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Interview with Tender Cosplay

Interview with Tender Cosplay


Interview by: Geek Girl Jenn Marvel

Hello once again, Jenn Marvel here. I got a chance to catch up with Tender Cosplay. I first met her at Fan Expo 2013, both of us were dressed as cyclops from the 80's cartoon and we've been following each other's work ever since. So I got a chance to ask her a few questions, here's what she had to say!

Interview with Tender Cosplay
Photo by Corey Graham

JM: Hey girl, thanks sooo much for taking the time to chat with me, I know how busy people can get. First off How long have you been cosplaying? and when/where did you start cosplaying?

TC: I've been cosplaying since 2003 if you don't count Halloween. My first convention was AC-Cubed. I didn`t start social networking till 2013. Without my motherís magical seamstress skills I would still be a level 1 cosplayer. She started me down this path as a child and has always been my sensei.

JM: Awesome, social networking has only really been a thing the past couple of years but it's worked wonders in getting your stuff seen, and really expanding your audience in terms of sharing your passions and art. I think its really awesome that your mom has been such a monstrous influence and help in your cosplay life. My mom is my hero I wouldn't be where I am today without her!. So what is your background in cosplay/media industry if any?

TC: My background in cosplay isn't that extensive. I've been making costumes for many years. Iíve just started working as a reporter for "Share My Cosplay".

Interview with Tender Cosplay
Photo by JediBear Photography

JM: Oh awesome I've been on Share my cosplay a few times, huge fan of Naomi Von Kreeps. Generally what kinds of cosplays do you tend to lean towards? And what are some of your interests that help influence or inspire your passion for cosplay?

TC: I enjoy a wide range of cosplay. I've done comics, video game characters, and anime. Whatever character attracts my passion is fair game. Some of my influences are, he desire to create and the desire to play. I enjoy building a character through costume, and playing video games inspires the whimsy that goes into playing the character.

JM: I love concept art and really the design of characters and even personality and back story. It really helps sell a character when I go deciding what to cosplay, How did you learn to sew and fabricate? Do you have any sort of routine, or ritual when you go about making a cosplay.

TC: My mother is the best seamstress in the world! I have learned, and in fact am still learning, how to fabricate my own cosplay. I'm a list kinda gal! I do have routines and checklists for getting a cosplay ready, even if it's just packing it for a convention. I take cosplay very seriously so I'm very detail oriented.

JM: Very cool, I am a bit OCD when it comes to cosplay, I have lists that I probably write out 5 times, I am all about reference images too haha I am also a Netflix binge watcher when I craft ha ha. So when you start a cosplay how long roughly does it take you complete it start to finish?

TC: I procrastinate making my costumes! We put hours into my cosplays, not months. We normally start my cosplay a month before the con if I have a really good idea. Now that I'm learning some more advanced techniques I'll be taking much longer and trying not to put deadlines on them.

Interview with Tender Cosplay
Photo by Mercenary Photography

JM: I am the biggest procrastinator of life, when it comes to cosplay. However some of my best work has been a scramble to finish, or even night before cosplays where I put something together in 8 hours. What is your favorite cosplay you have done so far and what is your dream cosplay?

TC: One of my favorite cosplays we made with my mother when I was 17. I was Tsubasa Chronicle. Sakura does need a remake, but I had a strong connection with that character. My dream cosplay this month would have to be Angewomon. Iím currently getting tips and techniques from other cosplayers about how they would create her.

JM: I have so many cosplays I need to, revamp eventually as my skills get better with time. Do you have any advice for someone who is new to cosplay or thinking about getting into cosplay?

TC: Absolutely! My best advice for someone who is thinking about cosplay is jump right into it! The cosplay world is just full of awesome people and cosplay is such a creative and fun pass time.

JM: Awesome, what would you say is your favorite convention/event to attend and why?

TC: Anime North has to be my favorite convention. It is a place to say hi to all my friends across Canada. I've been attending since I was 18, and have been there every year but last year. I hope to be able to attend this year.

Interview with Tender Cosplay
Photo by Corey Graham

JM: It's funny, I really love all the anime conventions even though I am not really a fan of anime at all, There is just this intense amazing vibe from the community I haven't felt at any other convention yet. What would you say your most memorable moment as a cosplayer?

TC: My most memorable moments as a cosplayer are when I can make the kids at conventions smile. The amount of superhero pictures I've taken with children that recognize me is crazy! I love it!

JM: There's nothing more satisfying then happy children, and making someones day even a tiny bit happier. What are some of your goals or hopes for the future as a cosplayer?

TC: My future goals are not that crazy. I would like to be able to fund, and build my own cosplay more often because it's my greatest passion.

JM: Goals don't have to be crazy, it's good to have realistic and obtainable goals. What does being a geek girl mean to you?

TC: Being a geek girl to me is just being myself. Spending nights indoor playing games, or watching anime while crafting a new cosplay. Know the whole Pokemon rap. Just letting your nerdy side fly!

Interview with Tender Cosplay
Photo by Rob Olsen for Geek Inked Magazine

JM: Ha, awesome well thank you so much for chatting with me, I really enjoy talking to cosplayers I have some final quick questions.

Lightning round:

Fav movie:
"Princess Mononoke", "Howls Moving Castle", "Kikiís Delivery Service", "Castle in the Sky" and "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind". Can you see where Iím going with this?

Fav tv show:
My favorite television show varied, from "Game of Thrones", "Walking Dead", "Doctor Who", "New Girl", "Scrubs", "Grey's Anatomy", and many more.

Fav game:
This is a very hard question! It depends on what Iím in the mood for. The games I spend the most of my life on are "League Of Legends", "South Park Stick Of Truth", and at the moment, "The Sims". Always changing.

Fav novel:
For favorite novel Iíd have to say "Immortal Instrument" by Cassandra Clare, and "Divergent" is the most recent book Iíve fallen in love with.

Fav comic:
My Favorite comic has to be anything X-Men, that story line is just so great. I also enjoy online comic strips like Cyanide and Happiness

Fav material (for cosplay):
The best material Iíve found is anything 4-way stretch. It's easy to work with and you just can't go wrong!

Fav character:
I feel the greatest connection with character Sakura from Card Captors. I grew up watching her and also moved on watching Tubasa.

Fav cosplayer:
I have so many cosplayers I admire for different reasons. I'm very fond of Jessica Nigri of course for her outgoing personality. Yaya Han for her crafting ability with. But my most favorite tho to be Megan Turney for her Mint Berry Crunch Cosplay.

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October 07 2014

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