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Interview with Cosplayer Zombie Bit Me

Interview with Cosplayer Zombie Bit Me


Interview by: Geek Girl Jenn Marvel

Hey everyone Jenn Marvel here, I caught up with Zombie Bit Me the other day and asked her a few questions. Here's what she had to say...

Interview with Cosplayer Zombie Bit Me
Zombie Bit Me as Felicia | Photo by Trillance Photography

JM: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me I know you're very busy. First off How long have you been cosplaying?

ZBM: 5 years professionally. But I've been dressing up all my life with out knowing what it was.

JM: 5 years, wow, to some that can be a very long time. I know what you mean about dressing up all your life though I too grew up dressing up all the time and didn't really learn about cosplay until like 3-4 years ago. what is your background in cosplay and really the media industry itself?

ZBM: Well I have no sewing skills haha, but I was a visual arts major, I took drama class for 4 years, and photography. I graduated college as a graphic designer. And I suppose playing video games all my life and such helps with being slightly on the geeky side? HA!what kinds of cosplays do you do? (ex. Genre)

JM: Everyone starts somewhere, I think that's awesome having a background in the arts definitely helps with the creative side of things. What kinds of cosplays or characters would you say you tend to lean towards?

ZBM: I love doing video game and anime the most, I throw in some comic book characters and movie characters as well. I will only cosplay a character that I take an interest in. I have to admire or feel one with that character before I go on cosplaying it, which is why I don't tend to take peoples opinions on what I should cosplay.

JM: I think its great you cosplay for yourself, and only characters you really really love. How and when did you start cosplaying?

ZBM: I brought cosplay into my regular modelling at the age of 18 and I will never regret it.

Interview with Cosplayer Zombie Bit Me
Zombie Bit Me as Super Sonico | Photo by Trillance Photography

JM: I think its really cool that you do both types of modeling, in the end its all an art form. What are some of your interests that help influence or inspire your passion for cosplay?

ZBM: I don't want this to sound vain so I will try to word it wisely LOL, I love being in front of the camera-- I feel rather empowering, which is why I love modelling. When I get to dress up I feel twice as awesome because not only am I portraying that character, I get to see the out come as well. I also love being the one that gets to edit the photos with all the awesome effects and bringing the image of the character to life. I've also have got more into the redesign of characters lately, characters that are male or an animal that I can redesign into being female and somewhat human. I feel like that throws some of my creativity in there where I can put a twist on things.

JM: I don't think its vain at all, I am a firm believer in doing something that makes you feel empowered and happy and gives you confidence. When going about making a costume/cosplay do you have any sort of ritual or routine you go through to start off or put together a cosplay, and how did you learn to make cosplays?

ZBM: I am Self taught and still self learning. As for routine, reference images are number one on my list of to dos!!! I find at least 20 images I really like and go from there. Next I will sketch out how I want it all to look on me, in that sketch it will consist of labeled colours, type of fabrics/materials, and what is what and where it's going. Even little pieces such as string holding something together. From there I will start ordering and picking up the main pieces bit by bit... because generally it's an expensive costume and I can't afford it all in one go haha. Once I have pieces or everything is when I start creating, I flip back and forth between images and my own drawing and try to make sure nothing is forgotten. I do tend to forget things when I have a bunch of costumes and major deadline but let's not talk about that! xD

JM: I really admire those who immerse themselves into a cosplay and really go all out on making things I think it's really awesome you're so organized. I wish I was as organized when I start a project. How long does it usually take you to complete a cosplay start to finish, generally?

ZBM: It really all depends on how crazy the costume is. EX: my Skyrim cosplay took 2 days, it was armor and fur and it was super easy. My Felicia on the other hand took 3 months, the paws were most difficult to get right and I had to make sure everything was going to stay where it's supposed to.

Interview with Cosplayer Zombie Bit Me
Zombie Bit Me as MJ | Photo by Trillance Photography

JM: Sometimes something that seems so simple, ends up being more difficult then we thought it happens to me, when I try to sew something in my mind, it seems simple but then it ends up taking me twice as long as I thought. What would you say your favorite cosplay is that you've done so far?

ZBM: This is always a question I can't answer. My obsession changes from character to character so often. I guess I'd have to say my most recent favorite would be toothless that I did for fan expo 2014.

JM: I know right?, this happens to me too I have a favorite and then I make something new and it becomes my new favorite. #cosplayproblems, So what would your dream cosplay be then?

ZBM: Cynder from Spryro... I've had this concept drawn out for about 3 years now. and I hope to achieve it one day... MUST LEARN TO MASTOR REAL LEATHER T___T

JM: I have faith in you!!! I recently started on one of my dream cosplays, which I finished just in time for fan expo was Edward Kenway from Assassins Creed black flag. I couldn't be happier. Do you have any advice for someone who is new to cosplay or thinking about getting into cosplay?

ZBM: All I can say is be prepared this is not a cheap hobby, but make sure you do this to have fun. It shouldn't be a competition. We do this because we are all nerds and wanna show our fandom. Also take your time and have patients. Everything is a learning curb and we can only get around it with determination.

JM: I completely agree, What is your favorite convention or event to addend and why?

ZBM: I think Anime North SO FAR is my favorite. Only because I have no booth, I only go for fun and to do all the photo shoots and sometimes just having fun in cosplay is more important then making money.

Interview with Cosplayer Zombie Bit Me
Zombie Bit Me as Poison Ivy | Photo by Geek Inked Magazine

JM: I feel like there are different vibes you get at various cosplay events or Conventions. I really enjoy the anime conventions even tho I don't necessarily enjoy anime it's the vibe and the people and the community and interesting events that make it really enjoyable I attended my first Anime north and Atomic Lollipop last year, and I was blown away by it. I had never before attended a convention with that magnitude of cosplayers it was really an awesome thing to see. What is one of your most memorable moments as a cosplayer?

ZBM: I think it was the very first year I ever attended fan expo (second con ever/ first full weekend con) and I was being interviewed, I won a ribbon in the masquerade and it was all so over whelming yet so amazing I never wanted to stop from that point on.

JM: Awe that's awesome! I remember the first time I won something it was pretty amazing. I think one of the reasons I cosplay as much as it is for myself and to have fun, I love the reaction and joy other people get when they see something you've created. What hopes or goals do you have for the future as a cosplayer?

ZBM: I want to be able to travel the world as a cosplayer, I want to meet all the people who show their support and see as many amazing conventions as I can.

JM: Traveling the world would be pretty awesome there's so many places I would love to see and people I'd love to meet. What does being a geek girl mean to you?

ZBM: Doing what I love. It's not the norm for everyone but it is to me and I accept myself the way I am.

Fav movie - Sucker Punch Fav tv show - Adventure Time
Fav game - Halo 3
Fav novel - BioShock the prequel
Fav comic - Sky Doll
Fav material(for cosplay) - 4 way stretch pvc
Fav character - Blair the cat from Soul Eater
Fav cosplayer - LeeAnna Vamp

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October 01 2014

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