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Interview with Gwenhwyfar L'art

Interview with Gwenhwyfar L'art


Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue teamed up with the amazingly talented Gwenhwyfar L'art to bring us some beautiful artwork. Rogue also had the chance to interview her, and bring us some behind the scenes knowledge!

Interview with Gwenhwyfar Lart
Wonder Woman: Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue - Photo: ArtistiCurves - Suit: Costumes By Violet - Edit: Gwenhwyfar L'art

Rogue: Thank you so much for not only working together, but taking the time to answer some questions!

Jenny: Thank you it was a pleasure to work with you, you are very talented and your costumes are awesome. I love to work together with creative people especially cosplayers. I hope to get the possibility to do more cooperation’s like this in the future. 

Rogue: So let's dive right in! How long have you been photo editing?

Jenny: I do photo editing for 12 years now. It started as a hobby besides my day job (2d/3d/VFX artist), but I’m getting more and more enthusiastic these days seeing so many amazing costumes and people around.

Rogue: Did you go to school or receive professional training for your photo editing skills?

Jenny: I‘m trained as media designer. I went to a design school and learned the full range of new media like film, print, 3d, photography and so on. Today I work as media designer and artist with a focus on 2d / 3D / VFX doing compositing, photo editing and photography in my limited free time. In addition I constantly try to improve my skills by reading books, watching tutorial on YouTube and practicing and a lot of trial and error.

Rogue: You don't just edit cosplay photos though, right? I've seen some beautiful fantasy based edits on your page.

Jenny: I’m just the average nerd girl giggle loving fantasy, Sci-Fi... dinosaurs... computer games... Superhero’s For me it is exciting to create worlds around a character, for example an enchanted forest or a spaceship, lost places…..these realms are complete from my imagination brought to reality/live. It is nice to see how a complete story is created when a cosplay or a model is put in an otherworldly scenario. I shape a reality I would like to see. I think that’s why I choose to do more fantasy, as everything is possible ;)

Interview with Gwenhwyfar Lart
Enchantress: Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue - Photo: Bermingham Photography - Edit: Gwenhwyfar L'art

Rogue: I like that perspective, its similar to why I love cosplay, bringing new worlds to life! What has been your favourite photo editing project to date?

Jenny: This is hard to tell, I’m always completely drawn in the world I’m currently creating. I think I love them all until they are finished and I travel to the next one.

Rogue: What a beautiful answer. What was your most challenging photo editing project to date?

Jenny: The “Hello Beasty” Jack Sparrow edit was quite challenging. I wasn’t happy with the material I could find on the internet.. Therefore I created all parts for my compositing on my one in 3d. This happens more and more often since then.

Rogue: I can only imagine haha. Do you do photography as well, or just photo editing?

Jenny: Yes photography is definitely one of my passions. I actually even started my whole journey with a hobby project in architecture photography. The next step was photographing textures and stock photos giving me a lot of material for my later compositing’s.

Rogue: Makes sense! What about cosplay, do you have any favourite characters?

Jenny: There are just to many awesome characters out there to pick from. But I think I have a thing for Disney characters, or characters from old fairytales in general..... well and Jack Sparrow...who is not in love with this hot quirky pirate ;)

Rogue: As a sailor I have to agree pirates are rather fascinating! If you could have any super power in the world, what would you choose and why?

Interview with Gwenhwyfar Lart
Anck Su Namun: Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue - Photo/Body Paint: ArtistiCurves - Edit: Gwenhwyfar L'art

Jenny: Most super powers come with a big disadvantage, like reading minds, or super strength…no thanks I’m just happy being a dreamer.

Rogue: Fair enough! Haha. If folks wanted to commission you to edit a photo of them, what is the best way to contact you?

Jenny: Just drop me a line on my Facebook page with a pm or contact me on

Rogue: Do you have any other social media links you would like to share?

Jenny: facebook, 500px, deviantart, instagram, fotocommunity

Rogue: Awesome! Thanks again, I had a lovely time working with you and all the best with your future endeavours!

Interview with Gwenhwyfar Lart
Wonder Woman: Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue - Photo: ArtistiCurves - Suit: Costumes By Violet - Edit: Gwenhwyfar L'art

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January 08 2017

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