Name: Lena Leather
Title: Cosplayer/ModelGeek Girl Lena Leather
AKA: Lena Leather
Location: Tennessee, USA
Sites: facebook - instagram - twitter

Interests: Comics, Movies, Video Games, Cartoons, Make-up, Toys, ...World Domination...

Tell us about yourself: I'm your average friendly neighborhood cosplayer, I live my life on the internet and at the occasional con. Iím a model, a cosplayer, and still secretly dream to be a spice girl.

Have you always been a geek?: All my life, I started at the age of 3 with my first Game Boy and now here I am living my spare time in Thedas on my Xbox One.

Geekiest thing about you?: Basically my whole life is geeky, I work in a comic shop, I spend all my free time thinking of new cosplays, going to cons, or gaming.

Games Top 5
Dragon Age
All the LEGO games

Movies Top 5
Nightmare Before Christmas
Batman Returns
The Warriors
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Books Top 5
Dark Knight
New Teen Titans
Walt Simonsonís Thor
Harley Quinn Mad Love
Batman Hush

TV Top 5
Bobs Burgers
Wise Guy
Ruby Gloom
Crime Story




Exp: 49 - Level: 10