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The League of Superheroes Interview

The League of Superheroes Interview


Article by: Rogue Benjamin

Geek Girl Northern Belle interviewed Max of The League of Superheroes...

League of Superheroes Interview

Rogue: Hi there folks GG Northern Belle here and I’ve got an interview with another amazing charitable team – The League of Superheroes. Today I’m sitting down with Max, the founder of the team. Hello Max, and thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! So where did the inspiration for the League of Superheroes come from?
Max: I have always been a huge fan of comic books and movies based on those books. I admired the 501st and the work that they do – both on their costumes and for charity. I wanted to create a group where others who had a passion for superhero/villain cosplay could gather and in turn, help raise money for children's charities.

League of Superheroes Interview

Rogue: I notice unlike many other groups, you’ve just used the label “superhero”. So it doesn’t matter if the characters are Marvel, DC or dare I say it – Darkhorse?
Max: We are strictly a Marvel/DC cosplay group. Our target audience is children and they may not be as familiar with some of the other publisher's characters.

Rogue: Fair enough, and how many members does the LoS have?
Max: As of this interview we are at 27.

League of Superheroes Interview

Rogue: I noticed on your website that members are listed by their character name. Does that mean that people can don more than one character within the group?
Max: Of course they can! As cosplayers all know – cosplaying can be quite addictive and we encourage those those fueled by a passion for creating superhero/villain cosplays to continue to do so once their initial is approved.

Rogue: Similarly, how does your team feel about having doubles? (E.x. Two Spiderman cosplayers etc.)
Max: We welcome doubles. It helps ensure that that particular character will be at more events. One Spider-man is sick at home with the flu? No problem because we have another volunteer who is anxious to wear their Spidey outfit!

League of Superheroes Interview

Rogue: I’m sure people will be happy to know that! So what if someone wanted to join the LoS? What would they need to do?
Max: To apply to The League Of Super Heroes, you must have either a Marvel or DC cosplay. We request you send in three, hi res, full length shots of you wearing your cosplay(front, side and back) and at least one reference shot of the character you are cosplaying as.

Rogue: Do the LoS have a specific geographical location?
Max: We are Ottawa, Ontario based and the surrounding area at the moment.

League of Superheroes Interview

Rogue: The Canadian capital guarded by the League of Superheroes haha, that's pretty awesome. What sort of events do you guys do as the LoS?
Max: We do mainly fundraisers, but we've also done promotional appearances as well. Most recently we trooped at a local theatre to help promote the latest Xmen movie. On another, I appeared as Batman at City Hall with the Mayor to announce a proclamation for Be A Super Hero For CHEO day.

Rogue: Does the LoS have a specific charity that you work for?
Max: We support mainly children's charities.

League of Superheroes Interview

Rogue: Which specific charities have the LoS worked with? Why did you select these charities?
Max: Some of the charities we fundraise for are Children's Wish Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation and CHEO. Our target audience is kids and these are excellent supporters of children's needs.

Rogue: Do you guys have any events coming up that you’d like to advertise?
Max: We've just come off an extremely busy time so The League is taking a month off for vacation. Kinda like Xavier's Academy shutting down for Summer Break!

League of Superheroes Interview

Rogue: Even superheroes need breaks right! So in the mean time where else can our readers find you? Do you have a website and what about social medias? (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc.)...

Rogue: Now how about just some fast fun facts for our readers...
Favourite superhero: Batman
Favourite villain: Apocalypse
Favourite character to play: Cyclops
Favourite comic book team: X-men
Favourite comic: X-men
If you could have one superpower what would it be: Flight
Favourite game: Monopoly
Favourite television show: Justice League Unlimited
Favourite movie: Superman: The Motion Picture
Favourite book: Xmen by Stan Lee

Rogue: Thank you again for taking the time to speak with us and all the best with your future events!

Photo credits: Corey Graham & David MacKinnon

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July 25 2014

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