Name: Nathalie
Title: Cosplayer/GamerGeek Girl Reign Cosplay
AKA: Reign Cosplay
Location: Ontario, Canada
Sites: facebook | deviantART | tumblr | twitter

Interests: Cosplay, Video Games, Reading, Hiking, Biking, Photography, Music, Comic Books, Conventions, Foosball, Movies, Anime, Charity Events

Tell us about yourself: By day Iím a court reporter and bilingual transcriptionist but by night (and weekends) Iím a gamer. I love playing some of my favorite NES games: Donkey Kong (1 &2), Super Mario World or finish some of my PS3 games before picking up my PS4! When Iím not gaming youíll probably find me somewhere in the market searching for the perfect material for my next cosplays. My favorite spot is finding material at my local hardware store!

- Mr. Clerk: ďCan I help you find anything Miss?Ē
- Me: ďOh, no Iím fine! Just looking for some PVC pipes. Iím making wings!!!Ē :D
- Mr. Clerk: ďWings?Ē >_>;;

Iím also a big foodie! I love baking and cooking with friends and family, especially for special events! When Iím not gaming, sewing or cooking I love hiking up mountains everywhere in Canada and the U.S. with friends. (Ricolaaaa)

Geekiest thing about you: My weird zombie obsession, I donít know why but Iím just really fascinated with anything zombie related. I do the zombie walk every year, I love getting creative with my new zombie costumes! Iíve probably seen every zombie movie on the marketÖ even if Iím just wandering around town and spot something ďzombieĒ youíll most likely spot me there!

Games Top 5
Commander Keen
Alien Carnage (or Halloween Harry)
Mass Effect 2
Super Mario World,
Donkey Kong Country 2

Movies Top 5
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Shaun of the Dead
Evil Dead: Army of Darkness
Princess Mononoke
Mars Attacks

Books Top 5
William Shakespeareís Star Wars
The Book of Awesome
Day by Day Armageddon
The Sisters Brothers
Game of Thrones

TV Top 5
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
Samurai Jack
Batman (1992 Animated Series)
Star Trek the Next Generation



Exp: 26 - Level: 06