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Female Spock Cosplay

Female Spock Cosplay


Geek Girls Dezi & Wandering Dana always have fun working together! Dezi looks stunning... her phasers must be sent to stun. ;) Here is what our Geek Girl photog had to say about the shoot...

"Dezi had this highly logical idea to do an alternate universe Spock shoot. This was an impromptu shoot but I really loved how it turned out. Live long and prosper."

And here's what Dezi had to say in response to criticism (but yea the heels are just for fun :P)...

"Everyone is always dropping the 'illogical' word on this. It's perfectly logical, let me explain… I'm from a parallel universe much like the goateed Spock which you may remember from 'Mirror, Mirror'. Difference in my universe is that I was born female, and the female uniforms require shown midriff which you may remember Uhura having to wear when arriving in the similar universe. Showing some skin is not so illogical, even the female uniforms in the universe you're familiar with are quite short."

Female Spock Cosplay

Female Spock Cosplay

Female Spock Cosplay

Female Spock Cosplay

Geek Girl: Dezi Desire - facebook

Photographer: Geek Girl Wandering Dana - facebook

Spock Print - $10

Geek Girl Dezi Desire as a sexy parallel universe Spock! Set phasers to stunning ;) Buying this print would be highly logical. Trekker or not you'll love this print!

The print is 8x10 and printed on professional quality photo paper. It is encased in a hard plastic sleeve to ensure it arrives in perfect order.

Take a look at Geek Girl Dezi's profile to see more photos and learn more about her.

Pleae allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
*All applicable taxes included.

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February 18 2013

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