Horror Movie Survival Part 3: Buildings and Locations

Horror Movie Survival Part 3: Buildings and Locations


Article by: Chrisscreama

We present to you Geek Girl Chrisscreama's third installment to the Horror Movie Survival Guide, are you as scared as we are? Here are a few places you might wanna avoid... if you know what's good for you!

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1. Do not enter the big scary house, not even if you run out of gas, and want to find a phone...

2. If there is a power outage, do not go downstairs to fix the circuit box, there is almost always something lurking there.

3. If a town is deserted, it is for a good reason, stay away!

4. If something says “Do Not Enter” do not enter...

5. Do not go to places like Amityville, Elm Street, Transylvania and the Bermuda Triangle. If it sounds weird, chances are it is. Also avoid strange kinky bars, meat shops, unusual farms, abandoned churches, warehouses, enclosed spaces, attics and wax museums.

6. Do not camp in the middle or nowhere or places like “Camp Crystal Lake” and most certainly do not go to the woods alone.

7. Do not run upstairs when being chased, you don’t know what is up there, plus you could trip!

8. Do not move into a fully automated computer controlled house, best just avoid those. Also avoid elevators, you are better off taking the stairs.

9. Be careful who you invite over, especially if it is for “dinner”.

10. If something other than water comes out of the faucet, like say blood or goo, don’t call the plumber, just get out of there!

11. If you hear noises coming form the shed, don’t go check.

12. Keep your doors and windows locked

13. Do not bathe or shower when you are in the house “alone”.

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October 28 2012

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