Dragonsworn Cosmetics Review & Interview

Dragonsworn Cosmetics Review & Interview


Article/Video/Photos by: Geek Girl Lena Leather

If you are anything like me then not only do you love video games, cartoons, and many other fandoms, then you also love MAKE UP! I love supporting indie brands and when I found a brand that caters to all my loves I new I had to share it! You can find all of the incredible and affordable products as well as eye swatches from yours truly here:

So here we are Dragonsworn Cosmetics! An amazing indie brand that celebrates the best of the best in fandom! I included not only swatches but a video!! 

Eye Swatches: 

All the shadows are handmade and hand pressed and are around $5.00 

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Dragonsworn Cosmetics Review & Interview

Lip Swatches:

The lip glosses are sheer in color so swatching proved a bit difficult but are beautiful and amazing as a lip toppers! Also they're only $8.00!

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Dragonsworn Cosmetics Review & Interview

Nail swatches:

Now I'm not the best at nail swatching (you can find better on her store) but I had fun and I had help! They very pigmented polishes and are only $10.00!!

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Dragonsworn Cosmetics Review & Interview

I was lucky enough to get many swatches and some questions answered from the beauty behind the brand herself!! So here we go:

1) What inspired you to get into making your own beauty products?

I'm a habitual nail-biter, but I discovered that opaque polish keeps my nails strong and out of my mouth. It took me forever to learn this, though, because I have a super-sensitive system that gets sick with the chemicals in standard polish. I looked into organic polishes in fancy high-end salons and was absolutely flabbergasted by the cost and how totally boring the colors all were. What I really wanted more than anything was the warm red-brown that I associate with Cullen and I couldn't find anything even remotely like it anywhere, so I did a ton of research and figured out how to make my own. My very first colors were Cullen, Shepard, Garrus, and Tali.

2) What is your favorite product to make?

I absolutely love pressing eye shadow. It's a total pain in the ass to do (which is why most handmade shadows you see are loose sifters), but it's so so worth it and there's something very soothing about the way the pigments and base powders come together. Science!

3) Are there plans to expand into different products?

In fact yes! Right now I'm working on essential oil scent blends for a Bioware Love Interest line of body oils, perfumes, and soaps that I hope to have available next month (Cullen and Alistair are in final testing, and they both smell AMAZING). I'm also researching the best practices behind engraving my own nail stamping plates, so things like N7 nail art would be a whole lot easier to come by than the current method of "freehand + pray".

4) What fandom can we expect in the future?

While I can never say for sure when something will devour my life and demand to be created RIGHT RIGHT NOW (The Wicked + The Divine, I am looking at you), the next thing on my list is Mass Effect Andromeda, which releases at the end of March. My fingers are already twitching for that cast, they all look so spectacular.

5) Do you have any personal favorites that you feel are a "must buy" for future customers who may be indecisive?

My very favorite nail polish is Iron Bull, because I think it's the most beautiful color I make (though I end up personally wearing Shepard more often). My eyeshadow goto is a blend of Josephine, Sebastian, and Cullen, because they look spectacular together into an entire palette. Hawke is my favorite gloss, because I'm a 50s pinup girl at heart.

Makeup available at: Dragonsworn Cosmetics

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March 20 2017

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