Name: Jillian Ryan
Title: Model/ Cosplayer/ Jewelry Crafter/ Ink CollectorGeek Girl Jillian
AKA: Jillian
Location: Virginia, United States
Sites: facebook

Interests: [See Below]

Tell us about yourself: : Geeky ways arenít a pass time, theyíre a lifestyle. Gaming is my geeky medium of choice. I Ėadore- getting immersed within the worlds told by writers and developers. I began on the NES and am currently keeping it going with a 360, BC PS3 and 3DS. Through gaming I got into cosplaying. I have been Meru from LOD, Paine from FFX-2, Shiva from FFX, Tomb Raider (2013 title), Poision Ivy from Batman, Moogle from Final Fantasy, Hinoto from X/1999 and random others. Tossed into my cosplay lineup were anime and comic book characters. Ohhh yes, I adore my anime and my comic books. Aside from that geekery I love to read and do museum crawling as well. I hand craft jewelry to wear on photo shoots and to sell on my Etsy. Currently I am collecting video game tattoos with the hopes of getting a few more sometime soon. Most people geek out over Star Wars. Donít get me wrong, Star Wars is epic. I myself am more of a Back To the Future, Indiana Jones / Ghostbusters kinda geek. Did you know hoverboards donít work on water?

Have you always been a geek?: Ohhhh yes. So much yes. The NES came out the year I was born and the first game I played was Jaws (which was awesome). I have owned every system except the Sega Saturn/CD and the newer PSP models.

Geekiest thing about you: I am adorned with gaming tattoos, worked at gamestop for 9 years and pretty much the only music I listen to these days is gaming music (cause it's the best).

Games Top 5
Chrono Trigger
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Kingdom Hearts
Bioshock Series
Mass Effect Series

Movies Top 5
The Labyrinth
Howlís Moving Castle
The Fifth Element

Books Top 5
Howlís Moving Castle
Near Death
Harry Potter (series)
Freudian Slip

TV Top 5
10th kingdom
Bobís Burgers
Adventure Time



Exp: 30 - Level: 07