Name: Regina
Title: CosplayerGeek Girl RikkuGrape
AKA: RikkuGrape
Location: Oregon, USA
Sites: facebook - deviantArt

Interests: Gaming, cosplay, snowboarding, singing, violin, jazz, sewing, costuming, comics, body painting

Tell us about yourself: Iím a third year college student living in the Pacific Northwest. Iíve always had an interest in video games and all around geekery. Just recently Iíve started dabbling in cosplay and costuming and have found a great love of that. I sing in a jazz group which has also become a large part of my life. Since Iíve started to cosplay Iíve become readily aware of the ďbashingĒ and negativity that people think they can get away with behind a computer screen and since being featured on Geek Girls I have also come to truly value what it is that you stand for. It is a *hugely* important topic for me and I feel quite strongly about it, so I want to make sure you know how I feel. Other than that side of things I have also been dabbling in body painting as well. So, that pretty much sums me up! Personality wise, I am optimistic, humorous, and am always looking to make those around me smile~

Have you always been a geek?: Oh goodness, yes. Always have been and Iím sure I always will be.

Geekiest thing about you: The geekiest thing about it is probably the fact that I am geek on multiple levels. Itís not just the comics, games, and cosplay that make me a geek, but I love me some good old science. Biology, to be exact. But, hey, I donít discriminate! Science and all other forms of geek-ness have a place in my life.

Games Top 5
Tales of Symphonia
Professor Layton series
Elder Scrolls Series
Legend of Zelda: Majoraís Mask

Movies Top 5
V for Vendetta
Shaun of the Dead
Lord of the Rings series

Books Top 5
Harry Potter
Twenties Girl
Treasure Island
Lord of the Rings series

TV Top 5
Soul Eater
The Legend of Korra
Game of Thrones
Big Bang Theory


Exp: 12 - Level: 03

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