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Rogue Tips for Interacting With Facebook Pages (Cosplay and Otherwise)

Rogue Tips for Interacting With Facebook Pages (Cosplay and Otherwise)


Article by: Rogue Benjamin

Geek Girl Northern Belle wrote these helpful tips for interacting with facebook pages...
Social media has developed exponentially over the past decade, with a myriad of outlets, forums and options it has created wonderful opportunities. One of these opportunities has been the creation of pages. Pages are used for everything from hobbies to careers, independent to corporate, memorials to annual events and they are wonderful forms of expression. To that end, what a lot of people sometimes fail to realize what it is that these pages do, and might do well to think about what they want to accomplish before they approach the page, and how they might effectively do that.

Asking for a Share

This is an extremely prevalent occurrence for people who run pages, and more frequent the higher the traffic on your page.
1. Send a private message - it is more respectful. If you are going to post whatever you want shared to the page anyway, why should the moderators repost it? Furthermore opening a dialogue through private message creates the opportunity to actually network and create a relationship between the two of you. After all, that is what you are looking for – not just spamming for exposure right?
2. Understand that people are allowed to say no. People who work hard to maintain their pages are allowed to dictate the content on their pages. Some pages are not just fan pages run in a person’s spare time but in fact resumes, portfolios and a means showcase their work to the world.
3. Understand the Purpose of a Page. Hitting the “like” button is pretty easy to do when you see something cool, but what you may not realize is that this is helping tailor your newsfeed. If you “like” a page because you saw a neat piece of art, but this page spends 75% of their time advertising events in a different country from you, chances are you are going to be annoyed by the constant updates. Similarly when you approach a page to share something ask yourself – is this content relevant to the page? If you are approaching a cooking page asking them to share your attempts to sell your psychology books, you may want to re-think your strategy. This can be directly applied to approaching cosplay pages with content that might be beautiful, heartbreaking or infuriating – but ultimately irrelevant. Please do not misunderstand me and say you should not share these things with people, but
4. Don’t Spam. This one should be obvious, but unfortunately it is not.

Tips for Interacting With Facebook Pages

Commenting on a Post

1. In the wise words of Thumper, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. No one likes a Negative Nancy. 2. If you have issues with someone/something by all means bring them to light, but remember to be respectful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you are truly offended there are the “report” options on the website. 3. Again, Don’t Spam.

Sharing Their Content On Your Page

When you click that little share button on a post and share it to your page everything from the original post is kept and a click-through link is set to the original page. This is a great way to share content and keep credit where it is due.

The issue becomes when people download images and then re-upload them some times forgetting to credit, others intentionally cutting out watermarks (which is illegal) or altering photos and then re-uploading them. This is a big no-no. Remember that lesson about plagiarism from school? Yeah the lesson wasn’t just for your papers, in today’s day and age it’s an important lesson to remember for things you are posting or using online. If you really want to spam your own page with their materials I’m sure they wont mind.

Tips for Interacting With Facebook Pages

Private Messages are not IM’s

Facebook allows this great option to send private messages to page admins. I’ve already mentioned this in regards to ‘asking for shares’, in my opinion this is the most appropriate avenue to do this. However these private messages do not work in the same way that your facebook chat is. It doesn’t immediately pop up in your task bar, and depending how many people follow your page or how active your work is you can received hundreds of messages daily.

What I’m trying to say is – be patient. Sometimes you might get an instant response, sometimes it might take a few days. Being rude, or hounding the page will not make them respond to you any faster and will just aggravate them. If a week has gone by you can always send another “check in” message, as yes, sometimes things get forgotten or fall by the way side, but these kind of messages should be simple and cordial. Something to the effect of:


Thanks for taking the time to consider my proposal, I just wanted to touch base as I hadn’t heard from you in a bit and make sure you received my message.

Thank You, John Smith“

Tips for Interacting With Facebook Pages

Again though, that two word rule – “Don’t Spam

Read Their “About” Before Asking Questions

This rule is a bit looser in my books than the others because it really depends on the page. Some pages have nothing in their about section except a date when the page was first started and maybe a one line description about the content at best. However a lot of pages that represent people, (cosplayers, actors, models, photographers etc.) tend to fill in this information.

This section will include the answer to some of the top questions including: contact information, how to book that person for work, what their work is and if you are lucky maybe even a couple personal details or interests.

Tips for Interacting With Facebook Pages

If you are truly interested in interacting with the person behind the page, then take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with them and their work, other wise you risk coming across as a spamming troll.

Ultimately it is all about respect and remember, people have pages because they WANT to interact with you. So just be sure to use the golden rule and treat people and their pages, with the same courtesy you’d expect. If a problem arises, try and communicate not just the problem itself, but why it is an issue. Communication is key, in all relationships particularly the online ones. Now go socialize on the interwebs and hopefully the next time you interact with a page you’ll consider some of these guidelines.


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April 30 2014

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