Resident Evil 6 Interview Part IV - Sara Fletcher

Resident Evil 6 Interview Part IV - Sara Fletcher


Interview by: Leen Isabel

The Resident Evil franchise is no stranger to kick-ass, female characters. But just who is behind all those incredible moves? Geek Girl, Leen Isabel, talks to the four talented women who brought our favorite characters to life in Resident Evil 6. Each week we'll release a new interview with each mo-cap artist where they share their experiences and memories with us. We love to celebrate the geek girl -- including those who work on awesome games!

Sara Fletcher provided the face model and motion capture work for Resident Evil 6's Sherry Birkin. Read about how she got into character in the interview below!

1. Hi Sara! Itís great to meet you! Welcome to Geek Girls!
Thank you! Iím all about Geeky Girls!

2. At Geek x Girls, we love to celebrate the accomplishments of women in the industry. How did you get into working as a mo-cap artist for video games? Is that something you knew you always wanted to do?
I accidentally stumbled into working as a mo-cap artist for Resident Evil. Originally, I auditioned to be the face of Sherry Birkin and was called back to audition for the body/mo-cap. Previous to RE6 I hadnít done any motion capture, but I have a background in dance and some light stage combat work so it seemed like doing mo-cap would be a blast and right up my alley! When we first began the process, I didnít realize that there was such a demand for mo-cap artists and am definitely looking forward to pursuing it more in the future.

3. How long have you been working in the industry?
Iíve been working full time as an actress in Los Angeles for the last 4 yearsÖknock on wood!

4. Resident Evil is one of my favorite video game franchises! Were you familiar with the series before working on it?
Because of its huge popularity, I had some familiarity with the game. However, even when I was being scanned in for the face of Sherry, the company couldnít divulge anything about my character or the game. So when we first began rehearsals for mo-cap, I was so excited to learn it was Resident Evil and felt honored to be part of such a huge series!

5. The character you play is Sherry Birkin. She was a young girl in the previous games and we finally get to meet her as a woman. Now, sheís kicking some serious zombie butt! What did you enjoy about playing Sherryís role?
Sherry is still a girlie girl at heart, but works so hard at kicking major A. I think weíre fairly similar in that regard, (though I havenít killed any zombies as of recent). Iím a short chick who probably over compensates for my small stature by having a sassy personality! One of the best parts about playing Sherry is that she is a complex character who has a compassionate spirit and isnít just about killing zombies, though taking out the undead is pretty darn satisfying.

6. What was the most difficult experience you had on this project?

Sherry Birkin has a very specific way of moving, running, gestures, gun posture, etcÖall in heels. One of the biggest challenges was learning to embody her movement patterns so she could really come to life as an individual.

7. It all sounds like such exciting work! Do you do anything else outside of motion capture?

Mo-cap is a huge blastie! I do, I work mostly as an actress in Los Angeles doing commercial, TV, web, and film work.

8. What other projects may we have seen you in?

I just did an episode of Family Guy earlier this year, where I play Brianís blind girlfriend, Kate. And this year Iíve done a few guest spots on TV-one of my favorites was The Glades! Each week I also host content on a youtube channel called AtomicWedgieTV, but Iím excited that a feature I did a couple of years ago will have some theatrical distribution in the spring, called Beyond the Mat.

9. Thank you! I appreciate that you taking the time for this interview!

Well thank yah, was my pleasure!

Learn more about Sara here:
Twitter: @sarafletcher

Sara Fletcher InterviewSara Fletcher Interview
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January 27 2013

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