Armageddon Photoshoot

Armageddon Photoshoot


We here at Geek Girls are big fans of the post-apocalyptic genre be it movies, tv shows or photoshoots. Michael & Janine do as well it seems, they sent us some awesome photos from their own page Here is what Michael had to say about the shoot...

"It was a crazy idea i had in my head , and when i shared it with my girlfriend and partner, Janine Maloney, who is a makeup artist and costume designer, it came to life!!

We did a 2012 Calendar last year, and the response and inspiration was so great we decided to start writing a story.

This year we did a 2013 Calendar, a Sexy deck of playing cards, some great poster and print shwag for our recent appearance at NY ComicCon."

Armageddon Photoshoot

Armageddon Photoshoot

Armageddon Photoshoot

Model: Marissa Skowronski-Buttemark

Photographer: Michael Zinn

Costume/Makeup: Janine Maloney

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November 21 2012

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