Name: Jennifer Ravensong
Title: Crazy Artist At Large/Marketing ManagerGeek Girl J Ravensong Productions
AKA: J Ravensong Productions
Location: California, USA
Sites: facebook

Interests: Music, writing, seamstressing/costume design, crafting, modeling, fitness/weight lifting, cross stitch, cooking, gardening, painting, animals, keeping koi, special effects makeup, acting, event coordination, charity, baking/cake art, etc.

Tell us about yourself: I work for a charity as a Marketing Manager during the day and belong to a number of social groups such as the Sacramento Steampunk Society, The League of Proper Villains, the Browncoat Society and G33k HQ. I have a child who is named after a Firefly character. I helped build a full-scale Tardis in my front yard and it stayed there for years. My pets include a dog named Scooby Doo, another named Jasmine. Cat's are Tabbitha (Bewitched), Lucky Bear and Charlie (All Dogs Go To Heaven)....I used to have Nicodemus, Justin and Brutus as rats (Secret of NIMH), and my koi include Rurouni Kenshin and Jadzia Dax. I just got a Black Widow tattoo and I am a member of the Avenger's Initiative, an organization that makes public appearances and visits children and patients in costume.

I use my creativity and love of geekdom to communicate with and express to the world. The real world can be harsh and often divided but the fantasy of the worlds that us geeks live in gives us new wavelengths to vibe on and allows us to come together in many ways. I always look for ways to make the world a better place, even if it is on an individual level. I find that I am able to bring others entertainment and joy with my creativity and it is something I am passionate about. Since becoming a member of the cosplay community I have been able to give my time, money and energy to many good causes; and in turn, I have gained so much as a person and artist...and had ALOT of fun!!!

Have you always been a geek?: Absolutely! I grew up reading Shakespearean sonnets at recess :P I was a band nerd, choir geek, involved in the Renaissance faires, spent most my time at the library reading books about monsters and fantasy and was a Star Wars JUNKY from day one. I have a wide variety of geeky interests and try to give them all equal play time but Sci-Fi is my very first love :) I grew up in a small town in NV and didn't have access to Cons, anime or comics until I was full grown but that soon became an addiction as well. I spent most lunch periods in high school playing Magic the Gathering and Vampire: The Masquerade with fellow band nerds in the music room.

Geekiest thing about you?: Probably my commitment to being a geek....unabashedly. I learned long ago that being a geek is something to be proud of. A geek is someone who is themselves and doesn't allow society or the opinions of others deture them from doing what they really love, wearing what they really like or being who they really are :)

Games Top 5
Mario Bros (original)
Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat
Little Big World
Worms Armageddon

Movies Top 5
Interview with the Vampire
Secret of NIMH
The Last Unicorn
Star Wars

Books Top 5
The Patchwork Girl of Oz
The Vampire Lestat
The Secret Garden
The Collections of Edgar Allan Poe
I Love You, I Hate You, Drop Dead

TV Top 5
Once Upon A Time
Elfen Lied
Star Trek Next Gen
True Blood (sans the last 2 episodes)



Exp: 29 - Level: 06