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Princesses With A Purpose Interview

Princesses With A Purpose Interview


Interview by: Rogue Benjamin

Geek Girl Northern Belle Rogue got a chance to interview the lovely Miranda from Princesses With A Purpose...

Princesses With A Purpose Interview

Rogue: Hi There! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. So let’s dive right in shall we? For anyone who may not be aware of your organization could you tell us a bit about Princesses With A Purpose?

PWAP: We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing hope and encouragement to children in need of a magical miracle. 

Rogue: How were you inspired to start this organization?

PWAP: Our inspiration came from within our own hearts. I (Miranda) had played Belle in Beauty and the Beast in 2010. The show was a huge success, allowing us to raise money and preform over 20 shows during it’s run. I loved the feel of being in character and the way the children ran up to me and hugged me at the end of each performance. Pretty soon, I was getting requests for Birthday Parties and my schedule was filling up fast! Kaci came to me a few months later and her love for Disney and princesses seemed to match mine, along with her love for children. We both were avid volunteers and wanted to inspire other young adults to get involved with volunteering as well.

Rogue: Despite the name “Princesses With A Purpose” you do have male characters also, correct?

PWAP: We sure do have boys! Some of whom have been with us since day one. Ryan, who is known for being Rapunzel’s dashing Prince (he’s very protective over this role!!) and Royce, my boyfriend, who is my backbone and a huge supporter. He’s also the finest Captain Jack you’ve ever seen! If I do say so myself.... But we have almost all the princes as well as a few super heroes.

Rogue: The Beauty and the Beast fan inside me is dying to know – have you ever had a Beast to accompany your Belle?

PWAP: Sadly, no. I tried to get my hands on a Beast costume once... however, We have had a Gaston!

Princesses With A Purpose Interview

Rogue: Gaston is pretty awesome too, haha. So doing birthday parties in addition to charity events must be a lot of fun. Could you elaborate on what your birthday party packages are comprised of?

PWAP: Of course! It depends on the package, but we try to make each party as fun-filled as possible! We sing, dance, play games even do a few fun activities.

Rogue: What sort of prizes do you provide?

PWAP: We always make sure each child gets a prize. We have little notebooks, rings, sunglasses Ect. As for Company prizes, we have given away a free party, a photoshoot, Surprise Visits, books signed by all the characters, gift baskets.... You never know what you could win when you enter our contests!

Rogue: Have you ever had any problems with getting finger painting or cake on costumes?

PWAP: There are always going to be risks as a princess. For us, we don’t handle finger paint, and we leave just in time for children to eat cake so that saves us on that mess! However, it has happened and we have figured out how to set up our own at home dry cleaning system! 

Rogue: What has been one of your favourite moments relating to a child’s birthday party? 

PWAP: I love when children open the door and they have no idea that youre coming! I love their little faces when they see you. And when you ask them to hold your hand and introduce you to the royal guests, and they are so overwhelmed with happiness as they try to take it all in. For them, they are meeting a role model, a hero, a superstar! It would be like me meeting  Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco or Hayley Willams from Paramore. 

Princesses With A Purpose Interview

Rogue: Have you ever done an adult’s birthday party? 

PWAP: Uh... We have had a few requests but we normally turn those down. We have been hired to entertain children at a wedding before though!

Rogue: According to your mission statement all of the funds you raise through birthday parties are donated to various organizations. Could you tell us about some of the organizations you’ve worked with?

PWAP: Of course! We work really closely with Rooms from the Heart (they remodel children’s bedrooms to be medically handicap for them!), The Next Generation, The Children’s Hospital at Savannah Memorial, Serenity Hospice, Children’s Health Care of Atlanta (Egleston, Scottish Rite, Hugh’s-Spalding), Nathaniel’s Hope, The AFLAC Cancer Center, CURE Childhood Cancer, Pilot Club, DEFAX and The Foster Care system, Relay-4-Life, Phobe – Putney Children’s Hospital, Jay’s Hope, The Children’s Hospital in Macon, as well as schools and churches.

Rogue: What would you say has been your most rewarding moment as a princess to date?

PWAP: My favorite moment has to when PWAP was still very young and getting started. These were the days of almost no wigs and bad, bad hair and messy costumes. We were still slightly unsure of ourselves, all of us being so young and having no idea what was ahead of us. It was our second hospital visit , however, that I found my calling.

I was Rapunzel and we had gone to visit a little Princess named Callie Cheer in Atlanta. She had just been released into remission, so instead of visiting her in the hospital, we visited her at her home. As I was walking up, a little bald head peaked around the corner of their apartment complex with a huge smile across her face. In A purple shirt and pink tutu, Callie came running into my arms and gave me the BIGGEST hug. As I chatted with her, she stopped and looked up into my eyes. “Rapunzel?” said the four year old. “Yes, Princess Callie?” I responded. She paused and played with a string on her shirt before gazing back up at me. “Thank you. You gave me the courage to lose my hair too. ” I still tear up at the thought of that moment. It’s something I will never forget that little princess saying to me. The fact that a 4 year old MADE that connection about Rapunzel losing her hair and Callie losing her hair under chemo… Its things like that moment that stick with you. It’s been almost 3 years since then and I still cherish that little second in time. It was that moment that changed me, and gave ME the courage to continuing to do what I do.

Princesses With A Purpose Interview

Rogue: If someone wanted to get involved with PWAP, how might they do that?

PWAP: To become a cast member, there is an interview process and audition. You can Email us at for all then info and the contracts. We do have guidelines for becoming a performer and a guidebook to help you better “become” a certain character.

Rogue: Does someone have to be a resident in the state of Georgia to be involved with PWAP?

PWAP: Nope! Princesses with a Purpose is very fortunate to have over 100 volunteers to choose from. Our cast has volunteers’ ages 13-70 years old from 9 different states that are always helping us with our events. Those who are under the age of 18 normally have their parents come along and become a big part of our volunteer staff. They call themselves PWAP Moms!

Rogue: How does your organization feel about double casting? (For example having 2 Elsa’s on staff)

PWAP: Oh it’s a definite thing. There’s no one that play just one character. When we cast, we give each cast member anywhere from 3-5 characters. I personally play almost all of them!

Rogue: Do cast members make their own costumes?

PWAP: That depends. Most of the time, we have magical Fairy Godmothers that make all our costumes for us. HOWEVER, we do have a personal Fairy Godmother Named Sarah and she is just fabulous. She’s made our current Belle dress, Snow White, Jennie, The Little Mermaid’s teal gown as well as a Cinderella gown. She is magical through and through!!

Princesses With A Purpose Interview

Rogue: Do you have any events coming up that you would like to tell our readers about? PWAP: We have a breakfast with the Junior League of Macon coming up in December, as well as doing our 4th Fairy Tale ball in Macon at the end of February!

Rogue: Where on the internet or in social medial can our readers find you? (FB, Twitter, Google Plus etc.)

PWAP: Facebook, Instagram: @princesseswithapurpose
, Youtube, Email

Rogue: Wonderful! Thank you so much for answering all my questions. Now, just a few quick short answer ones so our readers can get a taste of your personal style, not only the organization’s.

Favourite Disney Movie: Ooooooo.... Do I have to choose one?! The Lion King, Pocahontas and Tangled

Favourite Disney Princess: Rapunzel! But I do love Elsa. But, Shes a queen so....

Favourite Disney Prince: Phillip and Flynn

Favourite Disney Character: Sully from Monster’s Inc.

Favourite Character to Dress Up As: Oh goodness..... The Snow Queen and Rapunzel! But I love Tink... but I’m too tall to play her.

Favourite Fairy Tale: Thumbelina

Favourite Book: I’m a bookaholic. There’s no way I could Answer this! I will say however that however, I am currently reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and loving it!

Favourite Colour: I like to think I’m a Rainbow Enthusiast! But I find beauty in Black.

Favourite Food: Macaroni and cheese!! Hands down.

Favourite Animal: Penguin.... No, Cat! Ok, if there was a penguin cat that would be the best pet ever!

Favourite Song: Ok, I am clearly bad at this decision thing. Lets say, anything not let it go.

Princesses With A Purpose Interview

Rogue: Anything else you’d like to add?

PWAP: Our wish is to make the world a happier, more magical place. I LOVE what I do. (Even the crazy hectic wild hair pulling out stressful stuff!) Once you become a part of PWAP, you become a part of a very open, loving family. We will always have a place on our team for those willing to open their hearts to others. I am proud of the woman I have become, even at the age of 22, and that is because of PWAP. And I am blessed to call PWAP my family. I am proud of the organization it has become and I can’t believe we are 3 years old!

So much has happened because of PWAP and so much has become possible. I pray that we continue to bless others with the work we do and bless our cast and show other cosplayers and young adults the truth behind volunteering.

On to the grumpy un-fun part of running a non profit...(PS!!! Disclaimer - We do not offer any copyrighted characters whatsoever. Our characters are completely original or come from stories and fables that are not copyrighted. We are not in any way, shape or form associated with any theme parks, publishing companies, studios, production companies, etc. Any resemblance to copyrighted characters is purely incidental and unintentional. We will only serve customers who respect that we are a private company, that our characters are completely our own and that we are not under the jurisdiction of any company that may be associated with any cartoon. Thank you for your cooperation.)

Princesses With A Purpose Interview

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Photographers: Melinda Bryant, Jennifer Little, Lynn Martin
, Destiny Blizzard, Ally Mitchell & Miranda Bryant

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January 19 2015

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