Interview - Nerd Out App

Interview - Nerd Out App


Interview by: Leen Isabel

Hi Michelle! Thanks for joining me here on GeekxGirls. I understand you're the CEO for the mobile app Nerd Out. Tell me a bit about it.
Nerd Out is a nerd community and event calendar app. It lists events like Comic Conventions, Lightsaber Battles, Geeks Who Drink, Geek Girl Brunch, Cosplay meetups, Gaming, and much more!

Funny story, I found out about your app through a mutual friend which led me to your Kickstarter! Congratulations on launching and I saw that you have a little over two weeks left. What are your goals if funded?

Awesome! Thank you! We'll be rebuilding the app. The current version we have out is built on a template I don't own. So I'm not allowed to modify the version I have now. It's quite cumbersome as I have to enter everything by hand (copy & paste). I also can't set recurring events so a single Geeks Who Drink event on every Tuesday, I have to enter 52 times for the year. We have MANY recurring events so this is time-consuming.

What features will users expect to find?

The new version will make managing events easier on us which will in turn, mean more locations, more events, and more user abilities for the new app. We'll have messaging, nerdy stickers, filters (to search for your specific interests) and much more! As a Kickstarter exclusive, Nerd Out will suggest events based on your interests! Suggesting based on your profile by collecting your interests! Must pledge at least $5 to get access to this feature.

Interview - Nerd Out App

What inspired you to create this app? I know personally, as the introverted type, it's hard to get out there and meet like-minded people. I can definitely see an app like this being used to encourage shy people like me.

I was invited to a number of events because of her nerdy blog. I was talking to a friend about how hard it was keeping track of all these events because the information was scattered (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr). I then thought how awesome it would be to not only have a way to keep track of events, but to discover new ones!

Everyone knows about San Diego Comic Con, but not so much about local events. And what do you do for the rest of the year? Some of us have anxiety about large events, so events like SDCC are not conducive. Also, can be more difficult to connect with people when youíre running from panel to panel. Itís nice that Nerd Out gives you the option to go to a smaller or a larger event.

I was also the new kid twice in my life. Moving to another state can make life difficult. We aim to help nerds in these situations by bringing them into the Nerd Out community.

Interview - Nerd Out App

Is the app exclusively for finding local events and/or can it be used to meet other nerds one on one? Any thoughts on the latter and the safety of the users?

It can be used for both! We have a social wall that users can communicate on. The wall will be improved with the app we're Kickstarting. It will allow users to tag others and use hashtags. We have a zero tolerance policy at Nerd Out. If a user is found to be harassing or misbehaving in any way we deem inappropriate, we have the right to block that user from accessing their account.

Is Nerd Out available for international fans?

We currently have London and South East England on there. With the Kickstarter we'll be expanding out to the rest of the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. We plan to eventually be global!

How many users currently use the app? Any fun success stories?

We've had 12,500+ downloads across the world! My favorite story is from Izzy. She found me at San Diego Comic Con to tell me it personally so it's very special.

"I want to thank Nerd Out app & all of its contributors for helping my friend find her community in a new town. My friend is transgender & recently moved to Las Vegas for a new job. Her work environment is not a welcoming environment & so she has not yet come out to her coworkers, making her feel even more isolated in a new town. I recommended she check out Nerd Out app for Magic meet ups or gatherings for her to reconnect with fellow players in Vegas. She now has a slice of her Magic community from which to find a bit of home in a new town. Thank you for helping create the environment for finding our nerd/geek communities in new places." - Izzy

Good luck with the Kickstarter and thank you for making this wonderful resource! Find out about the Kickstarter and where to download the app today at:

Thanks for chatting with me Michelle! - facebook - twitter

Interview - Nerd Out AppInterview - Nerd Out App

Interview - Nerd Out App

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December 11 2016

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