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Interview with Bec's Cosplay Wonderland

Interview with Bec's Cosplay Wonderland


Article by: Geek Girl Jenn Marvel
Hello, everyone Jenn Marvel here, I got a chance to catch up with the AWESOME Bec's Cosplay Wonderland. I am an absolute fan girl over her cosplays I love everything she does, she is literally a chameleon when it comes to cosplay. She's so amazingly talented, and I wanted to share her work with everyone I asked her a few questions!! Here's what she had to say...

Interview with Bec
Vi photo by: Sean's Photography

JENN: Hey Becca, Thanks so much for chatting with me, I am a huge fan of your work, I know how busy people can get sometimes so I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with us at GeekxGirls. So to start off, how long have you been cosplaying?

BEC'S: Hard to say, I learned to sew early this year/late last year but I did buy a costume or 2 before and wear them around a lot C:

JENN: Well, everyone starts somewhere right? What is your background in cosplay/media industry ect.?

BEC'S: Well I don't really have any professional background in anything but I have done some modelling before and I would love to pursue that. I also used to major in art (I used to want to be a character designer v.v) And I have an interest in studying makeup and learning to act :'D

JENN: Oh Awesome, I was an art major as well art is my life. What kinds of cosplays do you do?

BEC'S: I used to meanly stick to video games but I find I have a wide variety of disney, games, and anime costumes.

Interview with Bec
Tink photo by: Zandragon Photography

JENN: I AM A HUUUUGE FAN of your Disney cosplay, I can't get over how amazing basically everything you do is. You constantly blow me away. How/when did you start cosplaying?

BEC'S: I started after beating a game I really enjoyed. I started looking for game merch and saw that costumes of the characters were for sale and I couldn't resist.

JENN: I love when the things around us inspire us to be creative, what are some of your interests that help influence/inspire your passion for cosplay?

BEC'S: A lot of my interest's revolve around the theme's of cosplay. SFX make up, modelling, anime, etc. I just want to be the best I can be at this thing I really enjoy

JENN: I really admire your passion for the craft, How did you learn to sew/fabricate?

BEC'S: Google is where I learned a lot of my skills :'D it was a learn as you go type deal with me. My girlfriend was also a big help!

Interview with Bec
Elizabeth photo by: Eric A. Wheeler Photography

JENN: Awe, that's amazing that you get to share that aspect of your life with someone who is interested in the same creative things you are. Do you have any sort of routine or checklist when you go about putting together a cosplay?

BEC'S: Nothing very formal really. I rewatch/replay whatever I'm gunna be cosplaying from to get excited, grab a reference image or two, look at how other people cosplayed this character and then get drafting.

JENN: I know I use a lot of reference, and a lot of inspiration from other cosplayers when I take on a character. I think my biggest skill though is procrastination LOL. How long does it usually take you to complete a cosplay start to finish?

BEC'S: Generally. Uhhhhhh that really depends...I guess the longest anything has ever taken me is a week and a half? And the 2 hours.

JENN: Oh wow, thats pretty speedy your stuff is so detailed and intricate I'm now even more blown away. What is your favourite cosplay you have done so far?

BEC'S: Well my favourite in terms of how much fun I had is an extremely hard question! I guess it would be a tie between Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Juliet starling (Lollipop Chainsaw), and Madoka (Madoka Magica) but in terms of how I made it/how it looked on me.........Mad Moxxi (Borderlands) and Panty (Panty and Stocking).

Interview with Bec
Juliet photo by: Zandragon Photography

JENN: I love your Ariel, its the first cosplay I ever saw you in at Atomic Lollipop 2 years ago at the cosplay for a cure photobooth. That's when I became a fan! lol. I know we all have them but what would you say your dream cosplay is?

BEC'S: Another very very hard question....Well a few I've always wanted to do...Yuna (FFX/FF X-2) both gunner and summoner version and........a lot of Gurren Lagann figures v.v oh and Marceline the Vampire Queen in her fancy dress.

JENN: I am pretty sure my dream cosplay list is huge I know it's hard to choose ha ha. You have so many awesome cosplays for such a short period of time, do you have any advice for someone who is new to cosplay, or thinking about getting into cosplay?

BEC'S: Pick your absolute favourite character and go nuts! Start with looking at how other cosplayers did it, try shopping for items similar to what the character wears at a thrift store and have fun!!

Interview with Bec
Moxxi photo by: Zandragon Photography

JENN: Some good advice! I've been to quite a lot of cons both good and bad, what is your favourite convention/event to attend and why?

BEC'S: Another hard one...This year it was Atomic lollipop! It was held at the science centre...nuff said.

JENN: I agree, Atomic this year was pretty special, I find that there is a very different vibe at cons like Atomic/Anime North rather then the straight up comic cons. At all these events we meet so many other cosplayers and make new friends and see our existing cosplay families. What would you say is one of your most memorable moments as a cosplayer?

BEC'S : A lot of them involve me dressed as a Disney Princess and watching a child's face light up....but I have to say Apop last year. I went as mermaid Ariel and a bunch of my friends and I went to disney karaoke. The first song that was picked was 'Part of your world' and I was super nervous to go up but someone went with me and the entire room sang along, it was awesome!

Interview with Bec
Panty Photo by: Novii Photography | Katie Kosplay as Stocking

JENN: Oh man, that is awesome its one of my favorite Disney songs. I too love seeing the kids faces when you show up as their favorite character. Even more so when I'm dressed as an obscure character like Deathstroke and I hear a little kid yell out LOOK ITS DEATHSTROKE!! ha ha. We all love this hobby, what hopes or goals do you have for the future as a cosplayer?

BEC'S: I guess I hope I get to a point where this is something I could do full time....I'm nowhere near that yet though. Also I hope the community drama will die out and we can all go back to what it used to be, fun!

JENN: UGH I wish I could just cosplay all the things all the time would be amazing. I completely agree about the "drama". However, I just ignore it most of the time. What does being a geek girl mean to you?

BEC'S: I guess it means expressing myself however I want to and not caring how other people see me.

Interview with Bec
Corpse Bride photo by: Zandragon Photography

Lightning round
Fav movie: Kiki's Delivery Service / Howl's Moving Castle
Fav tv show: Bob's Burgers or Once Upon a Time
Fav game: KH, Lollipop Chainsaw, BioShock Inifinte, FF X-2
Fav novel: The Outsiders
Fav comic: Rat Queens
Fav material (for cosplay): Black magic
Fav character: Ariel
Fav cosplayer: Courtoon and K-A-N-A are great :'D

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December 03 2014

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