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Jenn Croft Interview

Jenn Croft Interview


Interview by: Roxy Lee GG
I know most of you are familiar with this amazing cosplayer, and if you arenít, then shame on you! She is not only an incredibly sweet person but she is one of if not the best Lara Croft cosplayers out there. Please welcome the amazing Jenn Croft! Here is what she had to say about herself:

Jenn Croft Interview

Name: Jenn
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Nationality: American
Occupation: Personal Fitness Trainer

ďMy name is Jenn and I have been cosplaying for almost 13 years now, mainly as Lara Croft. In addition, I am also a bit of an extreme sport enthusiast who skydives, base jumps, and is an avid rock climber. I like to try to incorporate these sports into my cosplay photos whenever possible. My philosophy is that if you're having fun doing it, your photos turn out better. In addition I live a very healthy lifestyle, seeking to inspire others through example and motivation. I love to meet new people both inside the cosplay community and out as well as and interacting with fans and friends alike."

Roxy: Hey Jenn! Thanks so much for doing this interview with us!

Jenn: Itís my pleasure.

Roxy: So exactly when did you start cosplaying and how did you get into it?

Jenn: I started cosplaying in 2000 after playing The Last Revelation for Playstation and deciding to go as Lara for Halloween. While researching the costume online, I found that there was a huge community of people who loved to dress as her and enter picture competitions. Back then, people didnít even use the term ďLara CosplayĒ, they just called us ďLara Look-alikesĒ.

Jenn Croft Interview

Roxy: And what was your first cosplay and convention?

Jenn: My first cosplay was the original outfit from Tomb Raider 1 and I first wore it to San Diego Comic Con in 2002

Roxy: How and when did you learn to create costumes? And how many different cosplays have you done?

Jenn: I learned a lot by asking people on forums and from a good friend of mine, who showed me how to make a gunbelt out of leather. From there I seek new skills every time itís needed for a costume I want to do. For example, I didnít really know how to sew a garment from scratch until I bought a sewing machine a few months ago to make my Diablo rogue costume. Up until then I always bought clothes to modify with hand stitching. As far as cosplays, if you include all of the Lara outfits Iíve put together Iíd say a lot to the point where I donít even know how many exactly, but for characters Iíve only ever done Lara, Abby Chase from Danger Girl, and the rogue from Diablo 1. I have more plans to do other characters later this year.

Roxy: So how many different versions of Lara Croft have you done so far?

Jenn: Itís probably around the 20 mark, including original outfits I made for the character.

Roxy: What made you decide to become a Lara Croft cosplayer? You embody her to a tee whether it be in movement, action, costume, hair and makeup etc, it is spot on. How long did it take to perfect her signature look and how did you come about it?

Jenn: Well in my mind, Iím still not perfect. It has always been a work in progress when it comes to Lara. There are still things that I want to do that I havenít done yet for lack of resources or skill. From the very start I have always took pride in trying to portray the most realistic version of this character. I wanted the whole costume to be fully functional in a real tomb situation, gunbelts that can support the weight of real guns, etc. I wanted to cosplay her because I saw a lot of myself in this character. She is athletic, daring, resourceful, stubborn and determined to do the things she sets her mind to, not caring about risk or consequence.

Roxy: Do you have any tips for a cosplayer just getting started in terms of creation of costume and character development?

Jenn: Study the character inside and out. Look at all of the tiny details because they are what will set you apart from the rest.

Jenn Croft Interview

Roxy: What does cosplay mean to you? And how what does it mean to be a woman in the geek community?

Jenn: Cosplay is hard work but it is very rewarding. Itís not always easy, especially when the criticisms start rolling in, calling me butch, fat, or flat chested. People say some pretty mean things but that all becomes moot the second a childís face lights up at a convention when they see ďLara CroftĒ or another one of their favorite characters. And besides that, the community has so much to offer. I have made friends for life because I started costuming. It completely changed my life for the better.

Roxy: I know that you try to do all the same stunts as Lara Croft does in her games and movies in your photo shoots and in real life! Would you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Please elaborate a bit more on how you tend to get into character by full on BECOMING Lara Croft. You rock climb, you swing from trees, you bungee jump and more, I respect that so much!

Jenn: I have been an adrenaline junkie since I was a small child, long before Tomb Raider ever came around. People are drawn to what is familiar with them. I would probably be still just as crazy today even without Lara Croft. When I was a kid, I always told people I would try skydiving and base jumping and after watching the Olympics, telling everyone I would try pole vaulting too. I donít risk my life for a photo just to impress people. I risk my life because I actually enjoy these activities and itís a bonus that it works well in a Lara Croft photo. I have cosplay in my life but I also have dreams that I pursue outside of the costuming world, dreams that I think I followed through and chased viciously because I was inspired by Lara.

Roxy: What has been your favorite convention to attend and why?

Jenn: Dragon Con without a doubt. There are always so many amazing costumes. Cosplayers bring their A game to that convention. I also love that itís like a big party with all sorts of different costumed characters that I forgot even existed or that are so creative they blow my mind. I consider it the Disneyland of cosplay.

Jenn Croft Interview

Roxy: Now time for the lightning round!

1. Favourite movie: A Clockwork Orange
2. Favourite TV show: Tie between Walking Dead and Game of Thrones
3. Favourite Geek celebrity: Nathan Fillion
4. Favourite Superhero/Villain: Batman and Magneto
5. Favourite game (Pc, console, table top etc): Diablo 2
6. Favourite Super power to have: Wolverineís healing powers
7. Favourite Character to dress up as: Lara
8. Favourite comic book or book: Last of the Breed by Louis LíAmour
9. Favourite Artist or director: Michael Turner
10. Favourite website:

Roxy: Please take this time to plug all your pages where your work can be found or any other projects you are a part of that we should check out, and also any final words for your fans and ours?

Jenn: _JennCroft_ on Twitter,, keep an eye on my latest happenings and adventures at facebook, and you can always email me directly at

Roxy: Jenn Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, I have been a huge fan of your work thus far and I wish you the best of luck in your cosplay future and cannot wait to see what you get up to next! I hope to see you at an event soon!

Jenn: Thank you so much!

Roxy: There you have it Geeks and Geekettes, my absolute favorite Lara Croft cosplayer, please check her work out you will not be disappointed. She puts her all into what she does and in my eyes she is as close to the real deal as possible! Stay tuned as we will have more awesome interviews coming up soon!


-Roxy Lee GG <3

Photography Credits:
Diablo Rogue, Lara Croft crouch, and Lara suspended off cliff shot by Charbuul
Lara Sunset shot by Adam Jay of Superhero Photography

Jenn Croft: - deviantART - facebook

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February 18 2013

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