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XX Girls Interview

XX Girls Interview


Interview by: Roxy Lee GG
Hey all, it is I Geek Girl Roxy Lee with another awesome interview. This time I got the chance to sit down and chat live with two of the gorgeous XX girls, Amie Lynn and Anna Von Winter. Now if you are not familiar with the XX girls, YOU SHOULD BE! These girls are not only gorgeous and talented, but intelligent, funny and geeky to the extreme. Just how we like em.

XX is a group of girls that met through one thing: Geek Culture. They are known for being legitimate geek girls that love talking nerdy to their fans. From sci-fi to anime, they all love sharing what they love the most! The girls cosplay, review things, make stupid geek-related skits, and go to events to meet new friends!! They basically just like to be themselves and have fun!!

XX Girl Interview

XX Girl Interview

Make sure to check out the XX crew here: facebook - Twitter - youTube

Amie Lynn: Twitter - facebook
Anna Von Winter: Twitter - facebook - Tumblr

Photo Credits for Amie Lynn:
Lightning: Ricky Yoon
Broderlands 2: Twisted Manga

Photo Credits for Anna Von Winter:
Scarlet Witch: Jason Holmes
Borderlands2: Twisted Manga

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November 18 2012

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