Disney Tragic Tales

Disney Tragic Tales


Artist Grodansnagel illustrated and wrote this series of tragic alternate endings to beloved Disney Princess movies (and a bonus Anastasia and Swan Princess ending)...

Disney Tragic Tales
What Would I Give

This is based on a deleted scene from The Little Mermaid, where the evil Queen throws Ariel at a rock and kills her, Triton, however, revives her. But in this picture there is no happy ending.

Disney Tragic Tales
A Tale Ends

Gaston and the Beast have their epic battle, but Belle arrives earlier than in the movie and proclaims her love to the Beast, whom in his turn transforms into a human. Gaston watches on in awe; furious over the fact that Belle chooses the Beast he stabs her in the back.

The Beast becomes enraged and kills Gaston just after being mortally stabbed himself. He then crawls to the dying Belle and the two embrace one last time, and die.

Disney Tragic Tales
One Heart

This is an alternative version to the tale of Snow White. In this picture The Huntsman didn't spare Snow and took her heart, leaving her corpse in the woods, where the Prince finds her.

Disney Tragic Tales
What Once Was Mine

Rapunzel is chained, and Eugene is tricked up into the tower, but Rapunzel warns Eugene just in time for him to dodge Gothel's knife. He trips her and steals the keys to Rapunzel's chains and frees her. Gothel sneaks up from behind but Rapunzel attacks Gothel and the two fight. For one second Rapunzel lets her guard down and Gothel shoves Rapunzel out of the way, Rapunzel stumbles and hits her head mortally wounding her.

Flynn runs to Rapunzel's aid; and as Rapunzel dies her hair turns brown and Gothel rapidly grows old (like in the movie and falls out of the tower). Flynn tries to stop the bleeding from Rapunzel's head, but it's all in vain and Rapunzel dies in Eugene's arms.

Disney Tragic Tales

Hercules' wife, Megara, and their children are sentenced to death in Thebes by King Lycus. Herakles arrives in time to save them, though the goddess of Madness, controlled by Hera, causes him to kill his wife and children in a frenzy. When he wakes up from his frenzy, he realizes what he's done, and in his shame he wants to commit suicide. The rest is history, literally.

Disney Tragic Tales
At The End

During the final confrontation with Rasputin, Anastasia is thrown over the bridge; in the last second she catches hold of a vine, rendering her dangling helplessly over the icy river below. Dimitri runs to save her, but just as he is about to pull her to safety, Rasputin wakes the horse statue (like in the movie), which attacks Dimitri; Anastasia slips plunges into the river below. Her heavy gown drags her deeper and deeper as she struggles to keep her head above water. Simultaneously, her body heat drops down to a deadly temperature due to the freezing water she is emerged in. Dimitri, devastated over the loss of Anastasia, fights Rasputin, revenge pumping through his veins. Dimitri prevails, killing Rasputin and then jumps into the river to find Anastasia. After minutes of searching he finds her floating face down in the water, he grabs hold of her and pulls her to the river bank, only to realize that he is too late, Anastasia has drowned.

Anastasia's soul leaves for the afterworld, however as she leaves her body, she is given the ultimatum to either go to heaven and live with with her family or go back to the living and spend her remaining days with the man she loves.

Disney Tragic Tales
A New Forever

(Inspired by Swan Lake alternative ending) After Derek professes his love to the wrong Odette, Odette flies back to the lake, however she is too weak to actually make it to the shore, so she lands in the water and turns back into a human. Derek rides back just in time to take farewell of Odette before she dies in his arms. Rothbart appears and Derek and he have their epic showdown; however during the battle Derek is stabbed and severely wounded. He fights through the pain and defeats Rothbart. However, the curse does not revive Odette. Derek goes to to Odette's limp body and cradles her in his arm, where he gives up life and dies. The two lovers ascend into their own forever.

Artist: Grodansnagel

(via: Best of Disney Art)

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May 09 2017

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