Top All Time Video Game Characters Who Won Our Hearts

Top All Time Video Game Characters Who Won Our Hearts


With more than three decades of existence, the video game industry has boomed high. During these years it has given life to a number of characters who have managed to leave a mark on the life of players. No doubt we all have our favourites but, there are few who have managed to reign every hearts.

These video game characters have received an amazing response from the players and can be called as the icons of the gaming world. The top most gaming characters you will find here are:

Top All Time Video Game Characters Who Won Our Hearts

Super Mario
Super Mario is the iconic figure of Nintendo since 1983. He is an Italian plumber from New York who has travelled all the way to save his princess. The game was a big hit among the kids and teens and soon Luigi, Yoshi, Wario and Princess Peach became the household names. I must say that the game was most successful video game of the time and the company managed to sell out millions of copies. Still, if you are kind of interested in it, you can always buy them visiting Dealslands for discounts. Will there be such exciting games in the future is uncertain but, there is always scope for Super Mario in the future games.

Forget the gaming consoles and virtual reality of today, there was an era of arcade gaming. The most sorted out game of those arcades was Pac-man. Pac-man was a small yellow circle moving around the maze hungrily to eat away those dots while saving itself from the ghosts or say monsters. The game was a hit among the kids and managed to score billions of profits.

Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series is another popular video game character from the 90s. He was one of the kinds of the first-person shooter in the world of video games. Basically, Freeman was a physicist who was fated to save the world after he ended up accidentally creating a portal for monsters through an experiment. The entire game is played through the eyes of the gamer and it is you who have to decide the moves as a player. Following it, a number of shooter games hit the market and even today you can have all of them in the budget from the entertainment category of coupon sites.

In the beginning, Nintendo and Sega were the two main companies in the world of video games. When Nintendo came up with different games and characters, Sega focused on its single character - Sonic the hedgehog. The 2D game soon became popular among the mass and had a number of lovers. The competition among the two companies ended when Sega stopped making gaming consoles and Sonic was made available to play along with Mario.

Top All Time Video Game Characters Who Won Our Hearts

Lara Croft
Lara Croft was the first female character in the video game world to get all the attention. She was not the kind of the damsel in distress but, was someone ready to fight. The game hit the video game market in the year 1996 and was even filmed on the silver screen starring Angelina Jolie.

Master Chief
When Microsoft came up with Xbox in the year 2001, it had no particular character to cast like Nintendo. The only franchise it had was Halo a combat game which had the protagonist named as Master Chief. Today when you have Xbox 360 and Xbox one, Microsoft can partially boast of its success in the industry due to Master Chief, which gave it a platform to rise.

The video game industry is always on the path of evolution. Soon you will have a bunch of new characters to play with. After a few years, there can be a number of names to be added to this list, but the names like Super Mario will live forever.

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January 17 2017

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