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Nicole Arbour Interview

Nicole Arbour Interview


Interview by: Roxy Lee GG

Hey my lovely Geeks and Geekettes! Roxy Lee GG here and I am so thrilled to be able to provide you all with this interview today...

Nicole Arbour might not be on your radar yet, but she should be. She is an amazing, talented and can we say super sexy Comedian/Actress/Dancer/MC/Author (we could keep going but we only have so much room). She is an uber Geek Girl bringing some of her interests and hobbies into her stand up and daily life. Over all I was really excited to do this interview because Nicole happens to be a real inspiration to me. I too was in a bad car accident that nearly took all my dreams away and was ready to give up, but seeing her statuses and videos about being positive and never letting go of what you want because someone tells you you can’t, truly turned my opinion around. She might be brash, inappropriate, loud, crazy and blunt, but she is a really sweet, optimistic and an all around awesome and talented person. Go Team!

Standing at 5'9" with her long blonde locks and pink mini dress on, Nicole Arbour takes the stage in front of a crowd of thousands to deliver a hilarious comedy routine. Being told that in order to succeed in this business she would have to “Dress down” or get in touch with her “Inner manly” to gain respect, instead of giving up Nicole Arbour laughed in their faces and took that as a dare. With magazines such as Playboy hailing her as “ Hands down, the worlds sexiest comedian” and “Comedy’s Redbull and Vodka” By UMM Magazine, even “A groundbreaker” by E! News Weekend. Nicole has definitely proven that being a girly girl doesn’t and never will mean you can’t be funny. Nicole has went on to sell over 100,000 copies of her “The World’s Sexiest Comedian Calendar” (which pokes fun at the modeling world) and created record breaking and award winning campaigns for the likes of Virgin, Axe and Molson. She has also toured hosting prestigious music festivals opening for the likes of Oasis, Thornley and Finger 11, starred in Much Music’s TV show “Video on Trial”, made appearances on NBC, Slice, W, TSN and PlayBoy Radio and also recently gave us a sneak peek at her new music co-headlining with Jason Derulo. Nicole Arbour is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Hey Nicole! Thanks so much for sitting down with Geek Girls to chat. I have to say it is odd being able to sit down and have this interview with you since the first time I saw one of your gigs was when I was 19 years old at a bar down the street. Now almost 6 years later I am here with you and look how far you have come! It’s amazing to see.
I didn’t know that! That’s awesome! Thanks so much for bein’ on the team girl!

Thanks for having me! Alright let’s get right to into it shall we. Tell us a little bit about your profession and how it came to be. Haha, well profession, that’s a tricky one. I’m an entertainer. A lot of people know me as the lovely title I was given of, “The World’s Sexiest Comedian”. But, well before I ever stepped on a stand up stage I was a professional dancer, choreographer, model, and cheerleader in the NBA. Now, I’m also a comedian, copy writer, host, author, and rapper… yup, my music is comin’ your way soon!

I know I’m not the only one excited for that. When did you first realize you had a serious knack for comedy? Since I can remember I’ve made people laugh. Totally got in trouble in school for it, but I just see the funny in life. I’m a giant dork, I’m silly, It’s how I think, and it’s just in my veins to be a witty smart ass. Totally runs in my family.

Mine too! How many shows do you think you have done to date and where was your favourite one? OMG “shows,” I started performing when I was 3, they’re uncountable… hundreds, upon hundreds of live ones, plus all the TV stuff. For stand up though, I remember this one where I wasn’t even on the bill in Vancouver, some small venue, I was just watching in the back and they asked if I wanted to do a set. I was on my day off of a huge Molson sponsored tour, and in track pants but said sure because I felt bad for the crowd… the comics just weren’t givin’ it that night and a wasted crowd drives me nuts. I went up and just messed with the crowd the whole time, LOL! First time I was ever tipped while on stage… (insert your stripper jokes here). But for real, people started walking up and laying money on the stage. It was pretty awesome.

Strippers aren’t the only ones making money this way folks! So how do you prepare for a big show? Any superstitions or secret tips to share? A bottle of Jack usually does the trick. I’m kidding. I’d walk on stage, yell at someone, then pass out on a hot guy in the front row if I did that. Before any show, what I do IS… prepare. I have an overall vision of what it’s going to look like, sound like, feel like, THEN I start planning. It’s actually quite the process, styling, hair, make up, dancers, other performers, choreography, music. And before I go on, there’s ALWAYS a group huddle, Go Team, and then I mentally high five the crowd. And of course there’s a lot of jumping around and listening to pumpy uppy music. Oh, and these days, I sing myself one of my songs Hype in the mirror… it’s my equivalent of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself. “

Do you have any embarrassing stage or movie moments you would care to share with us? I don’t embarrass easy but, I gotta give you this one cause it’s awesome. It was back in the go go dancing days and I was given this unitard thing to wear, but the top was WAAAY too big for my boobies. They expected a size two with like EE’s… clearly a man bought it. SO, I added in those chicken culet, silicone insert things in my bra, but when I started sweating while dancing, one actually slipped out, and went down the front of my unitard to about mid-stomach where it got stuck… in front of oh, a couple hundred people. I HAD to laugh… and reach down my top, all the way to my waist to fish it out… and I just waved it at the crowd. I was caught… whateves… but I was crying laughing.

Haha ok now that’s a story for the ladies because I am sure one or two of us has been there before. Now I know that comedy is a huge part of your life, but I also know that you are an actress and a part time MC ;) Care to elaborate on those other passions? PSSHHH… girl there’s no part time anything. I’m a full time Go Team! Right now, life is crazy. I’m working on my music, which I freaking love and just makes total sense as a natural progression. I’ve always written music, I’ve always sang, and I’ve always rhymed… I used to think ok Nicole, you’re a white girl blonde comedian, ya already beat the odds there, and you think you’re gonna be a rapper now too? I paused for about, oh a second, and went, of course I will, I can do whatever I want! So you’ll definitely be hearing my music in the next year, in all of it’s LMFAO meets Gwen meets EM, with some Outcast tones glory. It’s me, a la songy song! Annnnd, 2013 will see the release of my kids books, APP, some cartoons that I’m working on and geez, an awesome year that 2013 already is.

That sounds so exciting Nicole! At Geek Girls we like to show that our girls and girls in the geek community love to embrace their true geek in a fun, playful and sexy manner, we love to feel empowered and beautiful whether in or out of costume. I know that you have been labelled “The World’s Sexiest Comedian”, do you ever get any negative feedback because of the way you look, dress or act in this profession? I know some of your stand up touches on sexual content, how hard is it do you think, for a women such as yourself in a male dominated profession to be as open as you are?
There is no hard. …well… ;) lol What I’m saying is, YOU decide if something is hard or easy. I used what everyone made fun of (my look), and told me I couldn’t do (comedy as a girly girl), and turned it into my brand. I am just being me. If someone doesn’t like me, or my art, what the hell business is it of mine? It’s their issue that they suck! LOL. Seriously, us ladies in particular pay waaaaaaayyy too much attention to the haters. If they ain’t on your team, they’re invisible. That’s it. Be you. That’s it. PS: Dress up, especially in sexy costumes is my favourite game… of ever. Except for fort building, which I’m also pretty rad at. Last one I made had two levels. Just sayin…

A girl after our own heart. Now to the Geek topics ;) When did you first realize you were a Geek Girl? I was born a geek and I’ll die a geek. I love comics, and super heroes, and cartoons, and games, and video games, and geek boys…

Geek boys are definitely a perk! What are some of your favourite Geek hobbies or interests? I’m obsessed with super heroes, comics, and cartoons. What I’m doing with that is developing my own! It’s in the goal list, I WILL have a comic book, and cartoons! Some will be more adult in nature (wink wink), and some will be for kids. But the theme is always the under dog as the hero, and there WILL be cheerleaders. When they don’t see ya comin, and don’t see you as a threat, you get the element of surprise! Muah ha ha ha ha!!

Sounds fun! When and what was your first convention (if ever been) and how was it? In 2008 I went to a comic convention in Toronto, can’t remember what it was called but holy hell I loved it and was so mad I didn’t dress up! Watching artists create sketches right there was just amazing, and I bought a bunch of X-Men comics, (I’m obsessed with Phoenix right now BTW). It’s when I first saw all the dark, sexy comics too. I had no idea beautiful, sexy, adventure smut existed!

Might have been Fan Expo or Comic Con which we frequent!! What does being a Geek Girl mean to you?
Being bold, being brave, being smart, and not being afraid to look hot while you do it. Different is sexy, brains are sexy, creative is sexy. ;)

Ok last but not least I’d love for you to answer our top ten favourites.
1. Favourite movie: Finding Nemo
2. Favourite TV show: Currently, Breaking Bad (I like rooting for the bad guy sometimes)
3. Favourite Geek celebrity: Me five years from now… and the Joker… I feel we’re bonded.
4. Favourite Superhero/Villain: The Incredibles and Phoenix from X-Men/Harley Quinn and The Joker
5. Favourite game (Pc, console, table top etc): Tetris. I can just Zen out, clear my brain, and kill.
6. Favourite Super power to have: I want all the powers of the witches in Charmed. I refuse to pick one.
7. Favourite Costume to dress up as: Last Halloween I was a sexy Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, but I also love inventing my own characters like I did in my calendars.
8. Favourite comic book or book: Catch 22… thus is this crazy world.
9. Favourite App on FB or Phone: I play Plants VS Zombies on my phone… it’s the only APP I really need! lol
10. Favourite website: Facebook and Twitter tie… I just love connecting with my internet Team.

Thanks again Nicole for your time and your honesty. I have admired both your talent and your bravery for being able to do what you do in a male dominated career. I know that you are going to be so successful in all of your endeavours, and I and everyone here at Geek Girls wish you the best of luck for the future! Thanks so much Alana… it’s seriously a huge compliment to be featured on a site for strong, awesome, super fun chicks. I’d like to think you’re my peeps and for you to embrace me feels all sorts of tingly in my chestal area.

Well I believe that is a first and we like it! Anything you would like to add further? Ya! You’re readers might not know this but four years ago I was in a car accident, docs told me I would never get back to my old self, and I had a hard time even walking. I spent years in bed and treatment secretly suffering and just waiting to get better and comics and hero movies were my escape. I’d watch them and be like, yup, that’s me, all this happened, I lost everything, so that I could rise from the ashes like Phoenix and be even stronger. Be your own super hero my geeky girls, and fucking relish in seeing the ones who didn’t believe in you jaw’s drop when you take over and get the key to the city. ;) Oh, and of course, GO TEAM!

Thanks again.

A true inspiration to all the Girls out there with dreams of becoming a self made superstar! Dream big and always know you can achieve whatever you want regardless of your gender or personality. Go big or go home! Stay geeky and much love.

-Roxy Lee GG

You can follow and find lots more about Nicole on her Facebook, Twitter & Website

Photography credits (in same order as photos) - Jenny Young, Caitlin Cronenberg, Jaylyn Todd & Caitlin Cronenberg (from Nicole's calendar "The World's Sexiest Comedian")

And here are some bonus videos featuring Nicole...

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September 24 2012

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