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Interview with Captain Patch-It

Interview with Captain Patch-It


Interview by: Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue
Hello everyone! As you might be familiar cosplay recovery lounges are becoming popular at conventions. Not only are we seeing rooms designated to help out cosplayers but it seems the trend of "cosplay medics" is also happening, and what a great trend! You might remember my interview with Toronto's Cosplay Medic over here, but today we're reaching to the far side of the world and I'd like y'all to welcome Captain Patch-It from Melbourne!

Interview with Captain Patch-It
Photo by Snap Happy Ian

So thank you, Captain Patch-It, for doing this interview with me! Mind if I call you patchy?

CPI: It's a pleasure, Rogue! And sure, go for it! I generally answer to most names, and Patchy is definitely one of the cooler ones :D

Rogue: So for those readers unaware, could you give us a brief summary of what it is you do as Captain Patch-It?

CPI: Well, I basically roam around convention floors and help out cosplayers in distress - be it fixing up ripped costumes, broken props, flat batteries and, well, anything I can do to make someone's day just a little bit better! (All for free of course - we all know how much cosplayers spend on their outfits already!)

Rogue: And how long have you been doing this?

CPI: I started towards the beginning of last year - April 2014 - for Supanova Melbourne - so I've been doing this for just over a year now!

Interview with Captain Patch-It
Most of my gear, after unpacking from my last convention.

Rogue: What was it that inspired you to become Captain Patch-It?

CPI: Well.. I wouldn't call it inspiration.. More.. Accident, perhaps? It was about three weeks before a convention and I had absolutely no idea of what to wear - which prompted me to wonder "What if I simply helped out my friends and supported them during the weekend?". And that random idea, combined with a local craft store's 50% off sale led to a frantic few weeks of throwing my uniform together! I wasn't expecting to wear it for more than a single convention, but it all kinda took off after that, I felt that I created an obligation to keep going!

Rogue: The sailor in me has to ask... Do you have a First Mate?

CPI: You know, I've never actually associated my name with anything naval before... Hmmm... *strokes chin* Perhaps next year I could do a Pirate Patch-It? :D

Rogue: Do you typically work alone or with a team?

CPI: As I end up running around convention halls in response to tweets and messages for help, I end up working alone, though I have a couple friends who've joined me as patch-a-teers during the occasional convention! I've also got a good friend (*waves* Hi, Tank!!) who runs a stand at a lot of conventions, and has been happy to serve as a bit of a 'home base' for me to stash my spare gear, and make sure I stay fed and hydrated!

Interview with Captain Patch-It
Photo by Snap Happy Ian

Rogue: Which conventions do you typically attend? What about this 2015 year specifically?

CPI: I'll try to attend as many local conventions as possible, but I'll also travel interstate as much as work shifts and funds allow. This year, I'm pretty much hitting all the big conventions up the Eastern coast of Australia, although I was lucky enough to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con, so I'll be travelling there in July! [breathing intensifies]

Rogue: So as someone that helps people with cosplay malfunctions, what do you think about the cosplay repair lounges that seems to be trending now?

CPI: It's actually amazing! Just over a year ago, no-one I had spoken to locally had really heard of repair lounges or cosplay repair really being a *thing*,. Nowadays, every time I hear of one of them popping up, I secretly pretend that I had something to do with inspiring it! (I can pretend, right?)

Interview with Captain Patch-It
Photo by Tom Hardy from Apone's Armoury

Rogue: Do you ever cosplay characters outside of being Captain Patch-It?

CPI: A couple years ago, I would generally cosplay for a couple big conventions per year - generally choosing older, well-known movie/game characters. That's all kinda trailed off the last year or so, but I'm starting to work on a couple secret cosplays that may show up in the not too distant future, at some smaller meets - Any Homestar Runner fans out there? ;)

Rogue: What is one of the most intense repairs you've had to help with at an event?

CPI: I'd probably have to say that the second day of Pax Australia was pretty intense (but also amazing!) The organisers were kind enough to provide me with a repair area as part of a cosplay changeroom and during the day, we probably had no less than 10-12 people hanging around and needing repairs at any given time. It got pretty full-on, but at least I was able to see all the amazing cosplays that dropped by over the weekend!

Rogue: What about one of the most rewarding experiences?

CPI: Probably the best experience I've had was during Supanova Sydney last year, where I snuck off to grab something to eat outside the convention. On my way back in, I witnessed a young girl accidentally drop a prop pistol, shattering it into a few pieces and she was just about to break into tears. I quickly approached her father, pointed out I was on my way to pick up my gear at my friend's stall and gave him directions to find me. I was able to repair her prop, so she was able to enjoy the rest of her day!

Interview with Captain Patch-It
Me and the girl mentioned in the 'Rewarding Experience' question.

Rogue: Can you tell us what you tend to carry in your tool kit? Or is it one of the secrets of your trade?

CPI: Hmm... Beside the copious amounts of threads, pins and tape I carry? I've got battery packs for phone charging, plenty of glues, spirit gum, eye drops, band-aids, makeup remover, hairspray and a hot glue gun! There's probably a whole bunch more that I can't think of off the top of my head!

Rogue: If you had one piece of advice to give cosplayers based on your experiences, what would it be?

CPI: It would probably be 'Hope for the best.. But prepare for the worst'. -Test out your costumes before you get to the convention! (I know that it isn't cosplay if you're not frantically working on your cosplay at 4am the night before the convention, but we can all dream, yeah?)

Interview with Captain Patch-It
Photo by Brett Woolgar Photography

Rogue: Where on social media can cosplayers and others find you?

CPI: Probably the best place to check out what I do would be Facebook or Instagram (@CaptainPatchIt) - I also dabble in Twitter @CaptPatchIt, although I mainly use it as a contact method during cons..

Rogue: Wonderful. Thank you so much for sitting down with me, and what a fascinating story. I really respect what you do for the community, thank you for being a real life hero! Now just before we go, how about a few quick facts for our readers?

CPI: And thank you too for the time and the interview! :D

Favourite Movie: Probably 'The Castle of Cagliostro', although 'Scott Pilgrim' would be a close second...
Favourite Television Show: Archer or The Walking Dead
Favourite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, without a doubt!
Favourite Manga: Death Note
Favourite Comic Book: The 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' series
Favourite Book: Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy!
Favourite Superhero: Although I won't get any points for originality, I'd probably go with Rocket Raccoon.
Favourite Villain: Oddjob! (Purely from a Goldeneye N64 Multiplayer point of view)
Favourite Animal: Vampire Squid
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Food: Lasagne, although basically any free food is good food! :D

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October 04 2015

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