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Interview with Freddie Nova

Interview with Freddie Nova


Interview by: Roxy Lee GG
Hi all! I am here with the gorgeous, talented and super bad ass Miss Freddie Nova! I am excited to be able to interview her as she has both been on Geek Girls many times and is one of my favorite transforming cosplayers. From body paint to crossplay to rule 63 to exact replica and more Freddie certainly does it all!

“I’m just a really hyper chick who has never had the patience to even try to fit in with the "norm". I'm an independent business woman with a pet care business by day/Action hero by night. I'm all about chasing dreams & running around in capes, spandex & armor happens to be one of em!”

Interview with Freddie Nova

Roxy: Freddie thanks so much for doing this interview with us!

Freddie: Thank You! I’m super flattered, Geek Girls is one of the few sites I check daily :)

Roxy: Well then we too are flattered hehe! Alright let’s dive right into it, when exactly did you start cosplaying and how did you get into it?

Freddie: Made 1st costume at 17 (Lady Death) & con’t on over the years with Halloweens. I started reading comics when I was 14 & at 16 became a regular at a local Comic Shop & became “one of the guys” so to speak & had some of the silliest, most fun times of my life just being nerdy with a group of people who totally reserved judgment. When that era ended, it was time to level up…Comicons! ;)

Interview with Freddie Nova

Roxy: Now what was your first cosplay and convention?

Freddie: Catwoman, Super Girl & American Dream were of my first adult age costumes. I used to go to just go to smaller local conventions in Ohio & Pennsylvannia but it wasn’t til Fan Expo Canada in Toronto 08 that I got hooked on making costumes. I was just blown away by so many elaborate cosplayers there. Talked to a bunch & everyone’s methods totally varied & everyone was so passionate about it & made me want to dive further into it.

Roxy: FanExpo Toronto is my personal fav! Where did you learn do fabricate, sew or create these amazing costumes?

Freddie: Asked for a sewing machine for my 16th birthday but still only have patience for hemming & tailoring things I cut apart into what I need them to be. The rest has all been online tutorials & just asking questions to other costumers at conventions. I’m all about being a recycle & re-purpose costumer, the rest is just Home Depot, Hobby store & my imagination.

Roxy: A fellow treasure finder ;) What process do you use when deciding what cosplay you are going to work on next?

Freddie: I make lists, ridiculous OCD lists! My favs of course come first to mind but then I have to be realistic about what I have the skill set to make or who I can pull off.

Roxy: What has been your most difficult costume created to date? And why?

Freddie: Witchblade, For 3 years I just couldn’t wrap my brain around how the hell to construct an organic living metal that was wearable of no distinct shape or pattern. It’s literally a costume you can’t try to draw a pattern for, you just have dive in & except a lot of trial & error. I felt stupid when 6mos after I made mine, other girls used hot glue & tubes of silicone caulk! *head desk* That’s just genius! I applaud them.

Roxy: Hahaha we just had this exact chat on FB about my Witchblade bra I am making and I used the glue gun method. Do you have any tips for a newer cosplayer in terms of costume or character creation?

Freddie: Start with a costume you feel comfortable in so you can first enjoy the Conventions for what they are. I started with full bodysuits before getting crazy with armor, body paint or outfits that had potential for wardrobe malfunction. I had to learn the logistics of a Convention day first before knowing my limits with those costumes & how to build them properly to last a sweaty 9hr + day of shoulder bumpin & getting stepped on & packing repair kits for each one.

Interview with Freddie Nova

Roxy: So true a sewing kit is a must! Now what does cosplay mean to you? And what does it also mean to be a woman in the geek community?

Freddie: It means being a part of something I’m passionate about & meeting people I can relate to & be myself around. It’s my Neverland aka my happy thought. As for being a woman…just means my armor has boobies! I’d still be doing this if I were a man just in VERY different costumes. I think like a dude, I know & accept exactly what I am getting into when I put those costumes on. Hell, my costumes are some of the most feminine things I wear, so after a life of being a Tomboy, I flaunt them proudly.

Roxy: You are known for your amazing full body paint shoots and being fully confident in your body when shooting and at events. We here at Geek Girls are known for confident, sexy women embracing their bodies through cosplay. Do you find that there is a stigma about women dressing sexier in cosplay just to get attention? And what would you say to those people who hate on us for that?

Freddie: ALL cosplay grabs attention, we are all adults running around in fictional character costumes for christ sakes. If some girls do it to boost their confidence, have a good time & feel like a part of something…then who is anyone to begrudge it? How is that even anyone’s business?? Now if said girls act a fool, throw attitudes & get all high school mentality competitive with the “Real” nerds/fans, then they better be prepared to be put in their place as well. Cause the bottom line is FUN…period, that‘s why it‘s called a HOBBY.

I think anyone who has a beef with a female’s costume cause it’s too “sexy” either has never read comic books or is a complete hypocrite. 99% of female characters were drawn by men, THEY created those costumes, we just bring them to life. The only thing the “Haters” truly hate is themselves. It takes a pathetic, self-loathing human to go out of their way to try & put a stranger down for exuding confidence & enjoying it.

Roxy: *Tear* That was beautiful. You are known for a lot of your Superhero Photography by Adam Jay shoots, especially Venom. How did that twosome come about? Please also let us in on the Robocop future shoot that we can all help become a reality.

Freddie: I’m really his sister. Adam doesn‘t remember, but when he was little his parents had a 2nd child but Adam was so high maintenance & they had little money so they sold me to Americans so he could fulfill his dreams of Superstardom. I just wanted to meet my big brother (I didn’t know it would involve getting naked & body painted I swear!) #1 ingredient to a good cosplayer…IMAGINATION!! So yes I just made all that up! :D I was already a fan of his photography, met him at Philly Con, was really bored that week, thought “Hey, spontaneous Miami trip could be fun!”. 4 days later got on a plane, 5 days later became “OMG you’re that Venom chick!” (see the 1st story was WAY more interesting!) And b/c of all the hype from Venom repeatedly going viral, he asked if Carlos (venom artist) & I would repeat shoot live at NYCC & we agreed. Since Adam is from UK, I signed on to work with him on Superhero Photography for a bit & help with some US Cons. Next we will be at C2E2 Con in Chicago, Adam will doing walk-in shoots for cosplayers & Professionally editing them. On Sat I will be debuting the Femme Robocop that we have commissioned Fantasy Armor by Davence to build. We will shoot the suit earlier that week & recreate the classic movie poster.

Interview with Freddie Nova

Roxy: Haha best imagination ever! We are excited for more from you two! Now time for the lightning round!

1. Favourite movie: Mallrats
2. Favourite TV show: Twin Peaks
3. Favourite Geek celebrity: Chris Hardwick
4. Favourite Superhero/Villain: Lady Death
5. Favourite game (Pc, console, table top etc): Air Hockey FTW!!!
6. Favourite Super power to have: Flying
7. Favourite Character to dress up as: Skeletor for the fans
8. Favourite comic book or book: Infinity Gauntlet or Red Son
9. Favourite Artist or director: Alex Ross-artist/ Joss Whedon-director
10. Favourite website: Think Geek

Roxy: Now is the time to please plug all your pages, friends pages where your work can be found or any other things you are a part of that we should check out, and also any final words for your fans and ours

Freddie: Sorry I am not into the whole fanpage shenanigans (I‘m just not that cool people!). But I welcome subscribers to my personal FB page where you can like & comment just the same on all my HILARIOUS posts & see WIP costume & all my Convention pics. (just please hit subscribe & not Friend Request if we don’t know each other) As well as follow my adventures with Superhero Photography by Adam Jay.

Roxy: Thanks so much for doing this interview Freddie, it is always a pleasure to talk to you and pick your brain. I wish you the best of luck in your cosplay future and hope to see you at an event soon!

Freddie: That would be magical. Be warned…I don’t just hug…I TACKLE!

Roxy: Done I get a tackle and you all get this amazing interview ;) There you have it Geeks and Geekettes, a cosplay force to be reckoned with! Stay geeky and I’ll be back with yet another awesome interview for you all soon!

Photo Credits: Witchblade - photo taken by SuperHero Photography edited by Freddie Nova
Lady Death - Taken & edited by BlackWatch Digital Imagery
Huntress- Taken by Micah D Leigh Edit by Freddie Nova
Gladiator WonderWoman- Con photo edited by Yoni Limor

Freddies FB page: Freddie Nova

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January 23 2013

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