Interview with The OneUps

Interview with The OneUps


Interview by: Zelda

Geek Girl Zelda recently got the opportunity to interview The OneUps.

Interview with The OneUps

Q: For anyone who doesn't know who you are or what you do, give us a little rundown.

A: We are The OneUps, a video game cover band based out of Fayetteville, AR. We take melodies and themes from video games and turn them into full blown arrangements, primarily in the Funk/Jazz genre. We embrace improvising and often stretch out the original works into something much longer and put our own spin on things.

Q: There's a lot of video game cover bands out there, but you guys have a unique flavor, not just among the genre, but even within your own band. I am most fond of the loungey, jazz styled songs. It's not too often you hear a saxaphone or banjo in a video game cover.

A: Thanks! We certainly try to be unique, in a sea of great video game cover bands. The numbers have grown exponentially since we formed 10 years ago, so maintaining a unique sound amongst some incredible acts is a high priority. We are confident in what we know and will continue to do our best to make great and different music.

Q: I gather, based only on listening to your music, that most (if not all) members of your band have some serious musical training. What is your background? Are any (or all) of you full-time musicians?

A: Our other guitarist, William Reyes, has his Master's degree in Music Composition. Jared, our Drummer, is an accomplished Piano player who grew up in a musical family. I have a Music Performance degree with an emphasis on Jazz Guitar.

Q: Why video game covers? Do you write and record your own original music as well, and how does it compare?

A: We like Video Game covers because it sweeps all genres; you're bound to find any style underneath the umbrella of video game music. Also, the limitations present in the works often lead to very strong and incredibly catchy melodies, particularly in earlier games. Video Game music has become far more orchestral nowadays, but still plenty of great melodies and compositions to pull from. We all write our own music in the group, and it's hard to compare because we're not having to adapt anything - It's all from scratch. We all have very different musical backgrounds, so while there may be some similarities in the quality of the compositions or the content, I think that there's a lot more freedom when you're working with your own ideas.

Interview with The OneUps

Q: You guys have received a lot of praise and sold a pretty impressive number of albums for a band in this genre. Where do you see the band heading from here? More of the same, or do you hope to eventually score a video game, etc?

A: We plan on taking this band as far as it can go. We are full of more ideas than ever, and have plans for more albums, more unique arrangements, and more live performances. On the subject of scoring a video game, it's not entirely out of the question; we may not do it under The OneUps name, but I think we'd all be up to the challenge of providing original material for something.

Q: Where have you performed, and where can we see you perform in the future?

A: We have been everywhere from Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo, to San Francisco, performed multiple times at Nerdapalooza, MAGFest, and Bitgen, all up and down the East Coast, part of countless Anime and Smaller Conventions, bars, plus we are certain we've played more weddings than any other VG Band. We've also gone International as of a few months ago, performing our first out of the country gig in Mexico City. Our next show is MAGFest 11, On January 3rd, in the Washington DC area.

Q: What has been the most memorable One-Ups experience for you?

A: Performing for our first Penny Arcade expo in Seattle, in front of a gigantic crowd, was very memorable for me. It was a great validation for what we do, and to have everyone so involved was amazing. Mexico City was also life changing; the energy everyone threw out was incredible, and their love for video game music and what we were doing was entirely humbling, and a true honor.

Interview with The OneUps

Q: If you were to suddenly be sucked into a video game universe, which would it be and why?

A: Personally, any world where Toe Jam and Earl are present MUST have good music, so I would want to be there. Or in the God of War universe, steering clear of Kratos and his anger issues of course.

Q: Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

A: We all love Jamiroquai, and Daft Punk. If we could just be them, that would be great. Our interests span every genre, from Flamenco to Singer-Songwriter type artists. We all have a love for funk and generally agree on most music.

Q: Where can fans follow you work or buy your music?

A: You can follow us on Facebook under "the oneups", follow us on Twitter @TheOneUpsBand , if you would like to purchase any physical or digital copies of our music, you can find all of that on our website at

The OneUps

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February 06 2013

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