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Vomitron Interview

Vomitron Interview


Interview by: Zelda
Got another interview for you! This time from the video game guitarist Vomitron ...

Vomitron Interview

Q: For anyone who doesn't know who you are or what you do, give us a little rundown.

A: VOMITRON - hmmm well this originally was just supposed to be an outlet for all my musical creativity I guess. I do play in a few bands, but obviously when you work with others there's always limitations if everyone wants to have creative input. So Vomitron was just where I would write and record all my own stuff the way I wanted it. Been doing it for maybe 13-14 years now. The VGM stuff was originally one of the first things I did (with an old school version of Contra) which got a really awesome response on (and which was immensely fun for me) so I decided that after the first record I did (entitled simply Vomitron) I would do a record of those. Turns out that's how most of the ppl out there even know about Vomitron.

Q: You tend to keep sort of a cloud of mystery about yourself It's pretty difficult to track down any kind of information about you. Any particular reason for the secret identity? Rabid fans? Jealous ex lovers? Are you secretly Batman?

A: HAHA!! nope i WISH it was that cool of a reason as being Batman though. Actually it's just cuz it adds a level of entertainment for me. Plus I have a glass eye that freaks people out. It's always looking off to the side, questioningly. Actually no, I just made that up. SOME of the fans are indeed rabid, which I love btw, but it's certainly not to the point that I need to hide my indentity. Jealous ex-lovers - HAH! are you serious? BTW, if i WAS Batman, my goal would be to be as cool as George Clooney in Batman & Robin.

Q: So far you've got 2 albums Your self titled and No NES for the Wicked. Are you working on anything new? There was a pretty solid chunk of time between the release of your 2 albums Does that mean we're going to have to wait another 3 years before we see anything else from you?

A: Yes of course! I'm ALWAYS working on stuff, and when records come out, it just means that I have enough material to call a record. That's probly why there's so many styles represented on both the S/T and NNFTW. In between those two records I was pretty involved with alot of my own bands, which will explain the amount of time taken there. Not to mention, I work as a freelance audio engineer doing mixing and mastering. So needless to say sometimes when I'm done with all that i'm pretty f'n burnt out with anything music related, and I just wanna sit quietly and watch a James Bond movie or an episode of Star Trek and have a martini. However, I'm not NEARLY as involved in bands as I was from the periods of 2003 thru last year, so i'm hoping this will free up some time for some new stuff!! As far as anything new, well, part of the agreement between me and my label (Metavania) was that I'd get my ass in gear and come out with AT LEAST another NES record to follow up NNFTW, in a somewhat timely manner. Which actually I'm working on now :) I think it may be a BIT different, but it'll be the same general idea - keep to the code of NNFTW, which was stay as true to the music as humanly possible (making sure all notes from the original are there, in some form, and keep to the tempo) regardless of the style I decide to use. As for new stuff, I've actually got quite a few already, so there'll DEFINITELY be new stuff! This whole goddamn gun debate inspired me to write a quick ditty that has a few blurbs from a CSPAN debate, it's pretty fuckin funny actually. That might find its way to the light of day sooner rather than later.

Q: Why video game covers? Do you write and record your own original music as well, and how does it compare?

A: I'm sure the VGM that has permeated my brain throughout my life finds its way into my own stuff one way or another. I grew up playing piano and synth, so naturally that lends itself to NES music. Love that shit. And me being the metalhead I am, I couldn't help but notice the heavy metal overtones of the NES tunes from the 80's and early 90's. Does it compare to my original stuff? I have to say no. Lately my stuff has been getting a little electronic, but still has the heavy riffing on guitar. And its mostly still fast. :) It's all those Iced Earth records I grew up on I guess hehe.

Q: Your website mentions that you will be scoring the OST from the upcoming game Revolution 60. What's it been like to write music for a game?

A: I have a website?!? SWEEET!! haha kidding, I kinna forgot about it til i just read that question. har har. It's been flipping awesome! Brianna Wu, who is the brains behind the operation hit me up last year to do some stuff for it. It's REEEEEEALLLLY taken me outta my element and forced me to think from the outside-in, but man, it's kind of a dream come true. I've done about 3 ditty's for it so far, and I believe there's a few more to do. Not to mention she seems to love what I do, so she kinna encourages plenty of creativity, as long as it's within the guidelines for the song / level / cinematic that she gives me. It's been pretty neat - she'd give me a cinematic section of the game (a la Ninja Gaiden) and then pretty much say "think Hans Zimmer meets Vomitron, ok, GO!" and away I'd go. I'm just prayin to almighty Christ it leads to more VGM work cuz man, i f'n love it and I have an endless fountain of ideas for it.

Q: Do you ever perform your music live, and where can we see you if so?

A: Fuck no. that'd be WAY too much work that i'm just not all that interested in doing. if i ever did, i supposed it'd be somewhere like MAGfest or PAX.

Q: Your music blends video game OSTs and metal music beautifully (I myself am a fan of your Castlevania cover, in particular). Who are some of your biggest influences, both in soundtrack composers, and in metal?

A: Aw spank you! :) That's ALSO my favorite one, i think other than Double Dragon or something. Without a shred of doubt, in soundtrack composers my ALL TIME FAVORITE is Harold Faltermeyer. If you don't know the name, he composed soundtracks for some of my favorite movies such as Fletch / Fletch Lives, The Running Man, the Beverly Hills Cop series, etc. I don't know what happened to the guy, but i haven't heard much outta him. Which sucks cuz in terms of creativity I believe that he blew anyone in the game away. In terms of metal, well I supposed that's a weighted question cuz I listen to so much of it. The bands that realllly are my passion are some of the following, and man, this list could just go on for days

Mercyful Fate / King Diamond
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Fear Factory
Meshuggah (earlier)
Strapping Young Lad
Rob Zombie (White Zombie)

... i'll keep it to that cuz jesus that'd go on forever.

Q: If you were to suddenly be sucked into a video game universe, which would it be and why?

A: Easy... Leisure Suit Larry. I mean, the point of the game was to bang as many chicks as possible, need I say more? :)

Q: What is the greatest story to come from being Vomitron? Met any heroes? Any good fan stories?

A: Hmmm... man... i guess I'm kinda boring in this department. I guess the photo shoot for NNFTW was fucking awesome, for obvious reasons haha. As a result of being Vomitron, i can't say I met too many heroes... except maybe in one particular case. Ray Herrera, who was the long-time drummer of Fear Factory did catch wind of my stuff, and in a roundabout way I was in the running to be the new Fear Factory keyboard player / electronics guy. That pretty much would've been a lifetime dream come true. Plus the dude LOVES VGM. But at the last second he told me they were going with programmed effects and were going to be ixnaying a 5th person on stage. I was pretty much crushed, oh well... As far as fan stories... man, all kinds of little ones. Grant from the band Stemage (who kick fuckin ASS btw) said he cited V-tron as a major influence when I met him at PAX East. Him and Dan from Arm Cannon got me in to the place free, so we had a quick high 5 session following. Many years ago before the release of the S/T I had a guy actually MAKE four Vomitron shirts and send them to me. They were all XL's though, so I had to give them away to my bandmates in Graveheart. hahaha They still wear them to this day. I think alot of people don't get that fans comes in sizes OTHER than Large and Extra Large. Some are actually Mediums and Smalls. Lets see... OH YES!! When I met with Brianna Wu at a restaurant about scoring the music for Rev 60, the WAITER noticed the cds on the table and asked us what they were... I told him it was video game music. He then was like "oh sweet, ever hear of this band called, Voltron? Or was it Vomitron??" I kinna looked at Brianna and she was like, does this happen to you all the time? Man, that was super funny cuz NO, it doesn't. I gave him the CDs as a thanks for inadvertently helping my cause :)

Q: Where can fans follow your work?

A: FUCK MY LIFE for saying this, but I guess Facebook is probly the most up to date place, now that Myspace has shit the bed. Which royally sucks, cuz i motherfucking HATE Facebook with every ounce of my being. The only reason I even have an account is because I'm FORCED to for my business and for Vtron. Actually, i suppose the other great reason is to stalk chicks that you've wanted to bang throughout your life. There in lies another frustrating thing about FB, every time you get on it you're bombarding with fucking baby pictures or retarded pics of people's dogs or something... Doesn't anyone get that the ONLY reason Facebook exists is for dudes to check out chicks that they know? And vice-versa? But no, people feel the need to post DUMB SHIT like, "Can someone explain to me why [insert brain diarrhea here]" or "I need coffee!!" or "I'm going to the bank!!" As if anyone really, and truly cares. I feel fucking stupider every time I have to log on that goddamn site. GOD I wish websites could be bombed. Although I suppose, to be fair, me hating Facebook for that reason is pretty much the same as people hating guns for the recent school shooting in CT. Can't really blame anyone except the people. But as with all social media sites, Facebook will someday (and I predict somewhat soon) face its demise and implode. And I'll be there. To watch it burn...

So now that i've gotten that off my chest hahah... yeah, that and the website are the most accessible ways to follow. Oh, and I guess Twitter too. I hate Twitter so much less, but I often don't understand Twitter. This whole tweeting back, and retweeting, etc. Very confusing for someone that just doesn't give a FUCK about social media.

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February 23 2013

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