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Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes


Some of the Geek Girls put together this collection of hilarious derpy photo outtakes from shoots and events! It's important to remember that in between all the serious or sexy shots this is how the girls really are most of the time, tehehe. :P Cosplay is a super fun hobby and we love to celebrate that! Derp away my friends!

Geek Girl Lady Di Cosplay:

"Anyone that shoots with me knows that I have my derpy moments, whether intentional or not, itís always a riot! Itís always super fun to shoot, and it isnít a proper shoot unless there is at least one derpy shot!

I thought this would be a fun article to put together with my fellow geek girls so we can show you our outtakes and how derpy we can get in amongst some gorgeous and creative shots!"

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Geek Girl Ailes Noires, Geek Girl Amaleigh & Everage Studios Photography

Geek Girl Jenn Marvel:

"My life is one big derpy face. Itís hard for me to actually find photos of myself that are serious. During photoshoots I usually have at least one or two silly photos because I just can't help myself.

Ottawa comic con I had a blast, I was goofing around getting caught in the tall grass I was also very cold and trying to make a blanket. Selfies almost always are derpy. Itís fun to be silly.

It was very hard to choose which photos I wanted to share as I have so many, so enjoy these, as there will be many more in the future!!"

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Rebel Shotz Photography, Geek Girl Roxy Lee & Alfredo Leite†

Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue:

"I think it's important to remember that the point of cosplay is to have fun. In almost every photo shoot I do there it at least one (usually intentional) goofy photo, as you can see with Gargoyle's Fox and her shock over a bent fork. Furthermore I love choosing characters like Sailor Moon or Sven where I can be silly and it suits the character. The Zatanna shot in here is a candid that was snagged during an actual conversation, what I wouldn't give to remember what it was we were discussing! Lastly, the Rogue shot pictured here was taken at Ottawa ComiCon when I met and raptor'd with Nicole Marie Jean. I'm quite fond of her raptor concept because again, its about silly and fun. So if you see me at an event lets derp around together. Remember you can be as wacky as you want to be, just remember to have fun!"

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Lorne of Norm Cheung Photo Club, DROO, Derek Cutting & Cajun Cosplay

Geek Girl Critical Miss:

"Silly pictures are always the best, I enjoy doing them when my hair is crazy after having a wig on for hours and my husband is usually doing ridiculous faces with me. The one where we are in McDonald's is one of my absolute favourites, as we had just finished tearing down our annual Halloween party and it was3am and we were starving. I love the idea that Banshee and Pennywise are just stopping for a late night burger. My friend Ryan as General Zod is also a favourite, we were all really giggling that Zod was a Ghostbusters fan, but really who isn't?"

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Richard Dufault & Christine Bouchard

Geek Girl Scarlett Quinn:

"I donít have much to say about this... Iím weird... I make silly faces a lot. Makes life more interesting <3"

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Robbie M

Geek Girl Shelle-chii:

"Any of my friends you as will tell you that I am a huge goofball. I'm always making random faces and sound effects, and sometimes that gets caught on camera. I love shots like these because they show that cosplay isn't always serious business, itís a fun hobby that people share and enjoy together!"

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Everage Studios Photography & Geek Girl Ailes Noires

Geek Girl Roxy Lee:

"Pretty much any photo shoot I have about 5 really awesome usable images and maybe 95 images that could classify as the "never show to the unsuspecting people of the world for fear that they will one day blackmail me with it"...aka...goofy photos haha. Not always by choice but always appreciated for a good laugh."

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Heart Candy Photography, Phil Gotfried & Superhero Creations by Adam Jay

Geek Girl Natalie:

"I got these photos together for Natalie GxG and I had an absolute blast going through my photos of photoshoots and events I have attended with her! Natalie is so fun to work with, she is always laughing and making jokes and having fun with her friends, which to us is exactly what cosplay and conventions are all about! I love working with her and in between all the goofy shots we make magic too :)" -Dana

Geek Girls Derpy Photoshoot Outtakes
Photos: Geek Girl Wandering Dana

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August 10 2015

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