Horror Movie Survival Part 2: Cars and Animals

Horror Movie Survival Part 2: Cars and Animals


Article by: Chrisscreama

Geek Girl Chrisscreama is back with the second part to her horror guide (see Part 1 here). Getting ready for a road trip? Want to get a new pet? We know some of you were rabid from the last part, might wanna get a shot! Here are some do's and don'ts for the horror season regarding cars and animals!

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1. Always check the backseat of your care BEFORE you leave.

2. Get directions before going on a trip and read signs.

3. Make sure you have enough gas for your trip, and have checked the oil etc and you have spare tires, also, do not take the car that is known for breaking down, really.

4. Do not buy cars that had owners that are deceased.

5. Do not pick up hitchhikers.

6. If your car hits a giant creature, just keep driving.

7. Never go on a dirt road, it always leads to trouble.

8. if your pet dies, move on, get a new one, bringing it back to life is way too much trouble than it is worth. If your animal is rabid, killed it, again, new pet is good, just donít buy it off some guy in an alley ok?

9. Keep in mind animals and children can see spirits, if they are freaking out at your new home, you might wanna consider relocating.

10. During a full moon, be very careful, better just stay indoors.

11. If birds, cats, horses and other animals are scared to go a specific direction do not go that way.

12. Do not mess with animal DNA or mix it with human DNAÖ it'll get very messy.

13. Do not pet creepy animals!

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October 23 2012

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