Name: Leah Burroughs
Title: Cosplayer Geek Girl Callie Cosplay
AKA: Callie Cosplay
Location: Florida, USA
Sites: Callie Cosplay - facebook

Interests: Cosplaying, music, writing, drawing, designing, modeling, movies, vampires, reading, friends and family, Starbucks.

Tell us about yourself: The most important thing to me in this life is family! Currently, I'm striving to become a full time author by impatiently waiting for my book, The Willow, to become published. Music is, despite my love-hate relationship with it, one of my many passions and also the reason I'm going to school. A little more about me...I believe all things happen for a reason. Whether we choose to act or patiently wait, something will always come of it, positive or negative. Karma is a big part of my life. Really, I am a down to earth person but I am, at times, hard to handle and difficult to understand. I have amazing instincts. Somewhat of an observer...but a writer must be...

Have you always been a geek?: Yes! I have always been that little girl with the pigtail, glasses, and tucked in shirt. I was a band geek all throughout grade school and graduated valedictorain.

Geekiest thing about you: Reading comics and learning more about superheros is my new obsession. I can't go to any store without looking for some sort of DC or Marvel product.

Games Top 5
Rock Band
Call of Duty Black Ops
Beyond Good and Evil

Movies Top 5
Disturbia 2
Edward Scissorhands
Eye of the Beholder
Queen of the Damned
Meet Joe Black

Books Top 5
Great Expectations
Wuthering Heights
Anything vampires
The Willow (my book!)
Jane Eyre

TV Top 5
True Blood
Vampire Diaries
batman begins


Exp: 21 - Level: 05

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