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Evil Dead: The Musical Review

Evil Dead: The Musical Review


Article by: Geek Girl Gina G.

Gina G. wrote this review of Evil Dead: The Musical now playing in Toronto...

Getting drenched in fake blood and singing along to a song called “What The Fuck Was That?” might not sound like your typical Saturday night on the town, and it's not. It's better. And this is exactly what Evil Dead: The Musical can offer you from now until January 11th at the Randolph Theatre in Toronto. Evil Dead offers a hilariously cheesy, bloody, Candarian-demon-filled spectacle; and it delivers.  It's deliciously corny in all the right ways, from demonic slap-stick to intentionally budget props, and if you're into terrible puns, well, there are those, too. For those who aren't, just keep an “o-pun” mind, alright?

Evil Dead: The Musical Review
Photo by David Hou

The 2013-14 run of the off-Broadway adaptation of Sam Raimi's cult-classic horror flick, featuring a widely talented cast including the original Ash of ten years (played by Ryan Ward), leaves nothing to be desired. It hits all the right notes with it's famously comedic and vulgar script by George Reinblatt, a killer score, and a level of energy pouring from the actors to match the gallons of blood pouring on stage. (Personally, I think it's worth just going to see a man belting out high notes while a stream of fake blood is blasted into his open mouth.)

Evil Dead: The Musical Review

Overall, Evil Dead: The Musical is absolutely groovy, and if you haven't seen it by now, you owe yourself a visit to the original Cabin in the Woods before the show closes mid-January. Oh, and if you really want to enhance your showtime experience, make sure to get seats in the “Splatterzone”, located in the first four rows of the theatre. I won't spoil it for you, but there is plastic covering your seats for a good reason.

And remember: Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.

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December 30 2013

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