Name: Katia
Title: Costume / Fashion Designer / ModelGeek Girl Princess Nightmare
AKA: Princess Nightmare
Location: New York, USA
Sites: facebook -

Interests: Costumes, art, comics, design, film....that is the easiest way to sum that up before I write a novel to answer the question as I tend to be a bit long winded...

Tell us about yourself: Iím a art artist...a photographer...and a model...that about sums it up, although I only have actual degrees in the first three. i love museums, comic conventions, and Broadway shows...and modeling...other than that I am quite happy to have a quiet life without being out all of the time, I am really really shy. I love Alice in Wonderland EVERYTHING. I love Harry Potter ALMOST everything, I don't like the movies. But Alice in Wonderland has seemingly been something to hold onto since I was a little kid...from Disney to American McGee to Zenescope...and the original story as well, Wonderland has meant something to me for as long as I can remember. And I am starting/started a costume company The Princess Nightmare will make its first announcement in August about the release of our first 12 costumes which are AWESOME and I am so excited that I have gotten to work with cool people on this amazing project to which that is all I can say right now :-) I also volunteer with 12 Comics which is a program that is used as an art program to teach kids about history, science, and more through the development of their own super hero and special scenarios and missions. There is so much more I can go into on that but again I will end up writing too much ;-)

Have you always been a geek?: Indeed!

Geekiest thing about you: I am a collector. A crazy collector. I have a collection of over 30 Legend of the Seeker costumes, a bigger collection of Harry Potter wands (not screen, I hate the movies love the books) and a collection of the books from all different countries, and a comic art collection of original art that probably includes about 100 pieces....that and I love to play dress up.

Games Top 5
Kingdom Hearts 1
Kingdom Hearts 2
American Mcgee's Alice
Alice: Madness Returns
Final Fantasy X

Movies Top 5
Princess Bride
Moulin Rouge
American Psycho
Kill Bill
Rear Window

Books Top 5
Harry Potter series
Princess Bride
Mortal Instruments
Sword of Truth series
Tana French Rob Ryan/
Cassie Maddox series

TV Top 5
All the crime shows
Game of Thrones



Exp: 120 - Level: 25