Name: Alana Lee
Title: MUA / Cosplayer / Gamer / ActressGeek Girl Roxy Lee
AKA: Roxy Lee
Location: Ontario, Canada
Sites: facebook

Interests: Makeup ( special fx, facepainting) Cosplaying, role playing, making youtube videos, comic books ( especially Gen13 and Mad Love) Tattoos, Video games ( anything adventure, Bioshock , Mass effect and Fallout being my top three) Batman villains, Graphic novels, Classic teen cult 80's and animated movies, Scary movies ( with no blood, I'm a baby) Writing screenplays, drawing and reading.

Tell us about yourself: My name is Alana, but call me Roxy. I am a model/actress/performer/MUA from the GTA. I guess I could say I wasn't the typical " Geek Girl" I started out as a huge athlete and performer growing up, always playing some form of sport of being in a musical or auditions for tv and film. Although I wasn't the typical Geek , my big brother happened to be a huge one! So I would always steal his Gen 13 comics and sneak down to play DnD with his friends or play his Dungeon Keeper or Unreal tournament when he wasn't home. I never let anyone know my love for it but always knew it was there. It wasn't until I was 18 and got into a serious car accident that I find my true inner lover for everything Geek. I was in a wheelchair and had nothing else to do, so my mom bought me an Xbox and a bunch of games and movies, and all I did was play video games or watch movies and read. I instantly fell in love with all of it! I started building a collection of DVD's and am currently at 650, I ran my gamer score up to 24000 and I became a booth babe for Comic cons! I also started my own youtube channel doing cosplay /roleplaying as characters and it got pretty popular so I realized I had a knack for this! I now can't imagine my life without my hobbies and interests. The passion I share with the geek world is intense and I have met the coolest people ever being a part of it! I now work as a Freelance MUA specializing in face painting and special fx, and still always cosplay on the side and model. I love being a Geek Girl!

Have you always been a geek?: I think in my heart I was, but on the outside no, but really what is a geek on the outside? I think we as Geek girls are proving the stereotype wrong huh? But I mean out loud I wasn't. But Now I scream it loud from the rooftops! I think I just needed to stop caring and once I got hurt and realized life is too short to hide what you love, I embraced it, and never looked back!

Geekiest thing about you: Hmmm, I have a Harley Quinn tattoo, and plan on getting an entire side piece of gotham city eventually ;) My gamer score, My pictures on facebook of all the superhero and super villain makeup I have done, my youtube channel ! The Chewbaccah doll I sleep with, my movie collection.

Games Top 5
Mass Effect
Dragon Age

Movies Top 5
The Pagemaster
What Dreams May Come
The fifth Element
Flight of the Navigator

Books Top 5
Interview with the vampire
Tick tock
I hope they serve beer in hell
The Lovely Bones

TV Top 5
SUPERNATURAL!!!! Oh god obsessed
Once Upon a Time
Face off
Ink Master



Exp: 76 - Level: 16