Full on Geek & Take it all off Geek!

Full on Geek & Take it all off Geek!


Last year I started my journey into the world of nerdlesque. With my cosplay and dance experience it all came together and I've started making my mark here in Vancouver in the burlesque scene. I now perform at least three shows a month, I co-produce Electric Ginger Productions with two other amazing geeky redheaded ladies where we put on shows and have a nerdlesque troupe named "B/URL/ESC". We're working on doing tours, starting with a smaller one this summer around BC. So I thought I'd share with you all a little sample montage of what I do in this fun, geeky, and empoweringly sexy world of performing I've gotten myself into!

-Geek Girl Dezi Desire

Photo by: René Blais Photography

The girls in charge of Electric Ginger Productions
Dezi Desire, Pixie Styx, and Tesla Coil
Photo by: Steve Lukinuk Photography

Spock act @ "Beam me up Sexy"
Photos by: Melissa Dex Guzman

Misty act @ "It's Super Effective" show by Mastergeek Theatre
with guest performer Scott Hurr as Gary Oak
Photos by: Martin Hunter

Left 4 Dead Witch act @ "Drinking with Portals" show by Geekenders
Photos by: Culture Thug Photography

Tesla vs. Edison (E'dezi'son) act with Scott Hurr @ "Science Factions"
Photos by: Shotgun Gamer

Hades act @ "Be Prepared" show by Geekenders
Photos by: Ben Anderman

4th Doctor act @ "Revenge of the Nerds" show by Electric Ginger Productions
Photos by: Eric Clark

Performing Annie Lennox tribute act @ "Tasty Teasers" by Electric Ginger Productions

-Geek Girl Dezi Desire (Cosplay/Nerdlesque facebook)

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June 27 2013

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