Name: Gina
Title: Cosplayer/Seamstress/MUAGeek Girl Gina G.
AKA: Gina G.
Location: Ontario, Canada
Sites: facebook

Interests: Cosplay, sewing, make-up (spfx, glamour), video games (console and pc), MMORPGs, Dungeons & Dragons, reading, skiing, mountains, Tolkien, Sailor Moon, Iron Man, Norse mythology, 80ís music, cheesecake, cats.

Gina G. of Red Ribbon Cosplay is a professional theatrical and film costumer, with special training in dance wear, breakdown, and fabric dyeing. Currently representing Malabar Ltd., she has worked for theatres such as The Banff Centre, and has received training from top industry professionals, from film to Cirque Du Soleil. Gina is a master level cosplayer, with over 13 years of costuming behind her, and is the co-founder of local charity event; Cosplay for a Cure.

Have you always been a geek?: As long as I can remember, yes. When I was really little I started playing Sonic 2 for the Sega Genesis with my dad, and it really took off from there.

Geekiest thing about you: Iíve been collecting Sailor Moon merchandise since I was 8. I have several thousand dollars worth of stuff from the 90ís, and the collection just keeps on growing!.

Games Top 5
Mass Effect series
The Legend of Zelda: Majoraís Mask
Bioshock series
Guild Wars 1 and 2

Movies Top 5
Interview With The Vampire
Moulin Rouge
The Hobbit
Muppet Treasure Island

Books Top 5
A Song of Ice and Fire series
The Vampire Chronicles
A Discovery of Witches
The Hobbit
War of the Seasons series

TV Top 5
Game of Thrones
True Blood
The IT Crowd
American Horror Story



Exp: 40 - Level: 09