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Interview with the Cosplay Medic

Interview with the Cosplay Medic


Interview by: Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue

Hello everyone! Today I'll be sharing with you an interview with the Cosplay Medic! You may have seen this local hero at conventions or even been saved by them. Not sure who they are? Don't you worry Sugahs, we're gonna give y'all the scoop!
So thank you, Wayne, for doing this interview with me!

Interview with the Cosplay Medic
Photo by Everage Studios Photography

CM: The pleasure is all mine, Rogue!

Rogue: So for those readers unaware, could you give us a brief summary of what it is you do as the cosplay medic?

CM: Well, as the Cosplay Medic I would go to conventions or cosplay gatherings with a cosplay repair kit and help people fix their malfunction cosplay on site for free. Iím a walking tool kit basically! I also do First Aids as well, mostly bandaging cuts and blisters. I do have a First Aids certificate now, so in emergency situations I can really be a Medic!

Rogue: And how long have you been doing this?

CM: Iíve been doing this for almost a year now. I started at Anime North 2014.

Rogue: And is the shield part of your official uniform?

CM: Yes it is indeed! I created the shield so that people can recognize me from afar and know what I do! I also collect cosplayer's signatures on it as well.

Rogue: Makes sense! So what inspired you to become the Cosplay Medic?

CM: Ah, I have several inspiration for it. Two times at conventions I had malfunctioned cosplay and luckily both times there were some people lent me equipment to fix them. That gave me an idea of "why don't I start bringing my own repair supply to conventions?". I looked up on the Internet to see who else has the same idea and I came across a picture of a man in Australia who would bring cosplay supplies to cons for those who need. I was so impressed by him that I decide to do the same thing, since I didn't see anyone who does that in Toronto. It's a shame that I don't know who he is, I would like to let him know that he's my inspiration for this. I then started asking questions about what I should bring and many cosplayers replied and gave me encouragement to do this.

Rogue: It truly is wonderful! I've seen you at so many different conventions helping people out either with your table or just by being on the floor of an event. Could you elaborate a bit more about what conventions you typically attend?

CM: Oh, I try to go to as many geeky conventions and cosplay gatherings in the GTA as possible. As long as thereís cosplay Iíd be there.

Rogue: And what about this 2015 year specifically? Do you know which events you will be attending?

CM: For this year I will go to March Comic Con, Anime North, Atomic Lollipop, FanExpo, ConBravo, Unplugged Expo, December Comic Con and other conventions if possible.

Rogue: Excellent, we may cross paths at a few of those. Do you typically work alone?

CM: I normally work alone, but recently I have some friends who volunteer to help me to do this. Theyíre dubbed the ďCosplay NursesĒ! Iím glad and grateful to have their extremely valuable help.

Rogue: That's really nice of them! Who knows - maybe in the future you'll have a full fledged team! So as someone that helps people with cosplay malfunctions, what do you think about the cosplay repair lounge that seems to be trending now?

CM: Iím very glad to see that we have more cosplay repair lounges at conventions now. Itís such a great idea! Iím happy that there is an area for cosplayers to rest and repair their costumes if needed. It makes my job so much easier, and I feel less guilty not to be able to help many people whom I donít happen to run into. I hope I can run cosplay repair areas at some conventions sometime in the future.

Rogue: True! Plus it must be nice having an actual room to use opposed to trying to find a spot in hallways or on the con floor. Now, do you ever cosplay characters outside of being the cosplay medic?

CM: Yes I do. I cosplay various characters from TV shows to comic books and sometime original characters too. But since itís a bit inconvenient to both cosplay and be the medic I now only wear really casual and comfortable costumes to work better, like Captain Mal from Firefly.

Interview with the Cosplay Medic
Photo by Everage Studios Photography

Rogue: Captain Mal eh? So how do you feel about Nathan Fillion?

CM: WellÖI think Nathan Fillion is a funny, talented actor and a very charming person. That being said, my friends believe I have an unhealthy obsessive man crush on himÖ ÖWhich I definitely do.

Rogue: Haha that's okay, we all have one of those crushes don't we? :P What is one of the most intense repairs you've had to help with at an event?

CM: Oh wow! There are actually quite a lot of intense occasions. But the one I remember most is at Anime North last year. I just started then so I didnít have much experience. I only thought Iíd bring the tools and everyone can use them to repair the costumes themselves, not that Iíd actually fix anything. There was this one girl who asked me to help her to repair her maskís strap (Psycho from Borderland) and I was very nervous. I didnít want to make it worse and she looked very worried already. So I decided to fix it with some duct tape. But after applying the tape I realized itíd be broken again soon, so I busted out the sewing kit and started to sew the strap to make it stronger. But of course the tape I applied made it way harder to sew through. So I struggled for around ten minutes trying to sew the strap through the tape. But in the end it was worth it, the strap was stronger than ever and I was quite proud of the work. Iíd say it was one of the most intense repair works. But it also made me realize that I can actually fix costumes if anyone asked me to.

Rogue: That's great. Sometimes we never know our own skills until they are challenged like that. You've never run into a situation where a cosplayer blames or faults you for trying to help them have you?

CM: I think it's safe to say that I have been lucky to not mess up anyone's costume. Though there are many times that I couldn't fix certain cosplays due to lack of skills or supply. I would write them down and put a note to bring the supply for that next time in case I run into that problem again.

Rogue: Also, you mentioned earlier about having First AID and tending to people, not only costumes. Have you ever had any scary situations regarding this aspect of your work? Have you ever had to call for paramedics?

CM: I'm glad that I have never ran into any really scary situation. Normally I just treat simple cuts and blisters. There was only one time that my photographer friend had a really nasty cut from a tree branch and he bled a lot. Luckily I fixed it up well before my fear of blood kicked in. I have hemophobia, so I'm quite afraid of blood. Aside from that, nothing really scary yet, although there are some instances I feel very awkward practicing first aids for ladies because I'm a guy.

Rogue: Can you tell us what you tend to carry in your tool kit? Or is it one of the secrets of your trade?

CM: Ah that. I do have a long list of what to bring, but the most important items are glues (hot glue, jewelry glue, super glue etc), double-sided tape, tapes, safety pins, stain remover sticks, bobby pins and a First Aid kit. And some chocolate as well!

Rogue: Where on social media can cosplayers and others find you?

CM: I do have a Facebook page; itís Toronto Cosplay Medic. Iím thinking of making a Twitter account so that people can contact me easier at a con to tell me where theyíd need me.

Rogue: Wonderful. Thank you so much for sitting down with me, and what a fascinating story. I really respect what you do for the community, thank you for being a real life hero!

CM: Thank you so much Rogue! I love the cosplay community and just try to do my part for the community and support all cosplayers as much as I can.

Interview with the Cosplay Medic
Poster by smzeldarules

Rogue: Now just before we go, how about a few quick facts for our readers?

Favourite Movie: Serenity, The Princess Bride, The Mummy, Sucker Punch
Favourite Television Show: Firefly, Community, Kamen Rider, Archer
Favourite Manga: Wild Life, Doraemon
Favourite Comic Book: Constantine- Hellblazer, Mouse Guard, Batman
Favourite Book: The catcher in the rye, Animorphs, Harry Potter, Roald Dahlís books
Favourite Superhero: 3rd Robin/Red Robin
Favourite Villain: Doctor Horrible
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Food: Chocolate

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April 23 2015

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