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Miss Sinister Cosplay Interview

Miss Sinister Cosplay Interview


Interview by: Player Two

Geek Girl Player Two recently had the opportunity to interview the talented and gorgeous cosplayer and game advisor Miss Sinister Cosplay!

Name: Miss Sinister Cosplay
Location: West Coast
Occupation: Gaming Advisor at Game Stop

Miss Sinister Cosplay Interview

Me: First off, I would like to thank you so much for doing this interview with me. You're cosplays and photos are so inspiring to a fellow cosplayer such as myself! I absolutely love your work! How long have you been cosplaying?

Miss Sinister: I've been cosplaying since 2010. My first convention was SakuraCon (in Seattle).

Me: Thatís awesome. I have never been to SakuraCon myself, but from what I hear from other cosplayers, it sounds like fun! What was your first cosplay?

Miss Sinister: My first cosplay was Orochimaru from the Chunin Exams.

Me: Do you think that your first cosplay would be your favourite? If not, what is your favourite cosplay?

Miss Sinister: There are a few that really make me feel badass when I wear them... but so far I love cosplaying as Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. I am re-vamping my Orochimaru cosplay this year though, so my favorite might fluctuate between the two.

Miss Sinister Cosplay Interview

Me: I love re-vamping older costumes. I have a few that I am doing myself! What is your favourite genre to cosplay?

Miss Sinister: I adore cosplaying as Taki and the Major so much that it's difficult for me to choose XD I think at the moment it's anime, but in the future I plan to cosplay more on the video game side of things.

Me: I personally have never cosplayed an anime character, yet that is. You pull them off so well! In addition to cosplay do you have any hobbies/interests?

Miss Sinister: I've played volleyball since I was in 5th grade and still continue playing. During the summer it's grass and sand, and during the other seasons I play indoor. I also paint and play video games frequently.

Miss Sinister Cosplay Interview

Me: Oh awesome! I canít play sports to save my life and well, Iím not all that great at video games either, but oh gosh are they both fun hah! Would you say that you have always been ďgeekyĒ?

Miss Sinister: Absolutely. When I was young, family friends/neighbours owned consoles and my older brother and I were immediately addicted. My folks got us our first handheld consoles (Sega Genesis Nomad), and I quickly became attached to Sonic the Hedgehog. Once a N64 came through our door, there was a healthy competition between my brother and I, and that's when I made it my goal to be better than him and our friends. My art was influenced by video games/anime, and my love for them continuously grew.

Me: I used to love playing video games with my brother too. So much fun, our system was the N64. I can only imagine how many hours we spent playing Zelda haha. What is your favourite geeky moment?

Miss Sinister: Man, there's so many that I can't remember my favorite... But there's one that does stick out. I was at a friendís house during the summer (a total of four of us would play). We would get together and play various multiplayer games (Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Mario Party, etc) on the Wii/Gamecube. We were nearing the end of the game, when a duel mini game was announced between myself and a friend. It was Cog Jog... a mini game where people would fall really often when the pressure was on, and there were over 250 coins at stake. I think we each fell once, and I remember being on the last gear with my opponent close behind me. I saw that I was falling and I quickly started spamming the jump button... somehow still staying on the gear. My friend was close behind me and I just started yelling "COINS COINS COINS COINS COINS!!!!" And ended up making my way up the gear and winning the game. Everyone was in complete disbelief and we still quote "coins" during epic winning moments... This might sound less epic than it was now that I re-read my answer XD

Miss Sinister Cosplay Interview

Me: I think that still sound pretty epic! Haha! Are there certain cosplays that we should expect to see in the future?

Miss Sinister: Man, that's something I hesitate to answer because I literally have cosplays I want to do 2 years in advance... and I change my lineup pretty often. I know I can say that a re-vamp of Orochimaru will be debuted during SakuraCon 2013 (which is a few short days away), and I will have a new cosplay for Anime Expo, but I want the progress of the costume to be a little further along before I spill the beans ^_^

Me: Iím the same way. Working full-time has caused me to have to put a lot of my costumes on the back burner. Nothing ever seems to get done as fast as I want it to either haha. I see that you are partnered with EZCosplay. What advice would you give to future and fellow cosplayers?

Miss Sinister: Yeah! I had won their cosplay contest during the month of February (it was extremely close) with my Hinata cosplay. The advice I always give people is to simply cosplay your favorites. Don't hesitate to choose a character just because someone else has done it, or do a cosplay because you're pressured to do it. If you go with your favorite, you'll make it your personal goal to get it done, and your experience at the con will be 100 times better when you know the ins and outs of the character and love them completely.

Me: Well Miss Sinister, thank you so much for doing this interview for me. It really is an honor to learn a little bit more about you! I canít wait to see what surprises you have for us in the future!

Miss Sinister: Thank you again for contacting me for an interview! I appreciate you taking the time to make this happen. I hope to hear back from you soon!

Miss Sinister Cosplay Interview

Kitana photo by: Nathan Carter
Motoko photo by: Elysiam Entertainment
Taki photo by: On Impulse Photography
Hinata photo by: JailBreak Photography
Orochimaru photo by: Klicker Photographs

You can follow Miss Sinister on facebook, twitter and deviantART and also buy her prints in her Store!

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May 21 2013

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