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Stephanie's Halloween Photoshoot Diary

Stephanie's Halloween Photoshoot Diary


Article by: Stephanie

Hey everyone! Geek Girl Stephanie here to tell you all about our Halloween shoot! Be sure to take a look at the full gallery here!

It all started with a sketch. I was sketching out a Queen of Hearts steam-punk inspired design and one of the sketches turned into a vampire sketch. I knew I had the teeth, and then I thought that if I could rope GG Amanda into the photoshoot as well, we could do an awesome vampire/victim shoot for Halloween.

The first thing I did was text Amanda and ask if she would be up for it. Of course, if she hadn't been, the whole thing would have been kiboshed. Luckily, she was just as excited as I was! So, after I got her on board, I sent out an facebook message to Dana, asking her to be the photographer, Cassondra Bridgeman, asking her to do make-up and hair, and Amanda again. In this message, I explained my idea and asked if everyone was interested. Everyone was! We then started trying to figure out a date to get together.

Halloween Shoot 2012 Behind the scenes

Once I knew this was actually happening, I started gathering supplies. I wandered to my basement and perused my fabrics, finding the perfect blacks, reds and laces for my vampire costume. I also stumbled across an old night dress that was perfect for Amanda's victim costume. I basted the corset together for my vampire costume and then met with Cass over Thanksgiving to go over the creative direction. She had some great ideas for how to the hair and make up, and I showed her what I had done on the costumes so far. After that, I finished the costumes and grabbed the fake blood. I also made my friend, Sarah, accompany me to London to take on the role of Creative Director on set; making sure the costumes look good for each shoot, telling us if we look silly, etc.

Halloween Shoot 2012 Behind the scenes

The photoshoot was scheduled for 4 at the studio on a Sunday, so the models (myself and Amanda) met at Cass's place for 11 am. Once there, she started in on us. My hair was done first, and then I threw my contacts in. She did our nails as well - Cassie really has a great eye for details. We managed to finish our make-up and hair just when we had to leave, apart from my eyelashes and Amanda's hair. Cass had decided to do those on set, as they don't always travel well.

Halloween Shoot 2012 Behind the scenes

Once we got to the studio, we changed into our costumes (making poor Jody leave the room), and set up for the shoot. Mutually agreeing that a black background would be best, we played around with no props and some props. I tried to think of as many poses as possible, and we all got really into it. We also managed to take an amazing amount of derp photos... 'cause Ermagerd, Herlerween!

Halloween Shoot 2012 Behind the scenes

Halloween Shoot 2012 Behind the scenes

I had a mental list of photos I wanted before we started - some singles, some of me 'taking' Amanda, drinking from her neck, her almost drained, etc. etc.. We started with everyone clean - no blood. Once we were happy with those, we added a bit of blood. To make it more realistic, as Cass was applying the blood on set, I dipped my fingers into it and then helped by making a mess of Amanda's neck. The blood was slimy, and awesome.

Halloween Shoot 2012 Behind the scenes

We did some more photos, and then added even more blood. I had a vague idea of a pose, but with Dana and Sarah helping, we came up with my favourite pose of the shoot! There Amanda lay, clutching at her neck, trying to live, and there I stood above her, completely careless, licking her blood off my fingers! I loved that shot!!!

Halloween Shoot 2012 Behind the scenes
Click here to see the finished Halloween Shoot!

We wrapped shortly after, and had the fun realization that the fake blood stains. It came off Amanda's neck quite nicely, but everyone's hands were a mess. Cass and Sarah had used their hands to help apply the blood, and Amanda's one hand was covered in it. My hands were messiest, but I was the only one who didn't have to work in the next few days.

We tidied up and went home, and I waited patiently (dancing around the two days before going 'I get to see them soon!'). Once they were posted, I was amazed once again at Dana's photography and editing. She always makes me look so good (much better than I actually look, hahaha), and they turned out exactly how I had imagined! She is my favourite photographer!

Models: Geek Girls Stephanie & Amanda

Photographer: Geek Girl Dana - facebook

Costumes: Geek Girl Stephanie

MUA/Hair: Cassondra Bridgeman

Creative Director: Sarah

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October 31 2012

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