Name: Emma
Title: Cosplayer/Model/Actress/AdventurerGeek Girl Emmaliene
AKA: Emmaliene
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Sites: facebook | tumblr | deviantART | Modeling Page | Pantsu Patrol

Interests: Political science, costuming, theatre (in particular, musical theatre), Sci Fi, the 1960s, old school glamor, music, traveling, gorgeous human beings, the universe, reading, and constantly learning!

Tell us about yourself: Hello, hello~ My name is Emmaliene, and I'm a super short extrovert with an unhealthy obsession with red lipstick. My biggest passions lie within acting and world politics. Due to my adventurous nature, I'm currently planning a huge European backpacking trip starting in December of 2014, which I'm still trying to rope my gorgeous partner of two years into joining! I've been cosplaying since 2009, and like to think that I've been steadily improving ever since. My partner and I cosplay almost everything together, since we have very similar tastes in sci fi, games, anime, movies, etc~ I see my geeky fandoms as a sort of release from my perfectionist attitude that's mainly centered around my acting and modeling, and I turn to them as a sort of solace from the political issues in the world that induce the most negative emotions in me. I feel as though my geeky interests save me in a sense, because I know that I'd be so wound up and overly concerned with my other interests.

Have you always been a geek?: Absolutely! I've always been very close to my parents, which ended up making their own geeky interests seem more appealing to me. I was homeschooled for a large portion of elementary school, and while we had a T.V., we didn't have cable. So my parents brought me up on old sci fi, like Star Trek, Lost in Space, Logan's Run, Blade Runner, Space Odyssey 2001, and older super hero movies and T.V. shows (my personal favourites being Tim Burton's Batman, the old cartoon Spider Man, and 1966 Adam West era Batman). I never grew out of those shows and movies, and even now, they remain my favourite. My dad also used to let me go through his crates and crates of old comics that he's held onto since he was about ten years old. Delving into a new comic or sci fi show is like connecting with my parents as a child again, since it was their way of connecting with me.

Geekiest thing about you: Well, for one, I named the cat I've had since I was eleven Legolas, because Lord of the Rings was (and still is) my favourite series. I now regret my choice in Lord of the Rings themed names, due to the fact that my cat ended up growing up to be fat, lazy and a homebody who doesn't want to go outside. Now hobbits aren't lazy, but I feel as though naming him after one would've been more fitting then my giving him an Elven name. I think my obsession with old sci fi is another one of the geekiest things about me; I have so much Star Trek and other older sci fi fandom related paraphernalia riddled through out my room that I'm running out of space. I collect Star Trek and comic book related t-shirts, and will wear them at least once a week. I can also beat most people at trivia surrounding The Original Series of Star Trek

Games Top 5
Alice: Madness Returns
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Haunting Ground
Touhou: Subterranean Animism

Movies Top 5
Blade Runner
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
The Hobbit
Dr. Strangelove

Books Top 5
The Hobbit
Lullabies for Little Criminals
The Great Gatsby

TV Top 5
Star Trek: The Original Series
BBC's Sherlock
Adventure Time
Lost in Space


Exp: 25 - Level: 06