Name: Natalie
Title: Yoshi RiderGeek Girl Kitty
AKA: Kitty
Location: Ontario, Canada
Sites: facebook - Sky's the Limit

Interests: I love cosplaying, gaming (especially old school gaming), collecting, Doctor Who, reading, doing makeup, spending time with the amazing people I have in my life and of course my kitties.

Tell us about yourself: I wear the name Geek with pride! I started doing cosplay a few years back when I went to Fan Expo 2009 for the first time, since then my geek-dome has just flourished. My collection of games/systems, toys, props, comics and general fandom have grown fast, and I will never have enough. I've been apart of Sky's the Limit Costume & Design, doing makeup, modeling, and so much more since the beginning. I also love my kitties

Have you always been a geek?: Yes. I grew up watching Star Trek, having Star Wars / Planet of the Apes marathons, and trying to be as good at my brothers on our Super Nintendo. Over the years I've just gotten geekier expanding into comics and cosplay, not to mention newer gaming systems.

Geekiest thing about you: I'd have to say the geekiest thing about me would be my collection of toys, games, comics, and accessories. They are quickly taking over my apartment, not that I'm complaining.

Games Top 5
Super Mario World
Fable Lost Chapters
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Mortal Combat
Donkey Kong

Movies Top 5
Star Wars 4-6
Wolverine Origins
American Psycho
Emily Strange novels
Nightmare Before Christmas

Books Top 5
Harry Potter series
Household Stories
Zombie Survival Guide
Big Bang Theory
Catwoman comic series

TV Top 5
Doctor Who
How I Met Your Mother
Vampire Diaries


Exp: 26 - Level: 06