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Monsters from British Mythology

Monsters from British Mythology


Britain has a diverse and rich culture which stretches back thousands of years. Most of us are aware of the main mythological creatures shared throughout history, but some can be a lot less generic. The Black Dog, for example, is a ghostly apparition often described to have glowing red eyes and a growl that can wake the undead. The C Sth, which shares origins in both Scottish and Irish mythology, is described as being bright green, and if you hear its three barks you are doomed.

There are also some lesser known and more gruesome creatures in British mythology, such as the Nuckelavee, which is often described as being one of the most malevolent of the demons surrounding the Scottish Isles. Its portrayed as a conjoined rider and horse-like demon with skinless flesh, rippled with muscle, and is thought to be responsible for droughts and epidemics on land.

Monsters from British Mythology

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November 21 2017

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