcase our DC characters, as the DC universe is my absolute favorite, particularly the villains hehe. I also am a huge fan of the Sandman series and wanted to throw my cosplay of Death in there too. I honestly feel that DC is so rich with their character development and you truly feel like you know and can relate to a lot of their stories and the people in them. I have here my own versions of some beloved heros and villains such as Green Lantern (Cary Wren inspired), Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Riddler (Ellen Nygma I call this) and Death. I always love to do my own spin on things when I cosplay!"
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Trillance , Adam Jay & Geek Girl Wandering Dana

Geek Girl Scarlett Quinn:
From left to right -  Harley Arkham City, Black Canary, Poison Ivy -steampunk and Harley (original costume) 
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: Robbie M.

Geek Girl Shadow Kat Cosplay:
Pin-up versions of these DC ladies. Power Girl goes glamorous, Zatanna with her fishnet stockings, Supergirl in her school uniform, car wash Wonder Woman and Tough roller derby Batgirl. Some of my favorite DC ladies given a little pin-up tweak by me.
Geek Girl DC Cosplays
Photos by: KA Photography/Kris Anderson

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April 23 2015

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