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Fairy Gamer Momma Comic

Fairy Gamer Momma Comic


Artist JAKFACE drew this amusing comic showing the unfortunate and ugly side of geek culture that still rears it's ugly head from time to time (yes fake geek girl witch hunts are actually still a thing that cosplayers and fangirls face). But never fear, Gamer Momma to the rescue!! Here's what the artist had to say...

"I’ve seen my share of “fake geek girl” shaming, and just thought having a Fairy Gamer Momma to come to the rescue would be nice. I know they exist, I’ve met plenty who are amazing and could beat my ass at any version of Mario Kart. Give the Gamer Momma in your life a big hug! :D"

Fairy Gamer Momma Comic

Artist: JAKFACE - Source

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August 26 2015

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