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Nerd Fashion Necklaces

Nerd Fashion Necklaces


Hey Geeks and Geekettes Roxy Lee here. Not too long ago we had the pleasure of receiving three necklaces from an awesome independant company called Nerd Fashion. These pendants on a chain/keychains/necklaces etc include original artwork from the two artists involved and can come with a poster of the artwork you have selected :) The necklaces are super high quality and absolutely stunning and look great paired with any outfit.

I asked three of our Geek Girls, Lovina Yavari, Jillian Ryan and Chrisscreama to receive necklaces and take shots in them to show them off and they really went above the call of duty, even making themed shoots, check them out below with some testimonials!

"Nerd Fashion is a unique brand that blends fashionable jewelry/accessories along with custom artwork featuring characters from your favorite comics, movies, tv shows, and video games. All of our products are hand made to ensure that each piece is given the time and attention it deserves, and each item features original artwork from 117 Art and Average Joe Art. In today's modern age, it's fashionable to be a nerd. We not only embrace it, we flaunt it."

Geek Girls testimonials:

Lovina Yavari- Walking Dead Pendant

Nerd Fashion Necklaces

"Nerd Fashion offered to send a few Geek Girls some necklaces to model. I was stoked to see The Walking Dead was one of the choices. As a fan of the comics and series, I welcomed that necklace with open arms, to spend the rest of its days resting, beneath my clavicle bone. I've also been meaning to do another zombie photo shoot, and this was the perfect opportunity. BONUS!

A big thank you to Nerd Fashion for the wicked necklace (it's beautifully made and comes with an awesome print!), and of course Geek Girls for the opportunity, & Roxy Lee for selecting me to model one of them!"

Scream for Chrisscreama- Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister Pendant

Nerd Fashion Necklaces

"I love my Tyrion Lannister Glass Tile Necklace from Nerd Fashion. It features a character design of actor Peter Dinklage as drawn by Average Joe Art. It is light, I barely notice I am wearing it. It is like a second skin. It is super detailed, featuring Tyrion's scar, facial stubble and green eyes. It is very rich in color, featuring his golden locks and his family colors. The perfect accessory for a Game of Thrones fan like me!

For modelling this necklace, I figured a Game Of Thrones theme was only fitting. Fellow Geek Girl Teryl styled my hair to look like Sansa Stark's. It was fun dressing up and rocking this adorable work of art!"

Jillian Ryan- Iron Giant Pendant

Nerd Fashion Necklaces

"The iron giant is an all time favorite movie of mine and we all know us geeks love to don our fandom as fashion! I have rarely seen iron giant apparel and finding jewelry to represent my love of the movie has never happened.... Until now! I -adore- my iron giant pendant! A crisp clear shot of the giant with a heart of gold is a perfect accessory be it going out or just chilling on the couch gaming. It's delicate enough to pair with a dress and funky, durable and fun enough for ripped jeans and a tee. Definitely a staple in my collection and I can't wait to see what else they do!"

Nerd Fashion Neclaces

Wow I guess the girls really loved them! Below are also some of their newer works for you all to see. They now have Spiderman pendants, Bioshock necklaces and Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Breaking Bad keychains and many many more!

Nerd Fashion Neclaces

Nerd Fashion Necklaces

Nerd Fashion Necklaces

Nerd Fashion Necklaces

To find more of Nerd Fashion work and where to purchase, check out their links below:

Nerd Fashion
Nerd Fashion facebook
@nerdfashions on instagram and twitter

A big huge thank you to Nerd Fashion for being so awesome and talented and for sending these over to our girls to rock. They will be wearing them with pride! Cheers and stay geeky.

- Roxy Lee GG

(If any other geeky businesses would like the Geek Girls to sport their brand let us know! Please email any inquisitions to

Walking Dead photo:
Photographer: Trillance
Makeup Artist(s): Stella Amore Beauty & SPFX Make-Up
Model/MUA/Costume/Photo Edit: Lovina Yavari

Game of Thrones photo:
Photographer: Tobin Sagara Photography
Hair/Makeup: Teryl Dactyl
Model: Scream for Chrisscreama!

Iron giant:
Model/photo/hair and makeup: Jillian Ryan

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July 30 2013

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